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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (ENGSUB) [풀영상] 박서준(Park Seo Joon)x김다미x권나라(Kwon Nara)x유재명 JTBC 드라마 '이태원 클라쓰' 제작발표회 [통통TV]

Difficulty: 0


Seo Joon, please face the left section first.

He plays a character who steps into the streets of Itaewon with the undying anger and follows his new dream.

Now the middle section, please.

Can't wait to see how the Park Saeroyi that Seo Joon created looks like.

Please pose for the cameras all the way in the back as well.

Thank you for the big smile.

Seo Joon, Saeroyi is a man of conviction, spirit, and determination, right?

Shows us the eyes full of passion fighting against justice.

It'd be great if you could pump your fists as well.

The eyes full of passion.

'I'm Park Saroyi.'

He's dolled up his hair a bit today.

Pose for the cameras all the way in the back as well.

Please look forward to Seo Joon's portrayal of youth.

Thank you. Please exit the stage and wait for just a moment.

Please welcome to the stage the rookie of the year with talent and unique charms, Kim Da Mi.

Come on up, Da Mi.

This is her very first appearance in a drama in which she plays Cho Yi Seo, a sociopath with a God-given brain.

Please face the left section first.

Thank you for your little wave.

Yi Seo's got the IQ of 162 and also tons of followers on social media.

Middle section, please.

Looking forward to her new side as she plays a character with an angelic face but dark charisma.

Please pose for the cameras in the right section and all the way in the back.

She's showing us her beautiful smile.

Since this is your first drama, may I ask you to do a cute finger heart pose for future viewers?

Thank you.

Right section.

Middle section as well.

Can we see Yi Seo's charismatic eyes?

Relaxed and charismatic.

Awesome. So relaxed and chic.

Which match so well with her two-tone hairstyle.

Thank you, Da Mi.

Please exit the stage and wait for just a moment.

Next up, a man of matchless presence.

The fun is guaranteed if he's on the show.

Please welcome Yoo Jae Myung to the stage.

Looking great today.

He plays Jang Dae Hee, the CEO of Jangga, a monster in the culinary industry.

Please face the left section first.

Dae Hee is a merciless authoritarian who has lived a fierce life.

He looks chic and charismatic with his hands clasped behind his back.

Please face the middle section as well.

Since Dae Hee is in an ill-fated relationship with Saeroyi, I'm excited to see the acting face-off between Dae Myung and Seo Joon.

He's looking gorgeous and charismatic today.

Also putting a warm smile for all of us.

Could you show us your charisma through your eyes as well?

'I'm Jang Dae Hee.'

'I'm CEO Jang.'

Thank you.

Thank you for gracing us with your great presence.

The photo session will resume after a quick cleanup.

Please wait for just a moment.

Thank you.

Now please welcome to the stage the rising actress with ever-changing charms, Kwon Nara.

Come on up, Nara.

She plays Oh Soo Ah, Saeroyi's first love and the head of strategic planning team at Jangga.

Let's start from the left section as well.

Soo Ah is one of the key people at Jangga with absolute trust from Dae Hee.

Middle section, please.

From a confident everyone's crush to a snobby career woman.

Can't wait to see how Soo Ah will be illustrated by Nara who is said to show a totally different side through this drama.

Right section, all the way to the back.

Nara has perfectly transformed herself into Soo Ah.

Nara, could you show us a beautiful smile of everyone's crush that you are?

What a beautiful smile.


Thank you.

Thank you for the cute finger hearts as well.

Finger hearts for the left section as well.

She just tilted her body a bit.

Middle section, please.

Right section all the way.

Thank you.

Could you show us the chic Soo Ah as a career woman?

Yes, with your arms linked.


And Nara, it's too late but congratulations on your win at the last year's awards.

Middle section, please.

Thank you, Nara.

Please stay where you are and let's have Seo Joon and Da Mi back on stage for some group photos.

Let's take photos of the three of you.

Photos for the three of you, including you as well, Nara.

