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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Foreigners guessing the meanings of weird Turkish idioms | Easy Turkish 18

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Minister it is Ayla


Jasha hi hello Nikita and yeah nice to

meet you nice to meet you too

we are with easy-grip now hello

Dimitri's we are with you did from easy

French hi Judith hi yeah hi Henrik hi hi

Mattia hi from easy talena hello we are

a bit Adam here hi Adam yeah

the first one is lick your palm lick

your like this lick your palm

greetings hello No lick your palm you

are saying it to someone like get ready

to work the leak yeah

lick your palm but have the pair of

something it's like whatever go to hell

something like that but not exactly if

you if someone asked you to do something

you don't want to and you like lick your

palm like yeah it was good it can be

used there yeah I wish for you to get

money good try but it means you are

denied when you say lick your palm to

someone it means that you are denying

them Yeah right okay

appear aggressive aggressive Oh

aggressive we have we have the Russian

word lick we see that means take take a

bite bite off when you like in the same

situation yeah you're asking me

and where is my chocolate and I say you

have liquid shit there is no check

chocolate yeah yeah our junior lemak

woman elliegator mi MEK MEK didn't L

there the moment okay you know the steel

pipe she'll fight like a musical in

install so it's a it's a music do not

you know yeah yes it's a musical

instrument okay where the shield pipe

says cert

silence no okay so they're saying a

sound that they're not supposed to say

so it's like very far away in nowhere no


and what is about the suit the sound

suit maybe they got some flies in their

mouth of ideas oh that makes me think of

maybe I'm wrong to make the comparison

to the English idioms but that makes me

think of when the fat lady sings which

means like the things are ending it's

like the end of things so it's like some

events happening this is a big moment

yeah I like the when there is a show and

it's like the big the stuff that

everybody is waiting for like the

outstanding yeah yeah when you got tired

maybe when it's the last moment to do

something and you just waited for the

you put off something and oh yeah for

the last moment like when you when

you're when you're yeah laser tanned you

have no choice

yeah it was nice the most vital part of

a situation that the serial five size

suit okay okay so they are supposed to

say that son ah okay interesting pipe

okay the most vital part of a situation

okay I would not have got that soon and

until today yet pseudo tomato ambition

in general is no pisser catching a bird

with Vance Mouse catching a bird with

one's mouth

you got me on now on no idea maybe

pretending too much trying to catch

something or you don't have the

capacities to do that doing something

like very complicated you are close not

complicated but that's impossible

yeah and you imagine that

catching a bird of its mouth that you're

like impulsive so you would have to jump

up and catch it is it easy I guess not

so you had your you're doing something

that it's your do so it's so something

that is difficult is like catching a

bird with one smile yeah it's varrick's

is it easy to make it time is it easy

you know I've never tried but I would

guess no so maybe that's a difficult


yeah yeah impassable yeah to earn

someone's Haven okay got to earn that

yeah okay that's okay this makes sense

because yeah okay ah still acoustic much

chocolate Elan Mak pitched all honesty I

share a ghost I'll make the first pain

of my eye the first pain of my eye

so the first pain of my eyes like the

first breakup someone I hate someone I

love this yeah when you when you see

someone and instantly fell in love first

pain of your first child

yeah exactly how did you know that

sometimes it can be hard so I guess

that's perfect I feel like there's

something to do with parents it's gonna

be something with parents kids yeah yeah

yeah yeah yeah after the child that

gives you problems no no you focus on

the first

first my first pain of my eye so it's

the the firstborn child yeah Oh your

child yeah your first job your first and

what do you say about second shall ii

nothing it's special for the first it

goes adam eat dawn tradition coolness

like a pistachio like a pistachio like a


mmm names you're crazy means you're

closed up those little shells are get

open now you're that you're like feeling

safe like a pistachio inside no no okay

that you're that you're delicious you

can go from there okay that you're

popular okay it's natural that was easy

no like a pistachio someone is beautiful

you are the first to know it yeah like

you have a cute outfit maybe yeah to

define something beautiful so something

is beautiful yeah we are saying you like

it statue okay right yeah I mean

someone's attractive cuz stateรตs taste


yeah statue to define something

beautiful and I've had something

beautiful can I can I say that like a

car or sister give you can I'll there

chokes on - no come on you're my eye is

biting you from somewhere taking a peek

at you and I don't want you to see me he

had clothes I'm really bad at this game


looking like that yeah no idea I've saw

you on the street and recognized you

from the distance oh you've already seen

someone like you feel like you you know

you've seen someone before yeah okay

okay so it's if you think you know


oh yeah if you recognize yeah it's used

like this I know you from somewhere but

I cannot remember that I is bite now

that's nice yeah kidding okay yeah okay

where have I seen you before

I see Seneca Nvidia the mr. Yosh will

Kim say Sanka beard Antonella bomarc

good last one okay and we have a phrase

and we are using it in an exact moment


may it bring hard to when bring health

to you yeah

what is nothing in a particular moment


maybe when you're drinking alcohol no

when do you say it may may it bring

health when you cheer yeah when you like

get a new job or something new oh oh

before eating dinner

no no matter what a or she is sick

whenever giving someone a cigarette no

when some someone of choosing if you

know yeah I think we'll be long okay we

use may it's bring help and someone else

is coming out of from shower


do you have a phrase for it yeah we have

a phrase for someone god of shower

that's very sweet

yeah we have a phrase for this okay

today I left do you think so yeah we

have the same strange but but not so

strange phrase slick in bottom that

means let the steam will be light let

the steam will be light III think that

is because of them something like commom

we had in ancient times of had Banyas

when we were made they were very hot and

steamy so right now in modern world

there is no Banja at home just a shower

we still say / Kim bottom why in the

world we have a phrase for that okay

like the the National Tourism Board of

Turkey kind of like we have an app for

that we've got a phrase for that TM when

you come out of the shower yeah phrase

for that okay you're in the room with

someone and they come out of the shower

you say maybe yeah yeah okay that's nice

I guess we should yeah maybe we should

do that more in more languages yeah yeah

yeah congratulate people on taking a


thank you Eric your performance is

really good thank you thank you and what

is thank you in the shaker Vlad Dracula

thank you sir Parolles

you need to stand Shalini banya Vishal

and Eric are so swollen and in a socket

user gets me some another choked

father's extra to show me they are

burning up in can all Medici Oh Keisha

pasta mama seasoned an inserter of moves

on a salad getting abyssal an ambitious

very cool and ambitious Shawn the

collage augment the Galman today unum is

the highly toxic the per kilometer

easy Turkish invisible Menendez on my

Alec video Moses did a nice gentle

creditors idea we will miss Deb is that

I are damaged or perish in Dimitri say

Henry K materia Katya midget aya Giudice

by edema truck the shakers good spankin

album zarbor Norma year video most bad

minimal macmaine visit my parish make

students Bashar al-assad ah miss van der

omelette is missionary Burnham de Guiche




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