Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Adam Savage's King George Costume!

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uh hey everybody adam savage here in my cave and behind me you see my replica of the windsor crown

the crown of the royal family of england i think this is the coronation crown

uh i built this recently as a one-day build and you should know a couple things one is

this is a test crown this is my this is my first pass at the crown

um i want to make one that's more durable this one i did a lot of gluing on this and

it's it's not gonna last it's it's great for me understanding all of the different

pieces and parts and bits and bobs of the of the uh of the crown but

for the specifically when we're talking about durability of an object that has some real uh

uh uh heft to it some narrative heft this isn't the final again just a trainer crown as it were

i think the queen in the crown they had her like walking around practicing walking and you really

do need some practice on this thing but that's not what i wanted to talk about this isn't a

one-day building which i'm going to redo this crown that's a separate build that'll happen

um but what did happen was weirdly like a few hours after i finished this and

just to be totally clear with you the day i built this was january 6th yeah

the capitol building insurrection that's the day i built this the irony of me making

a royal king's crown on the day that uh democracy was under siege is not lost on me

but a few hours after i finished that i got an email from a a a friend acquaintance of mine

chad evitt who's a costume designer and builder chad and i were corresponding last year about

me commissioning a costume from him he's a phenomenal maker a designer and maker of costumes

a very active cosplayer and maker of cosplay um and you will see me wearing some stuff of his

uh in the next year but right now what you should know is that he emailed me just

like a few hours after i finished the crown and said hey i've got the king's cape uh i've got

this king's cape and i'm wondering if you wanted to buy it from me and i'm like are you reading

my mind i literally just finished the crown and he's like oh well if you just finish the crown

maybe you want to buy the whole suit from me he said i built it out of some curtains

i guess he saw it in the window and couldn't resist it lest you think that that joke is

mine it is so not it is one of the greatest jokes ever written by carol burnett in a famous episode

of the carol burnett show in which she plays scarlett o'hara from uh gone with the wind and

she's gotta get a dress going that famous scene in the movie where she's gotta put on a dress

and uh in the in the show she tears the curtains down and puts them on and it's just amazing

the curtain rod is going across and the curtains come up and she just looks she looks like a

curtain like a person walking around as a curtain and harvey corman plays rhett butler and he says

scott that dress is incredible and she said thank you i saw it in the window and i couldn't resist

it ah at any rate chad said would you like to buy this whole costume that i built for king

george iii uh it is not a stage replica of uh what jonathan groff wore for the original run

of hamilton but it is darn close and i said yes reader i said yes so he sent it to me sorry i

sent him some money and he sent me the costume we're gonna put on a king's costume right now

i know okay let's see here yeah pretty good yeah okay

chad sent two boxes and one says open me first open me first open me first

that's an exciting and exciting thing to get okay oh who's the king for the king

look at this he's even got his own wax seal that

because he's classy yes fancy pants ollies i hope this costume brings you as much joy as it did me

wear it well your majesty chad i will sir i will i said good day all right um

this this feels like okay here here's why i really dig this this this feels like what the

each of these looks to me like what royal garments would arrive in right

string wax steel that's that's what they would actually be sending them in right


there's that i wonder what these are

okay get rid of the boxes

this is beautiful i'm assuming that the candy stripe

uh string this is the only package with the candy stripe spring

that that's the one he wants me to open first i'm just going to guess let's do it

oh look at that this is a beautiful oh wow this is the um

look at that that's gorgeous what a lovely piece

i you'll have to forgive me i don't know the names of any of these things um

my obsession with the windsors is only just beginning so i've yet to do

all the ancillary obsessive data gathering i normally do i'm just

at the start of this inspection not in the middle of it this is beautiful

all right

okay one part is down

oh look at this breaches breaches breaches nice breaches


yup that's reasonable for the stockings

you know it's funny when chad told me that he made it out of curtains i was thinking it was gonna be

really heavy but no this is actually lovely oh my goodness it's beautiful

oh wow wow

oh my goodness gorgeous gorgeous it's just

yes yep

that's what the well-dressed king is wearing

oh yeah oh frilly oh yeah oh yeah

ladies gentlemen it's a puffy shirt wow wow

chad yeah yeah wow


i'm going gonna change my camera angle

it's freezing cold so i'm going to do this while wearing my my my long sleeve shirt oh

oh yeah there we go

hello new costumes okay uh right

oh you made it tight oh oh goodness gracious oh could it be my neck is no larger than a 16

oh i may have to adjust that slightly

come on there we go uh where is the oh there it is

ah there we go yes puffy shirt

i would i would totally dress like this every day i'm totally down with this kind of style of dress

great okay now now it's getting exciting

oh this is awesome this is a fantastic edition addition

i'm delighted to add this to my costume


oh now we get this


oh oh right guys

oh damn yeah yeah yeah women love his snuff and his gallon stroll yeah yeah i quoted washington

washington six foot eight weighs a [ __ ] ton all right uh i've saved the best for last here we go

this is crazy oh my god this is the cape

excuse me for cursing but

whoa wow wow wow wait are there sleeve holes for this at all

oh there's an internal pocket how about that wow i'm gonna have to back up the camera

wow what a magnificent piece yeah it is literally just a cave it is just a cave okay

reset the camera i think i've gotten the shot that i needed here we go we're gonna put on the cake

wow i totally need to make the scepter now

wow does this jacket even button yo do you even lift bro

all right oh i'm definitely making a much more robust crown now

oh what comes next soon you'll see you'll remember you belong to me

yeah i probably shouldn't sing the copyrighted music but i can't imagine

that lynn or jonathan or paul or any of those guys alex would get mad at me

for it but still i mean they'd get mad because i'm butchering their songs dude this is

an amazing construction

wow i chad emmett i am

sir my hat is off to you yes this is incredible

and i am going to attempt i'm going to attempt to get a shot of this

let's see what we can do here yeah uh i'm i'm just having way too much fun with all this

uh oh yeah i mean how do you store all this i'm gonna have to make its own costume box

um this is an amazing addition to my costume collection chad the shoulders the jacket

the vest i know i need some suspenders and i need to take these breeches in and i will and we'll

also get norm over here to take some good photos of this but holy hell what a thing to add to my

costume collection it's simply magnificent dude all right these pockets are actually even real




well that is some of the most fun i've had photographing a costume in recent memory

thank you guys for joining me for this thanks to chad evitt who designed and built this beautiful

suit that i am wearing and thanks specifically to my friends the amazing team here at city arts and

lectures that graciously allowed us use of the sydney goldstein theater today for this

photo shoot there is no better place we could have done this right now alright see you guys next time

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