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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: One Word Substitution | Power Words To Describe Your Personality | Advanced English Lesson

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Hey guys welcome back to Let's Talk, this is me Meera and today is one of my favorite

lessons to be frank with you, we usually face this problem these days, whenever we want

to describe any friends or family or any one such person, we always use two to three lines

for describing them, and it gets very confusing for the person who's listening to us. What

if, I tell you that I have really interesting words to describe that person in just one

word, so like you can see I have few sentences over here, which basically describe that personality,

and I'm going to tell you one word replacement for all of those. Today we just have ten,

but I'm sure we could have more in the coming videos. We are going to take a look at these,

but the last one is my personal favorite, so wait and watch what's going to happen.

Once I tell you word by word and sentence by sentence, try to tag your friends, right,

on whatever social media you are on, and let's see what happens to your friends when they

get to know that word for them. Right, so let's get going, the first person, someone

who is too strong to be defeated, so now when we're talking about this person, he's someone

or she's someone who cannot get defeated mentally or physically and who's so strong, can you

guess? Just try and guess what could be just one word description for that person? No,

not Superman, come on that's not what I'm talking about, but that's a great word, right?

He's someone who cannot be defeated and that person is, “invincible”. So whenever you

want to talk about that person you can say, you know what, he will not give up, he is

not giving up, he is invincible. Or if you want to say, my mother is so strong she is

invincible. Isn't that a great word? And plus, nowadays Twitter, Instagram all these places

have really limited use of words, so there you go you have one word to describe them,

the next time you want to post something about them. Next, this person is someone who can

adopt the situations really quickly. Maybe, you just put him in a desert, he or she will

just do fine. You take him, take him to a business class, he will do fine. You put that

person in great humid weather, that person will be fine. Now this person, that, this

is I'm just talking about situations, he or shes someone who adopts to it very quickly,

who easily gets comfortable in such situations, what would you name him, what would you call

him? This person is aversatileperson. We're talking about situations, we're talking

about anything he wants to do in life, he's basically has a great versatile personality.

Can you think of your friends or family members already to describe these people? TryWe

are moving on, we have one who pretends to be someone else. Well guys we have a lot of

people who claim that, hey you are copying my style or you're actually completely doing

exactly what I'm doing and pretending to be someone else, informal language, in informal

language we call this person, “a con man”. Okay so I'm going to write it, but that's

not the word we're looking at, yeah? This person can fool you very easily. Now obviously

it takes a great amount of efforts to actually be someone else, but this person is animpostor”,

okay? I hope you don't know people who are imposters, okay? Now so don't tag someone

with, hey you're an impostor because that's a little rude, but I thought you should know

since we have so many topics going on these days on social media who pretend to be someone

else, I wanted you to know that word to describe them, right? Moving on guys the one who can

handle pain and hardships. Now I know that the first one and the second one may sound

a little similar, but here this person is in general too strong to be defeated for anything,

that person will not break down. But this is someone who has been through hardships

and been through pains and can still handle it, has taken care of it, has not been defeated,

but can handle it at the same time, right? Has not always won, has been defeated and

has been able to sail through that difficult time period in his life, now that person is

stoic”, very short word, right? Stoic, let me make sure that you do not get confused,

right a little color over there. I'm sure you must have got this, someone who can handle

pain and hardships as a stoic personality, right? Maybe this could be your mother and

this could be your father, right? Yes, moving on, one who doubts everything in life, do

we have that friend of yours or that person may be in your office, who's like, oh no,

no-no, maybe we should not do thisSo you come up with this idea and you say, hey you

know what we should post this today on social media or Instagram and this person goes like,

oh no, no, no maybe we will get a lot of dislikes, oh maybe we will get a lot of hatesDo

you have that person in your life? Now that person is called, acynic”, who says,

he or she doubts everything. Do you think we should go to the beach this holiday? Oh

no, no, no I think it's gonna be really hot and people are going to steal our money. Well

that's doubting. If you have a person if you say, you know what I think she's a great girl,

you should be with her and this guy goes, oh no, what if she's not, oh no, what if she's

just being an impostor, that person is a cynic you guys. You can always say, come on now,

don't be a cynic just go on one date at least and you will get to know if she is an impostor

or not, right? Well go ahead and try to use it whenever you can. An unskilled, next up,

unskilled style of work. Now this is not always negative, okay? We, whenever we talk about

an experienced person or a professional person, this person has to learn at each stage, right?

