Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Anime动态漫 | The Intimate Enemy雪色撩人S1E9 HE SAVED ME?! 竟然是他救了我(Original/Eng sub)

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let me go

Let me give you a lesson

Who's it?

Ah ah ah

It hurts, it hurts

Come quickly, help me

Really boring


No one can fight

Oh no

No way!


It's him

Why is he here?

Are you ok?


You chased us so hard last time

Now the master is in front of you

You just leave like this?

This woman

Seems really familiar

Have I met her


Shen Tu Yue

You saved me

I'm very grateful


That night's hatred


What is he going to do?

Don't come any closer


Want to hit me?

this is mine



Our master helped you

You didn't even say thank you

And this attitude!

I don't need him to be fack kind


She seems to have a deep grudge against you


You really don't know her?


Where have I seen this look?

That bastard

When can I get revenge!


Ling Ao was kidnapped


A group of people in black broke into the hospital and took Ling Ao away

There were too many people, I couldn't fight them

Do you want to call the police!

Who are they

Why did they kidnap Ling Ao?

I want to ask you the same question too

Car accident and kidnap

Oh, they also said

If you want Ling Ao to live, let the Gong family go find them

What do you mean, did you offend someone?

Is it?

Those who tried to kill Gong Qianlong

Don't call the police first

Wait for my news

Ling Ao was kidnapped

Those people said

If I want to save Ling Ao

Let the Gong family to find hem

I already knew

I'm rushing to the hospital now

do not worry

I will save him

Ling Ao must be fine

Rest assured, Xue

I won't let him have an accident

where are you?

I'll send a car to pick you up

No need

I'm driving

Ready to go to the hospital


See you in the hospital

Ling Ao

Be safe

These cars

It doesn't seem like those people just now


No way!

There is also in front of me

I'm dead

They come save me?


Are you OK?

how do you know?

I think if those people

Treat you as Gong Qianling

They will definitely go to you

So I sent someone to save you


It's us that burden you

Drive carefully

We'll talk in the hospital


I shouldn't have promised to pretend to be Gong Qianling

It's hard to get away now

Those people dare not touch him

They believe that Ling Ao is Qianling's people mistakenly

That's why they kidnapped him

Miss Ling, don't worry

Mr. Leng will rescue Mr. Ling


For safety reasons

You better stay in the Gong house temporarily

Go ahead

The so-called live in the Gong house

You want me to continue to pretend to be Gong Qianling



If I disappear

Those people will doubt

Gong Qianling had died

And I'm just a fake

As a fake's friend

Ling Ao

It's dangerous


Even if Ling Ao was saved

Gong's enemies

Would still staring at me

As soon as I leave the Gong house

There will be countless troubles


Gong Qianling wakes up

I didn't expect her to see the situation completely

Mr. Leng


You go out first


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