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So today, we're going to talk about collectability of Apple iBook Laptops and you know the irony is if you go back years ago when I used to run my computer Business

And it was not uncommon for me to have hundreds of Apple iBooks laying around my workshop

now that was a long Time Ago and I haven't Worked on iBooks in forever it seems like and

This particular one is the only one I've even held on to and

It's an ibook G4 and the Logic board has a problem where Basically

No Wi-Fi card will ever work in it again and so I didn't sell and I just decided to keep it just

So I'd have an iBook to play with every now and then

but Now Here's the irony

I'm the iBook Guy and I've been out on surfing eBay trying to buy you know used iBooks in Order to

you know put some in my museum because I'm a collector and

So anyway you know many of my viewers have asked me "Are iBooks Collectible?" I think they are and that's what

We're Going to talk about, now I did want to point out this is June of 2015 so if you're watching this Video

years from now then you might Keep in mind that the Prices and Stuff Collectability values may have changed

Some From what I'm about to show you, okay so the other thing I want to tell you is if you

had an old IBM or

Dell Or Compaq Or Hewlett-Packard

Or something like that laying around, Those computers are probably never going to become collectible

Now I can't Guarantee it but they probably

Won't because they're just too generic and they don't really hold any historical or Pop-Culture Significance now

Everything Apple Makes on the other Hand will probably become

Collectible at some point because of how unique and how

Iconic their products are and just to give you an example of that let me show you a series of movie clips Containing iBook Clamshell

It can Be Seen in The Beginning of the Princess Diaries although it isn't being used by a major Character

In Legally blonde Reese Witherspoon's Character Can, Actually be Seen Purchasing one and then using it in Class

Sethro Chan Uses One in Zack and Miri Make Porno

The Main Character uses one in Under the Tuscan sun

Wili's Character in The Glass House Uses one For her Homework and

You can also find the G3 and G4 Models as well in several movies and here's some clips from some of those

One can be seen in Spy Kids 2 but you have to look pretty closely

You can clearly see this one in John Tucker must die

Ben Stiller uses this one in Meet the Fockers

Anne Hathaway uses one in the movie One day

and they're also used in the TV Series iCarly only that are slightly modified as "PearBooks"

Now it should be important to note how the life cycle of collectible computers go

When they're brand new they start out very

expensive and then as they become obsolete they eventually become worthless in

Fact they can often wind up costing more to ship than they're even worth

At this point most old computers will go

Into the Trash Or end up being Recycled in One Form or another but

Some Computers will Become Collectible at Which Point Their Value will Increase and Sometimes Far Beyond Their [Original] value, okay so

Where are TheiBooks in This Stage of the game now Honestly I'm going to Say that Clam Shells are Probably right About

Here it Is not Uncommon to see them Selling for several Hundred Dollars on ebay if They're in excellent Shape

The Tangerine and key Lime Versions Are the Most expensive for some Reason Possibly Because There were Fewer of Those colors Made

I don't know so if You're not too picky about color [you] Can Still pick Up an, ibook Clamshell G3

Fairly Cheaply [I] bought This one Here for about you know Fifty Dollars but believe it or not this is Actually

I didn't Buy it as one Machine is Actually 2 separate Purchases [I] bought One For 25 dollars with A broken Screen and Touchpad and

Then I bought Another One For 25 Dollars that Had Just About everything else broken and I used the Best Parts from each and Made

A nice Indigo Clamshell

so if you're Willing to put a little Work Into it you Can Still get One Pretty Cheaply

One Thing that I really missed About the ibook Clamshell

Is how nice They are to type on Especially When

I'm sitting here in My Recliner [I] don't know Exactly what it Is but it's something About the Ergonomics of it There's Just Nothing as

Comfortable To type on

They May not Be good for much of Any modern

Applications but for using Text Editor they Work Great in fact I wrote the script to this very Video on my Clamshell

On a somewhat related note When i took this up the Screen out of this Clamshell [you] know and Notice that There is this Foil

Covering up the Logo on the Back I decided to Peel it Off and Notice that it appears the aluminum Shield

Was actually Cut Perfectly to the Shape of the apple Logo?