Now someone who has not reached that stage, will obviously have a little unskilled style

of work, a little unpolished things, he leaves or she leaves things undone, right? Now that

person is known as or called as anamateur”, okay? It could be a dancer, it could be a

digital marketing person, his style of work is unfinished, unskilled and I think that's

completely fine because to reached, to reach that professional stage or experience stage,

you must go through the amateur phase as well, right? So that's completely fine. I just wanted

you to know, how you can describe the style of work or that person in one word. This person

can write easily with both hands. To be frank this used to be my dream when I was a child,

so I had this friend who could, you know who would start writing in the class with his

right hand and take his pencil in in his left hand and continue writing in equally easily

manner, and I never understood it, although I always wanted to be that person and that

person my friends is called, “ambidextrous”. Do you think this would be something really

interesting on your CV or resume, if at all you are just a graduate, I think it could

it could really be a funny thing to talk about in an interview, just to make the atmosphere

a little informal and a little more fun, so if someone asks you, what skills do you have?

You can definitely say, I am an ambidextrous. Isn't that fun? Well, the next one is equally

fun, I am sure, most of us have this person in our lives, that person who is active like

an owl at night, who's that person? That person isnocturnal”. I want you guys to tag

this friend of yours, I'm sure it's not one person, I'm sure they're gonna be ten thousand

or hundreds of them, who are going to be nocturnal. I too have such friends, you know who are

up all night or who can stay up all night, I am not that person, I sleep very early,

because I wake up early, right? I'm a morning person. Now, the next one is, one who has

a negative thinking, hold on before you think, isn't that similar to cynic? Well it's not

because this person just doubts everything, he just, just doubts, okay? And you can clear

that person's doubts. But now this person thinks negative about everything, oh no, I

don't think that's going to be, that going to be, that's going to be right, I don't believe

in this, I don't think what you're doing is right, I don't think what you're saying is

rightAlways the negative person, who comments negative, who dislikes everything, that thought

process and that person who thinks that way is, apessimist”, you guys, what is he

or she? A pessimist. I really hope you don't have a pessimist in your life, if you do,

make sure you tell that person that you need to change darling, you need to become an optimist,

right? It's the opposite of pessimist, who thinks positive and is hopeful in life but

we're not talking about that person we're talking about my favorite person which is

someone who is who has an unconventional style, who wares uncommon things or who does uncommon

things and really is able to stand out in the crowd. In fact this kind of, it's actually

a style of living and that's how it becomes a personality and a different personality

and that personality is called as, “bohemian”. Isn't that word itself so funky and so uncommon?

Do you know any such person? I'm sure, there are going to be so many people who might be

following a lot of bohemian people or people who live very differently. Maybe they have

nice, different types of colors that they wear or maybe their house is filled with plants

and yet very creative and just think, they think out of the box. I think every one of

us should have someone like this in our lives, because they really bring color to our life,

right? So that personality is a bohemian personality and these are your ten new hashtags to tag

your friends right away, so go aheadokay, before that please I hope you don't find any

imposter or conman because that's a little tricky you know. So go ahead, tag these people,

follow us on Instagram, the link is right there in the description and well, that's

all for the day guys, I will be back very, very soon with another such interesting topic,

you keep practicing, you keep smiling, spread a lot of love guys this is me Meera signing

off for the day, ciao.

The Description of One Word Substitution | Power Words To Describe Your Personality | Advanced English Lesson