Please stand in the order of closest to farthest from me, Da Mi, Seo Joon, then Nara.

The three characters will be forming a strange three-way relationship.

Starting from the left section.

Please get together closer.

Please do look friendly today although you'll be forming an awkward relationship.

Maybe you can wave at the cameras.

Thank you.

Now the middle section.

Wave at the cameras, please.

Hello there, future viewers.

Turn your head slightly towards the bottom.

Could you look straight ahead all the way to the back?

Nara, could you step forward a little bit?

Thank you.

Da Mi and Nara, please exit the stage and wait for a moment.

Let's have you, Seo Joon, stay where you are and have Jae Myung join you for more photos.

The fierce confrontation triggered by the ill-fated relationship bewteen Saeroyi and Mr. Jang.

That's one of the things you should really look forward to.

please face the left section first.

Wow, the two of you.

You're not going to show us how close you're with each other in the drama?

Both of you having your hands clasped behind your back. Great.

Middle section as well, please.

Neither will be giving ground for sure.

The fierce confrontation.

Could you pose for the cameras in the far back as well?

Saeroyi and Mr. Jang are giving a forewarning on their fierce confrontation.

Please face the middle once again.

How about looking at each other sharp eyes?

At each other...

I know that you just can't help smiling every time your eyes meet.

Yes, sharp eyes.

Could you also face the reporters in the left section?

The same pose where you guys look in the eyes.

The same pose for the right section as well.

Thank you.

Please stay where you are.

Let's have the entire cast on stage for more photos.

I'd appreciate it if you could stand in the order from closest to farthest from me, Seo Joon, Da Mi, Nara, and Jae Myung.

Please look forward to 'Itaewon Class,' filled with varied colors of the cast who are on another level.

Please face the left section first.

On the count of three, please shout 'fighting' with a pose.

One, two, three. Fighting!

The casting directors are also on another level for gathering such a talented group of actors.

Middle section.

Again, one, two, three. Fighting!


Please pose for the cameras in the far back.

One, two, three. Fighting!

The first episode of 'Itaewon Class' airs tomorrow night at 10:50.

Please show lots of love and support.

Is that enough, reporters?

Thank you.

Good job, everyone.

Thank you all for waiting.

Director Kim Sung Yoon, please say hello and introduce the drama to the reporters.

First of all...

- Despite your busy schedules... - Thank you, Seo Joon.

Thank you for coming despite your busy schedules.

We're just doing how we've done it so far and I'm nervous to hear your thoughts on our drama.

Please enjoy it and spread a good word about it.

Thank you, Director Kim.

Now, writer Cho Kwang Jin, please say hello to the reporters.

Hi, I'm Cho Kwang Jin, the writer of 'Itaewon Class'.

I prepared the script for a year, and I hope you all will enjoy the show.

Thank you.

Thank you.

And cast, please introduce yourself and your character.

Hi, I'm Park Seo Joon and I play Park Saeroyi in 'Itaewon Class'.

Hi, I'm Kim Da Mi and I play Cho Yi Seo in 'Itaewon Class'.

Nice to meet you.

Hi, I'm Yoo Jae Myung and I play Jang Dae Hee, a culinary mogul, in 'Itaewon Class'.

Nice to meet you.

Hi, I'm Kwon Nara and I play Oh Soo Ah.

Nice to meet you.

Thank you.

We'll now take questions from the floor.

Please raise your hand if you have any questions and our staff will give you a microphone.


Yes, thank you.

The reporter in the middle, yes.


Hi, I'm looking forward to the show a lot.

As far as I know, you've already shot quite many episodes.

So cast, you must have a feel about the general flow of the story.

It'd be great if you, Seo Joon, tell us as a representative about what we should look forward to in the first few episodes.

And Nara, you play a character who seems to be mean yet most realistic of all.

Please tell us what you'd like to show us through your character.

Seo Joon, what would be the most interesting part about the first few episodes?

Yes, well...

First of all, it's based on a very popular original work.

The drama is not too different form the webtoon.

It's rather the case that more interesting stories have been added to the drama version.

