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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: É só misturar e pronto! Delícia saudável que todos adoram!

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What's up?

Today I brought a wonderful recipe for you, super cheap, are very, very nutritious,

the children will love it, the adults, the elderly...

It's always a success.

And it's very good because you can do it the day before and serve the next day.

So, it's great for the weekend, when sometimes you don't want to cook anymore.

you can leave it ready in the fridge.

Stay with me till the end, that you won't want to lose.

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Let's start our recipe, then.

I've got my pot here warming up.

I'll put the oil in it and I'll put the onion to golden.

Onions are super interesting for health, helps the immune system...

I got a video here on the channel talking about her and several other ingredients that I use

here in this recipe, look down there in the description.

When the onion is, more or less, like this, gold, you add the garlic.

Don't put the garlic together because the garlic has less water than onions, and if we put

the garlic at the same time, he ends up bitter, it burns too fast, and it won't get a

nice taste.

I'm gonna wait for a gold and we'll he'll be right back.

I'll add here now the rest of the my vegetables:

The tomato and the pepper, for them too wither and braise here.

After they're wilted, I'll come back, Hold on.

Now I'm gonna add the chicken breast boiled and shredded.

I actually just cooked him in water with salt this time.

And I shredded...

If you want to use thigh, thigh, what you...

Whatever cut you have there, in your house, of chicken, it can be, no problem.

Let's put the salt on it soon, so it'll season here, mix more easily, right?

And I'll put the tomato sauce on.

This tomato sauce is a tomato sauce that I do at home.

You use whatever you have at your disposal.

If you can do it at home, it's always better.

Let's have a little mix here...

The smell is so good...

What a wonderful smell, people!

A simple, super nutritious and wonderful food.

Let's also put a parsley here for give more vitamin C, more fiber, the parsley also helps to deflate...

And remember, in this chicken here, you don't need be just the boiled and shredded chicken, left over

a chicken from yesterday, a roast chicken, you you can put him here.

I'm going to give an organized one here, for us do the editing, and I'll be right back, easy there.

I have the boiled rice here, so now.

I have a boiled brown rice.

You can use the rice left over from yesterday, you can use cauliflower rice, you can

use quinoa, whatever you want there in your home.

And then I'm gonna add this little stew of mine of chicken to my rice.

The good thing about this recipe is that you can use ...the remaining rice, with the remaining chicken...

So, we give those guys a new face food that stays at home sometimes...

That we get a little creative, not é?

Not knowing how to use it.

Now we're gonna transfer here to a refractory.

Whoa, that's heavy!

For us to take it here to gratin.

That part is completely...

It's up to you.

If you'd rather not, if you prefer to serve him only so, can be

a good one.

If you think gratin looks better, you do here.

Suddenly, for Sunday lunch, no é?

A more different meal is worth it you gratinar.

Always remember that cheese adds calories and fat.

And I've got video here on the channel talking more about...

Anyway, cheese calories, different types of cheese...

So, if you're on a slimming diet, maybe for you it's not very interesting

abuse the cheese.

Let me mix it up here in that piece because he was still just with rice here.

If it happens in your house, you do it here too, like I'm doing.

Just incorporate the rice into everything.

Let's get organized here and get down to get cuter.

And add the grated cheese.

This cheese I'm wearing is mozzarella light.

If you want to put a little ricotta in, fresh mozzarella, a little parmesan...

It will really depend on your goals.

If you want to gain muscle mass, if you you want to lose weight, if you want to keep the weight...

Okay, there's no need to overdo the cheese.

I'll take it to gratin in the oven to, more or minus 200 degrees and I'll be right back to talk to you

how long he stayed.

Look, people, what a wonderful smell!

Do it at home!

If you do low carb, you can do it with cauliflower rice, if you don't make it, you

can do with quinoa, instead, or you can do it with brown rice...

Tell me down here if you're gonna do so with brown rice or if you're going to make some

of those replacements I told you about?

I'd love to read your comment.

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Now I'm gonna prove a little piece here that is the smell, really, irresistible!

It's just too hot, isn't it?

You have to be careful...


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