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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 5 SOCIAL MEDIA Posts Made Moments Before DEATH!

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We have got 5 social media posts which lead to death but how about posts that were

made just moments before death? In this list we take a look at some pretty creepy

posts which were made just moments before somebody died

The End... Jamal Dewar also known as Capital Steez was

an american rapper from brooklyn, new york. He along with fellow rapper and friend joey

badass and others founded the brooklyn based rap group Pro Era.

on Christmas eve 2012, the 19 year old was found dead on the floor near the Cinematic

Music Group headquarters in manhattan, new york.

He was found on the pavement clutching a bible. He had comitted suicide by jumping off the

rooftop of the headquarters. At some time during 11pm on december 23rd,

2012 he made his way to the rooftop of the headquarters he then texted a few of his close

friends to tell them that he loved them, then at exactly 11:59pm he posted a tweet saying

"the end" its believed he then jumped off the rooftop

Its thought that he killed himself because he was suffering from depression.

there are several mysteries and conspiracies surrounding his death.

details about the rappers death are still sketchy today.

following his death, fans and the media were unable to get any details about it.

this was until almost a year later, an magazine by the name of the fader featured a

lengthy article about him, they interviewed his close friends who revealed he

was unhappy because of his lack of recognition as an artist.

the article also released that he was interested in numerology, new age spirituality and egyptian

mysticism. Throughout the media more information appeared,

Jamal was said to be a frequent user of cannabis and magic mushrooms

he was also obsessed with the number 47 and would make strange facebook posts relating

to it. he believed the world was going to end in

the year 2047. all the mystery sparked several conspiracy

theories to appear online. One theory that emerged was that Capital Steez

was murdered, theorist believe he was murdered because he was out spoken

and tried to reveal the truth and was also very anti government. Another theory was that he faked his death

to boost record sales, this stemmed because of all the material which continued to be

released after his death. Others believe he was just schizophrenic and

decided to end his life because he couldn't handle it.

Ex Boyfriend Killer 59 year old Margaret Gee from orlando, florida

was an avid medieval re-enactor, in march of 2012 she was found dead with several

gunshot wounds to her body, She was babysitting her room mates child,

once her room mate returned 2 hours later they found maragaret's body.

Just before she died she posted this on facebook, it describes that she had just kicked out

her ex-boyfriend she also claimed he threatened her life and

would search on the internet on how to make different types of poison.

her ex boyfriend by the name of scot stuut was charged with her murder and was also charged

with armed burglary. its reported that the boyfriend claimed the

entire event was a misunderstanding, he also said he was looking up

how to make poison because he was bored. he then admitted that he shot and killed her

with a handgun because she kicked him out and verbally abused him.

The Dead Are Living Mitch Lucker was an american musician and

lead singer of the death core band suicide silence,

formed in 2002, suicide silence perform a fusion between death metal and metalcore,

they were influenced by bands like slipknot and korn.

On the 31st of october 2012 Mitch made this post to instagram with the caption, the dead

are living. Fans believe he predicted his own death as

just hours later he died in an horrific motorbike accident.

he crashed his motorbike at about 9pm, he was then taken into the hospital but was pronounced

dead at 6.17am following his death his bandmates held a memorial

show titled "ending is the beginning".

Final Selfie Colette moreno was an 26 year old women from

Missouri. Her partner by the name of jesse had recently

proposed to her, while being driven to her hen party she posted

this selfie on facebook, shortly after the picture was taken colette

was involved in an collison. unfortunately she did not survive.

The driver survived, she explained that they was trying to pass a truck and they both thought

it was clear but were mistaken, they then saw a truck

heading for them and tried to swerve out of the way but they both

swerved in the same direction. the driver suffered from minor injuries.

Colette left behind her five year old son and husband.

her husband said she was so excited for the wedding.

Dark Knight Alex sullivan was a 27 year old bartender,

on his 27th birthday he went to go and watch the dark knight rises with his friends at

the cinema. seems to be a fairly standard

tweet nothing alarming about it, well lets check the date.

Look familiar? this was the date in which a mass shooting occurred inside a movie theatre

in aurora colorado. the shooter was James Holmes

while dressed in tactical clothing he made his way to the theatre in time for the midnight

screening of the dark knight rises he then set off tear gas and shot into the

audience with multiple firearms. he killed 12 people and injured 70 others,

one of those 12 was alex sullivan. James was convicted of 24 counts of first

degree murder and 140 counts of attempted murder.

then on august 26th 2015 he was given 12 life sentences and 3318 years for the attempted


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