In the first few episodes, you'll see what you've already seen in the webtoon.

What the writer considered most importantly and what attracted me the most was the narrative of my character.

It caused me to want to play this character and think that the story will be great as a drama as well.

I worked hard to portray my character in detail.

And we put in a lot effort into shooting the first few episodes.

I think you will enjoy the drama even without having read the webtoon.

Thank you.

After seeing the highlight video, I think it's going to be a lot of fun to see how the cast is perfectly in sync as if they have jumped out of the webtoon.

Your short hair was especially memorable.

From where I am, I see Seo Joon's profile.

You look handsome from here as well.

It was difficult to make my hair look nice for today.

I still wanted to look nice for this special day.

- Thank you for your effort. - Thank you.

And the following question goes to Nara.

Your character may be mean yet very realistic to some extent.

What sides of Soo Ah did you try to show?

Actually, there is no narrative of Soo Ah in the original work.

Her story was added to the drama.

I tried to show the fresh days of youth with Saeroyi and how Soo Ah had to change into a realistic person due to her hardships.

I received help from the cast and crew as well.

I'm sure viewers will be convinced by the newly added narrative of Soo Ah.

Moving on.

Thank you so much for all of your questions.


Hi, I have questions for Seo Joon and Da Mi.

Seo Joon, you were on 'Fight for My Way' and 'Midnight Runners', and now you're on 'Itaewon Class'.

I'm curious as to why you tend to go for stories about youth.

Da Mi, I'd like to ask why you chose 'Itaewon Class' as your very first drama.

Seo Joon, let's go with you first.

Is there a reason why you tend to go for stories about youth?

Come to think of it, I don't think I chose to do those just because I like stories about youth.

It's more the case that I myself am currently in the stages of life as a young adult.

I enjoy the days of youth through my characters.

Rather than choosing to do this drama because it represents youth, I loved the webtoon, to begin with.

Saeroyi is an extremely charming character in the webtoon.

I wondered what it'd be like if I played the character.

It wasn't like I could play it just because I wanted to.

Director Kim asked me to be on the show, so that's how I was given the role.

I didn't intentionally chose to do only dramas/movies about youth.

It just happened that way.

And since it happened that way, I'm doing my best to do it right.

I hope you enjoy our show.

Da Mi, please tell us why you chose this particular show for your first-ever drama.

I also read the webtoon first.

I read it in one sitting in three hours.

It was that fun and interesting.

And Yi Seo was a kind of character I've never seen before, so I thought it'd be fun playing her.

At the same time, I thought it'd be difficult, of course.

Director Kim convinced me that I could create my own Yi Seo.

That's why I chose to take on the challenge.

Thank you.

Just out of curiosity, did you actors also pay to read the webtoon?

I did and also bought the book version.

That must've been a major help for Kwang Jin.

That's why he's smiling right now.

He is.

Thank you.

Moving on.

Thank you.

I have questions for Kwang Jin and Jae Myung.

Kwang Jin, you wrote for both the webtoon and the drama.

How is the drama different from the webtoon and what did you focus on specifically for the drama?

Jae Myung, you play the villain this time.

What did you consider the most important in portraying your character?

Also, please tell us about the make-up process for you to be an old man.

Kwang Jin, how is the drama different from the webtoon?

I wasn't 100% satisfied with the narrative of the webtoon because I was given such a short amount of time to upload once a week.

So that's why I wanted to write for this drama when I received the offer.

I could make modifications myself.

There were also some characters who were just there for no convincing reason.

I focused on creating multi-faceted characters.

He said he focused on making modifications to the narrative, which makes me even more excited about the show.

And earlier, he also said he spent a whole year on this project, so I'm looking forward to check out the upgraded, much better narrative.

Jae Myung, you're back as a villain.

What did you do prepare for your character?

I also paid to read the webtoon.

It was the first webtoon that I paid for.

I really love comics in the paper version.

I enjoyed the webtoon a lot.

Every time I play a character, I don't have in mind that I'm a villain, and that's the way I choose to go.

