Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ecuEdit editor lesson #5: LogLink

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At this lession we are create log link to map and explore other LogLink features. First, let's open our ROM file

Next, let's open log file

Our first goal is see map cells which are used by ECU at WOT (wide open throttle) run. So, let's select WOT area of log

After that, let's go to ECU window and open Fuel map

Now we are ready to create LogLink

Select log parameters for Rows and Cols

Select log parameters which we want to see

Select log parameter which are correspond with map data (Air/Fuel Ratio) and press "Link" button to create LogLink

Painted cells indicate that they were used

Let's select cell and view log data that went into cell

Here is log data of cell. We are see real AFR value and AFR value from map

Percentage indicates how relative data in map with real value from log

We can change direction for percentage calculation

Let's go to log window and select whole log for LogLink

Switch to map window and select cell which are used several times during log session

Here we are see time jump: first entrance was at 02.109, second only at 15.687

Let's set log link option to view all log steps at cell

Now we are see empty cells for all log step which are not used for this cell

We are can Enable or Disable LogLink mode

Let's create LogLink for LogViewer playback feature

Check "Playable link" option and create LogLink

Switch to LogViewer and select Custom Dash page

Let's organize windows for better viewing

By changing time line indicator we are see step-by-step entering log data to map cells

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