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Joining us now are the stars of

the series, reg**-jean Page and

Phoebe Dynevor!

>> Hello!

>> Hey, how's it going?

>> Whoa.

I feel like this is a series,

when you get the call that maybe

you're in the top three, you're

on the short list, you're like,

"Yeah, yeah, whatever we got to

do to make this work, let's go

ahead and do that."

Am I right?

>> [ Laughs ]

Yeah, you call in your favors on

this one.

It's a big deal.

It's a very kind of big swing

that we took with the show, and

it looks spectacular, so I'm as

excited as anyone else.

>> Phoebe, how was the show

pitched to you?

What did you love about it?

>> [ British accent ] I think

the first thing that stood out

to me was Shondaland doing


I thought that was just so


I knew that the women were gonna

have real agency.

They were not gonna be, you

know, timid women that we'd seen

before sometimes in previous

Regency dramas, so that was the

thing that really excited me,

and then obviously I found the

books and got excited about

those and the character, and

everything else started coming

in and meeting Reg** at the

read-through, and, yeah, I was


>> By the way, Phoebe's from


That's the accent you get when

you're on Bridgerton.

I'm kidding.

>> [ Laughs ] Hilarious.

[ Laughter ]

>> They give it to you with the

gift basket at the beginning as

the welcome.

They just give you the accent.

You pop it like a pill.

>> There it is, there it is.

We both need it.

Okay, so, for people at home,

how would you explain kind of

the overall premise of the show?

>> Oh, it's like the period

dramas that you know and love,

but faster, funnier, wittier,

sexier, altogether more

glamorous, like a great big

wrapped Christmas present of a

Jane Austen meets "Gossip Girl."

>> Ooh!

>> Something like that.

>> Have you practiced that


That was perfect!

[ Laughter ]


>> I'm just rapping.

I'm freestyling, man.

[ Laughter ]

>> For both of you, let's talk

about the costumes, because just

the piece that we came in in,

Scott needs that jacket that you

were wearing, and I need that

crown, Phoebe.

Tell us about the beautiful

costumes we're gonna see.

>> Oh, my goodness.

They were amazing.

When I touched down in London,

the first thing we did was go to

have a fitting, and they

literally created this whole

warehouse with costumes just

for the show that were being


>> Wow.

>> And, yeah, Daphne, I think,

in the end, had 104 dresses

made, so, yeah, there's pretty

much always a new dress in every


And they were so expertly


They were made -- everything was


Everything was so specific to

the characters and the roles,

and it was just such a dream.

I mean, it's still my

11-year-old dream.

[ Laughs ]

>> What I also love about

especially a Shondaland

production but also about the

commitment to diversity and

inclusion in projects that she's

doing now are the textures and

the colors not just in the

costumes but in the cast and in

the production-crew members.

This is such a rich universe to

live in.

What was it like for you,

reg**-jean, to go to work every

day and see so many different

shades and colors and people

from different walks of life

represented in this show?

>> Yeah, I think you're right.

It's a very, very rich universe,

and I think that, to deny

yourself that richness and that

expansive range of people to

work with and artists and

perspectives is a mistake that

we were never going to make, and

I think that we're privileged

to have all of that, and I think

it makes the show brighter, more

intelligent, and fresher for it,

so it's a privilege.

>> It's just sexy watching it.

Scott and I were talking about

the music.

Describe the music in the show,

because it's very classic,

string arrangements, but to pop


There's something about that.

What did you think when you saw

that in there?

>> Yeah, there's an

Ariana Grande song.

"Thank U, next" is playing

instrumentally in the first

episode, which just thrilled me

to bits when I heard it.

I was like, "This is perfect."

>> It's Regency swiping left.

It's so good.

>> Ah, see!

Reg**-jean coming with the

"Regency swiping left."

I love it.

Okay, I feel like this is also

one of those shows where people

are gonna start speculating

about who's dating who, who's

connected to who on- and maybe


>> We just care about


Give us all the tease so Scott

and I can get ahead of the game.

What do we need to know?

>> Where do the sparks actually

fly with cast members?

>> I think that everything you

need to know is on camera.

That's why we presented it so

beautifully for you.

>> They're blushing!

>> All the sparks that flew came

off of the beautiful scripts

that we were handed, and so I

think that the sparky words of

scripted material are more than


[ Chuckles ]

>> By the way, Phoebe and

reg**-jean are together.

They just put that split screen.

They're acting like they're not

in the same -- I'm kidding.

>> [ Laughing ] Right.

>> We're playing footsie under


It's great.

Oh, wait, I got to footsie --

>> We see that footsie going on.

Well, guys, congratulations on


We are so excited.

Everybody in our office is

talking about this show.

It's the one to watch.

Keep it going, and

congrats on being in

Shonda's world, because that is

a whole other world unto --

start producing, directing,

whatever you want.

>> Get in there, get in there.

Congratulations, you two.

>> Thank you very much.

And thanks for stepping into the

world with us.

>> Keep the footsie going.

>> Listen, if you are wondering

what "Bridgerton" is, it's

streaming right now on Netflix.

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