It's just a man of conviction who has gone through the ups and downs of life and forms an ill-fated relationship with a young man named Park Saeroyi.

So I tried to add those aspects of the story in portraying my character.

On the surface, Dae Hee is a brutal villain,

...but he has reasons and is lonely, too.

I talked with the director a lot and tried to make my character look that way.

I focused on expressing delicate emotions through my eyes and gestures.

In real life, people say that I look older on TV than I actually am, even though I don't agree with them at all.

They also say that I look younger in person.

They think that I look older on TV or movie screen.

Personally, acting an old man is a challenge.

I put on special make-up to become the actual character from the webtoon and not just imitate him and be done.

My skin got damaged by the chemicals in the make-up products.

By the time when the show is over, I think I'll end up having natural wrinkles on my face.

That's it from me.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for doing your best for the show.

Kwang Jin, you already talked about the characters but...

There are many characters in the webtoon that can be a somewhat sensitive social issue, the question was if they will be refined or changed in the drama.

Seo Joon, you play a high school student in the first few episodes so you had to wear a school uniform after a long time.

Was it any awkward?

The first question was for Kwang Jin.

What was the question again?

There are many characters in the webtoon that can be a somewhat sensitive social issue, the question was if they will be refined or changed in the drama.

No, not really.

I actually added more layers of characteristics to each character.

So there isn't any refinement or change to the characters or story in the drama.

He said that the characters have even more colors now.

Seo Joon, you got to wear a school uniform after a long time.

Was it any awkward?

It was.

Very awkward.

When I put on the uniform, I realized that it's been a really long time since I graduated.


I recalled my high school years.

'I was a lot skinnier back then.'

I was thinking something like that.

There are these feelings you get when you wear it.

The ones you might have felt while watching the clip.

I had to play a character's life from high school to when he is finally an adult.

It's a growth story, so I actually looked back on my own past.

When I was in high school, I often got picked on for the way I talked.

'You talk like a kid.'

I paused in between my words, which is what kids actually do.

I used to talk like that.

So I thought about that.

I tried hard not to act like a young person.

My face looked exactly like this since middle school.

So I thought, 'High school? Why not?'

Thank you.

Seo Joon got to wear a school uniform and reflect on his memories.

Thank you.

Please pass the microphone.

Staff, it's quite a long walk but...

Yes, right here.

- Hi... - Oh, he has a microphone. Sorry.

I have a question for Director Kim.

There must have been some corny or cringy lines that are perfectly okay within the webtoon.

I'd like to know how you dealt with those.

Also, is there a reason why you added a foreigner cast?

I'd like you to refrain from asking me questions.

The story has a shot as a drama for its simple narrative and vivid characters.

I did worry about being cringy when the lines were recited by the cast.

I had long conversations with Kwang Jin during the casting process.

We also had a script reading session to have the cast say the lines.

So I did worry about being too corny.

At the first test shooting, I was surprised by how Seo Joon said the lines.

It was so cringy when I tried them myself in front of a mirror.

Oh, you tried them.

It was so smooth when Seo Joon said them.

No wonder he's an actor.

- Were you ashamed? - No.

The chief of the drama department watched the first episode and said,

'It looks...'

' if the webtoon was based on the drama'.

He said that Seo Joon and Saeroyi are perfectly in sync.

I felt relieved because that was one of my concerns.

It's going to be fun to see how Seo Joon says the iconic lines from the webtoon.

And what was the other question?

Is there a reason why you added a foreigner character?

That I asked Kwang Jin to do so during the adaptation process.

Having Itaewon as the setting was something that got me excited.

The logline is simply about revenge.

Something very predictable.

So having Itaewon as the setting was attractive.

When you're in Itaewon, you run into many foreigners.

I thought it'd be fun to have a foreigner among this interesting cast,

...especially if that foreigner didn't speak fluent English as expected.

So, we ended up having a part-timer who is a foreigner.

And Kwang Jin added assigned a narrative to him.