Everyone Knows that the next Generation of ibook Did in Fact Have a light-Up apple Symbol it Seems as if they had

Been Planning to do the Light-Up Logo on even The Clamshell and for some Reason They changed Their mind now [the] Logo Is

Dark-Coloured so the light doesn't come Through Nearly as Brightly as, on the New Ones but you Can Certainly See it

Alright so here's a question where did the snow G3 and G4 Ibooks Fall on my little Diagram Here

Well They're Pretty much Right Here at Rock Bottom

okay, so you Can, Buy a Fully working

Snow G3

Laptop for like, Less than 50 dollars in Fact This May Surprise you this Unit right here

i bought This on ebay Just last Week and I Paid

$20 for it plus Shipping so Ended Up working out About 20-30 bucks total

Everything Works on it even The Battery Works on it which I was blown away by the only Thing Actually that Didn't Work

Was the right Speaker and I still had A lot of Parts Left over from

Back When I used to Work on ibook so I had a speaker and Replaced it you know

No big deal it wouldn't Been an expensive Part Anyway

And the thing is a darn good Condition and so you know I've also noticed There's really

No Price Difference between the 600, 700, 800, or 900 Megahertz Models This is the 900 Megahertz and There, also

Doesn't Seem to be any [price] Difference in the

The Screen Size Whether it's the 12 inch or the 14 inch and I think the Reason for that is because

Nobody That's Buying These units Today is Actually Planning on Actually you know using them for any Kind of Work or anything like that so

[I] think the only People who are Buying or Probably Collectors at this Point

So yeah if you're Planning to Buy an ibook Clamshell, or snow G3 Or even A

G4 For That Matter for your Collection

Now is the Time They Have reached Rock Bottom and I don't think There's Anywhere for the Price to go other Than up

so yeah I think These Clamshells

Particularly Like the key Lime [and] The Tangerine Possibly will Be Worth Many Many Hundreds of Dollars Maybe Thousands

you know [ten] Or [twenty] Years from now and I even Think these These will Probably

Never Be Quite as Collectible

But They're Definitely going to go Up in [Value] I would not be Surprised 10 Or 20 Years from now These are Worth several Hundred


So incidentally I wanted to show you my latest item to add to my museum I've Just Picked this up it's A [tandy] Model 200

Laptop Computer Probably The First very First Ever Computer with A, flip up screen

It's a little bit Dirty [I] need to clean it Up and

Do some Maybe some Peroxide Treatment To it there Brighten it up A bit but it Actually Works and

You know the other Thing I want to tell you though is if you're Going to collect Computers you need to make sure even

If They're ibooks Especially the White Ones you need to store Them in an Environment that is cool and dry

[You], don't want to Expose Them to any Heat or Any UV light so you know in A closet inside the House is Probably A

Good Place to Store Them and you, May Laugh but Let me Tell you a little Story you May

Come as a surprise [to] you, [that] I actually used to Own a fully functional apple Lisa

And i bought it for a Hundred Dollars [at] a sidewalk [sale] Back in The Middle 1990s

[Sometime] and I had it for A few Years the thing

Was a Monster Boat Anchor and I Didn't know what to do with It and

So i took it back out to the Sidewalk sale in Dallas and Tried to sell that thing

Few Years Later and Nobody Would Take it and um you know

I was trying to get like 50 Bucks for it Nobody Would Take it and at the very end before I was Packing up ready?

To go, Somebody offered me

$5 for that apple Lisa

And i Let him Have it because i didn't want to Take it back Home and

If I still had that thing Today it Would be Worth at least

$1,000 Maybe Maybe even Close to $2,000 as good as Shape as it was in and

They May

Also Surprise you to know that I had A commodore Pet and

It was Actually broken but It Could Have Been Fixed Without too much Difficulty and again Nobody Would Pay me Anything for that and I

Threw it in A trash Dumpster of all things Yeah I know it Should have gone To an E-waste

Recycling But I didn't know About Those Back then again because This

Was in The 1990s

if I still had that Commodore Pet Today it'd Probably be Worth six Or seven Hundred Dollars and it's just going to Keep Going

Up [to] so

You know things that May not, Necessarily Seem like they Have any Value Today will Have Value if They are Collectible

Okay, so that Concludes This Episode for the most part Just to give you a little bit of Glimpse of what's Coming up

I got A 3d printer and I've Been Kind of Learning how to use it and it's Actually Pretty Darn difficult but I'm going to

Build Some Interesting Things for you and I've Even Got a couple of Inventions I'm going to show you here that the

Stuff I dreamed up we'll See how that goes over?

Also i'm going to be Rebuilding a Battery for an Old ibook to show you had to put [new] Cells in Them

Since They're Getting pretty Hard to find good Batteries These Days and

I'Ve got several other Things Coming Up but These Episodes do Take a while to complete and Unlike some People

I don't produce the Video until I get something Really, Interesting to show you I don't like Just Producing

Junk Just to you know, Just [a] fill up space so uh

Anyway uh be sure to like my video that helps YouTube know that I'm Doing a good Job and I'll see you [next] Time

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