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Hola! I'm Joey Gunz. You can check me out on line at Well we've talked

about artistic control and the digital SLR camera. One of the key aspects of taking artistic

control with your SLR camera is understanding your camera's aperture. Now your aperture

is the iris; kind of like the iris you have in your eye and it opens and closes based

on the way that you set it and it controls how much light falls onto your film or image

censor on your digital camera. Now your aperture plays a vital role in controlling the depth

of field that you get inside your photograph. Say Joey, what's that to feel. What is this

depth of feel thing you are talking about. Well what I am going to do is I am going to

ask that you zoom in with me and we are going to go on this ride and we are going to show

you, get in here, how an aperture works and how an aperture controls depth of field. Now

if you take a look here you will see that I've got a lens right here in front of me.

I'm going to put it right here and when I have this aperture opened all the way up,

on your camera it will give you a very very shallow depth of feel. It means a light of

light is coming through. When I say depth of field, we are talking about the distance

between what is in focus and far from the camera what is out of focus. That aperture

opens and closes like the aperture in your eye. You see that . I can even look through

there. Let me give you a real world demonstration. A shallow depth with a wide open aperture.

Right now I am in focus. This closeup is in my contract. Have to get this close up in

here so I can do my thing. If you take a look at mono light way in the back there, it is

out of focus. Now what we are going to do is a shift focus. We are going to shift and

put that focus on to that camera in the back and it will give you an example of how shallow

of depth the field works. You can only have one thing to focus at a time with a shallow

depth of field. Imagine how you can use these and implement it in your photography to create

different illusions to create different artistic effects. So aperture, remember aperture controls

the amount of light that lands on your subject and it is going to help you create that shallow

depth of field or that infinite depth of field where you bring everything into focus. I'm

Joey Gunz. Check me out on line at For Expert Village, we'll see you on the next


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