The story of the foreigner part-timer would be another interesting element to look for.

Thank you.

Moving on.


I have two questions, one for Kwang Jin and one for Director Kim.

As far as I know, it's a first that the writer of the original webtoon also writes the drama version as well.

I'd like to ask how you feel about jumping into a totally different field.

This is a different question.

Also, please tell us if you think there is synergy or advantage to having the original writer write the script of the drama version.

And Director Kim, it's also noteworthy that this is the first drama produced by Showbox, a famous film investment distribution company.

Is there anything Showbox specifically asked for and what is good about having them as the producer?

The first question was for Kwang Jin.

At first, I laughed really hard because I'd never expected the offer.

But...I was seduced by them?

Convinced. I was convinced and moved.

Because like I said, I was given an opportunity to make some modifications.

Being the first one to do something is quite attractive.

The fact that no one has done it before.

My wife loved the offer so that's why I made my decision.

But I had the wrong assumptions about some things.

I'm a cartoonist who does everything--planning, writing, drawing, painting, etc.

I simply thought that all I needed to do was to write.

So, when I first realized how writing a script was a different world,

...I didn't know what to do.

But I was lucky enough to work with such a wonderful director.

I consider him as my master to some extent.

I've learned a lot from him and debated with him a lot, too.

So, now, I trust him with this project without as much pressure.

And surely, there is an advantage.

Our drama is all about the narratives of the characters.

I'm the one who created all of these characters.

And the one that knows the characters the most is...

Now, it's actually the cast who knows their characters the most.

But in the early stages of production, there was no one else who knew the characters better than me.

So that's one advantage.

Another one would be that I know what audiences like to see from my experience as a cartoonist through readers' comments and some graphs showing figures.

I'm sure those are the advantages we have.

Thank you.

While listening to Kwang Jin, you looked like you were proud of yourself.

He's your man.

How did you seduce him?

I didn't hear anything like this in the past year.

He just happened to say that here at the press conference and made me embarrassed.

So the question for me was about our show being the first television drama produced by Showbox.

In fact...

When you say that everyone is looking forward to our drama, that's probably the case not only because a superstar like Seo Joon plays the main role,

...but there has never been a cast like ours.

I feel that actors/actresses want to play different roles, something they've never played before.

I think it's a challenge for the cast to play their characters.

This is Kwang Jin's first drama, even though he's the original writer.

It's a challenge for Kwang Jin and I'm also nervous about directing my first drama for JTBC.

I think Showbox was also up for a challenge.

That's why I was offered to direct the drama, in my opinion.

'The Man Standing Next,' a Showbox film, is doing well, so I hope our drama also does really well.

Thank you.

The fact that it's a challenge for both the cast and crew and Showbox, there is a clear connection.

That's promising.

Moving on.


Hi, I have a question for Seo Joon, Da Mi, and Nara.

I guess you three will be forming a love triangle.

How is it working with each other?

I have an additional question for Nara.

This is your first drama after you got signed under a different label.

As far as I know, actor Lee Jong Suk, who is your senior under the same label, gave you advice when making your decision to do this drama.

Could you tell us in detail what kind of advice he gave you?

So the questions were for three actors.

You will be forming a love triangle.

How is your teamwork?

Seo Joon?

I'm working with the two actresses for the first time through this drama.

At first, I was nervous and excited.

One thing about Director Kim is that he likes to spend a lot of time on script reading.

So I got to talk a lot with Da Mi and Nara about the drama,

...which has led to our great teamwork on the set.

Now that we've filmed up to Episode 10,'s kind of too late to talk about our teamwork.

It's great, though.

I think that thing have been going well since the day we read the script together.

Da Mi?

I also met both of them for the first time.

It's really enjoyable and fun on the set.

Being able to work with them makes me happy, our teamwork is great...?

We'll work even harder.

It seems like the entire cast working at Danbam has great teamwork, right?

- Yes. - Right.

Nara, could you also tell us about your teamwork?

I like how we all can talk freely on the set.

We're in the same age group, so we feel more comfortable working with each other.

And I've been helped out a lot, too.

Also, it's now just Jong Suk but everyone at my label is rooting for me.

On the set, I receive a lot of help from the cast and crew.

That's where I get my energy.

The staff of Jangga also has a great chemistry, right?

At Danbam, everyone is about the same age so they're all vibrant and full of passion.

At Jangga, on the other hand, Jae Myung and actress Kim Hye Eun lead us with their charisma.

I rely on the a lot.

Thank you.

Any other questions?


Hi, I have a question for Seo Joon and Jae Myung.

The two characters you play are rivals tangled up in an ill-fated relationship.

The most important element of the drama would be the tension between the two of you.

How is it working with each other?

The major element of the drama is the confrontation between the two of you.

How is your teamwork?

Let's have Jae Myung answer the question.

Our drama is about people of different generations who are unable to communicate with each other.

Another confrontation is between the successful self-made man and a young man who is on the start line.

They loo...look alike...or they don't...

You do look alike.

You also have short hair, Jae Myung.

You two look alike.

Dae Hee is the setting sun who is physically decrepit and finds his young self from Saeroyi.

He also shows his inexplicably complicated emotions throughout the drama.

I'm working with Seo Joon on that.

We didn't talk much, we just rehearsed, shot, and got an okay from the director.

I'm satisfied whenever I think about the scenes we did together.

That's how I'd describe our teamwork.

First of all, we do long rehearsals.

We get it together during the rehearsals and then do the actual shooting.

So we are given a plenty of time to make corrections and modifications if necessary.

If we lack anything, it'd be my acting skills.

Jae Myung does his job perfectly.

I just follow him.

I wondered if Saeroyi could exist without Dae Hee.

He is stirred up by Dae Hee to a great extent.

So I also think about Dae Hee a lot.

I think we're creating a great synergy altogether.

Thank you.

Any other questions?


Hi, I have a question for Kwang Jin.

How much do you think the cast is in sync with their characters since the casting process until now as you're shooting the drama?

And I'm sure there is something you're planning on doing for reaching your dream ratings.

Seo Joon, as the lead role, please share with us your dream ratings and what you would do if you achieved your goal.

So, Kwang Jin, how much is the cast in sync with their characters?


I'm 120% satisfied.

I'm saying this after I've seen the drama.

When I saw the video of the scenes I had written...

Earlier, I said that, in the early stages of production, I was the one who knew about the characters the most.

But eventually, it was the cast who thinks more extensively, interprets, and plays their characters.

While watching the video, I cried even though it wasn't a sad scene.

So, that's why I said 120%.

I'm so happy about the outcome.

I don't want to cause you any trouble, but could you pick just one person who is in sync the most?

Do I have to?

If it's not too much trouble for you, please.

For me, it's Saeroyi.

I guess it was Saeroyi who was in the scene that made Kwang Jin cry.

So the question was for Seo Joon.

You have thought about ratings, right?

Well, I couldn't help it.

And I actually expected this question.

To be honest, making a promise to do something for our goal ratings is quite burdensome every time I do a drama.

I have to constantly think of new things.

It's a great and thankful thing to have high ratings.

I can repay all the love and support through a pledge.

So I can't help but think about it.

Well, I hope we get two digits.

It'd be great if we get two digits.

I'd be extremely satisfied with 10%.

I don't think ratings represent every effort the cast and crew are putting into the drama.

But if we get something around that number...

What do I mean by "something around that number"?

If we get such [high ratings of 10%]...

- Good job. - If we get that...

I somewhat feel lonely right now.

I'd feel like I could fly if we got [10%].

If that happens...since our drama is about the restaurant business...

I've actually talked about this with the director.

About promotion.

In the drama, we manage a bar called 'Bam Bam'.

He suggested throwing a special event for fans.

I liked that actually.

So it'd be great if we could have a chance to have a good time with viewers.

There is a saying, 'Don't count your chickens before they hatch,' so I don't want to do that.

But if we do get two digits, I'd like to have a drink with viewers at the bar.

So he promised to open the bar to viewers for one day.

As soon as Seo Joon said "10%," Jae Myung gave him a look.

Is there a special reason why you did that?

Were you surprised?


Seo Joon said "10%," and Jae Myung immediately gave him a look.

No special reason.

You agree with Seo Joon, right?

Okay, thank you.

Any other questions?

All right.

We're almost running out of time.

I have one last question for the cast and crew.

Please share with us if you have anything else to say or what viewers should look for if they want to have as much fun as possible.

Starting from Nara, what should audiences look for?

You should definitely focus on each and every character who is just so vibrant and unique.

That's what makes our drama attractive.

It also sets our drama apart from others.

Please enjoy those points while watching the show.

So the characters are on another level.

Jae Myung?

We're working very hard every day and night with the entire cast and crew including the ones who are not here with us today.

While I was reading the script at night, I texted Director Kim, Kwang Jin, and Seo Joon that I really loved the story.

Kwang Jin said that he cried while watching the video, but I also cried a couple of times while reading the script.

With the stories about the generation gap, young lovers, and social issues, it'll be a drama full of symbols that will burn a flame inside your heart.

Please look forward to our show.

Thank you.

He said that the script and teamwork of the cast and crew are on another level.

Da Mi?

Well, I...

Each character is just full of charms.

All of the characters grow more mature over time.

That's also one of the key points to look for.

Along with the story itself, the characters will let you have more fun watching the show.

Please concentrate on how the characters grow over time.

Seo Joon?

I'm being a bit careful here.

This is actually my second work based on a webtoon.

It's really popular and there are so many fans out there.

Each reader must have their own dream cast.

I may not be one of them.

But as of now, I'm confident that the images and acting will satisfy all of you.

Webtoons are two-dimensional and you flip through pages, right?

You'll see how it is more attractive in moving images.

The first episode airs tomorrow and I'm very excited.

Please enjoy the show.

Thank you.

Please look for the differences in the drama version.

And Kwang Jin, you did a great job today answering all of the questions so well.

Lastly, tell us what audiences should look for.

The cast already mentioned about the characters, but our drama is all about characters.

Over time, each character will settle and new layers will be added on top of another.

I've seen the outcomes that are finalized so far, and it just gets better and better.

It's really interesting when the characters clash with each other.

It gets better and better, so please stay tuned.

It's gets better episode after episode.

But it all begins with Episode 1.

Make sure to tune in tomorrow night at 10:50.

Last but not're feeling the burden, I know.

Please tell us one key point that audiences should look for.

As mentioned, it'll be fun characters you've never seen before in any other dramas.

Aside from that...

When I first encountered the webtoon, I wondered why I was so captivated by a predictable story about revenge and the growth of young people.

Other than Saeroyi's charming characteristics...

It wasn't Saeroyi's lines that got me in tears.

In the trailer, there was a scene where Saeroyi drinks with his dad, played by actor Son Hyun Joo.

Hyun Joo casually says,

"Our family motto is 'Live by your convictions' because I didn't do so myself. But you are."

It was so touching.

There is catharsis, a release of emotions, in the power of those lines that we want to say but can't in real life due to certain circumstances.

Please look for that when you watch the show.

We're all doing our best but we don't know what it will be like for audiences.

I said this at one of the awards shows.

Whether the show gets 2% or 20% ratings, the total amount of effort from the cast and crew is the same.

Regardless of the outcome, we're all having fun so please stay tuned.

Thank you.

I could take a peek of Director Kim's acting skills from his last remarks.

He sure did practice in front of a mirror.

It was true. Amazing.

He has all the lines in his head.

He suddenly got emotional.


The OST is also on another level as well.

Please stay tuned for the soundtracks sung by Yoon Mi Rae, Kim Feel, Ha Hyun Woo, etc.

Please show lots of love and support for 'Itaewon Class,' which airs tomorrow night at 10:50.

This concludes the press conference.

I'm your host Park Ji Sun.

Thank you. Have a safe trip back home.

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