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In this video I'm going to share with you the five software tools that I use

to record my screen so that I could use it for YouTube videosm social media

videos, training videos, summit videos and also stick around till the end and I'll

tell you my favorite tool that I use out of those five but before we do that lets

roll the intro my name is Rob Balasabas. Hey welcome to my webcam this is

my webcam view now and we're gonna dive right into the different tools so here's

the first one I'm gonna share my screen now ready 3-2-1 let's go alright so here

we go so I'm right here at the bottom right of your screen and then the little

bubble hello get to see you okay so this is the first tool that I use its called

LOOM this tool is amazing I've used this tool hundreds of times for hundreds of

videos and I'm gonna do a little bit of a scroll as I talk but I love this tool

it's used by a lot of different companies big companies small companies

entrepreneurs intrapreneurs solopreneurs all sorts of businesses and brands and

so this is loom I use the chrome extension version of this tool so in

this video I want to make sure that I touch on the pricing for every single

tool that I'm sharing so when it comes to loom they have a great basic free

plan so this is for individuals that just need to record and share quick

videos the video that you record is stored on the cloud on the loom website

and I'll show you that in a second and then what you can do so you can share

link so that you can actually use this to send messages to colleagues or

partners or people that you want to connect with then what you can do is you

can download that video and then you can download that video and use it in your

YouTube video so you can put into your video editing tool and use that version

of that downloaded loom video inside of YouTube or social media videos or inside

of your course if you're creating online courses whatever it may be you can get a

downloaded version an mp4 which is the video file

of that video that you created and recorded using loom alright and I want

to quickly show you what it looks like in the dashboard and how it looks like

when you're about to record a video using loom and for all of these tools I

will be creating its own separate video tutorial videos for each of these tools

so that you can get a more deeper dive into how to use these tools specifically

so if you have any questions about them make sure to leave them in the comments

I'll make sure to answer them in feature videos or directly in the comments down

below what you'll get with loom is you'll install a Chrome extension you'll

see that here and what I will do is I'm gonna click that oh now you've got

another video of me in the bottom left and so this actually really cool with

loom is that you get this little bubble as well similar to ECAM which is what

I'm using now and you can kind of move it around so it's kind of cool that way

you can also make it a little bit bigger if you like so I can make this a little

bit bigger so that my head bubble talking bubble is a little bit bigger so

it shows up on the screen a little bit more or even really really big and

you'll see that right here in this version right here which is a little bit

too big I think but I'm gonna make sure I minimize that you can also get rid of

it if you if you like so you can actually close it out and remove it from

the screen altogether now on the top right here I'd like to bring your

attention you can record your full desktop or just the current tab that

you're in ok you can also record the audio if you like or not the audio if

you don't like you can also record the screen and the webcam if you like or

just the screen or just the cam if you like that means your webcam so it

doesn't show your screen there are also advanced options so you can select the

camera source if you have an external camera or a DSLR camera that you'd like

to use you can also use photos for screen only you can take away the

control menu you can take away the recording countdown all those little

things all those little details and then once you're ready you click on start

recording and essentially it's gonna go live it's gonna record the screen or

your webcam at the same time and away you go ok so here is an example of a

video that I recorded on Lou you'll see here this a little download

button right here there's also a duplicate video button you can also

delete the video if you like or you can copy the link see this big blue button

that says copy link you can copy that link and send it to anyone that you like

you can send it on by email by messenger by DM by text whatever you like and

somebody can watch this exact video that you just recorded without you having to

download that video for them to then download it on their side all you need

to do is copy this link send it to them and they'll be able to watch it on the

loom website directly without an account if you like you can also make sure it's

secure you can add a password to this video for someone that you are sharing

it with and again it just really helps make sure that that is private and also

again this is something I'll deep dive into when I create a tutorial on loom is

that you can trim the video so if you wanted to take out the beginning a

little bit of the beginning or maybe a bit of the end or anything like that you

can actually do some basic video editing here as well so there you have it so

that is loom now let's jump into the next tool the next tool that I want to

show you guys is videoed vidyard vidyard vidyard so the next tool is vidyard is

really awesome tool there vancouver-based company so go canada it

is a awesome tool as well so I'm gonna scroll down just like I did with loom

used by lots of big companies as well HubSpot linked in Microsoft really big

company Salesforce so it's awesome so again this is primarily for recording

your screen as well as then having your webcam turned on so that your face is

also visible in a little bubble somewhere on the screen so I want to

make sure that we go over pricing so video does have a free forever plan

which is free 99 free 0 dollars per month no credit card required you can

upload and share unlimited videos and embed up to 5 on your website or blog or

somewhere on the Internet so that's the limit there so if you're not using the

videos to be embedded into your website or your blog or anything then you can

run vidyard for free forever 0 dollars per month

it doesn't goes up from there to 15 dollars a month to 158

the amount all the way up to their custom enterprise pricing plans so there

you go so that's how the pricing works with vidyard now let me show you what it

looks like on the back end on how it actually looks when you are creating

videos using video so similar to loom if you go to this little Chrome extension

that I've installed it takes two seconds to install I can click on the video

Chrome extension and this pop-up comes up looks kind of similar to Loom you

have three options camera only so if you just want to record yourself on a webcam

perfect this is the option for you you can also choose the screen option so

this will record your entire screen when you have multiple screens there will be

a pop-up that asks you which screen you'd like to record or you can click on

the tab option which just records a specific tab on your Chrome browser

there's two other options here one is to turn off the microphone and another one

to turn off the camera which you'll see here I'll turn it off now my little

video window bubble webcam bubble is gone and then I'm back

and then also similarly to Loom you can choose which camera that you'd like to

use at this time I only have one camera which is my webcam but if I was to

connect my external camera my DSLR camera it would show up as an option

here as well or I can turn off the camera altogether

now once you've recorded the video art videos it shows up here in the library

in the backend of your video to account I have quite a few that I've created

here's the video that I created recently for a little quick message to a friend

of mine inside of the social media examiner crew over there in San Diego so

again you can just watch this you can share this as well with them directly so

you can share the link so you don't have to download the video to share it with

somebody else but you can't download the video if you'd like to use it for your

YouTube channel for social media or for you know online courses or a virtual

summit that you are participating in alright so there you have it that is

vidyard vidyard I think that's how you say it now if you have any questions

about video let me know in the comments also you can find links to check out all

of these awesome tools in the description so make sure you hit that

subscribe button while you're down there and come up and let's go into the next

tool next tool is Camtasia by TechSmith I

love this tool I'm gonna scroll while I talk about it now you can use Camtasia

to record your screen but it is also more than that it is a complete video

editor and I'll show you guys that in a second

now Camtasia does cost there is a free trial but it does cost a little bit of

money and I do recommend you to purchase the full license just because it is so

powerful so here is the pricing page for all the TechSmith products now you'll

see Camtasia is about three hundred and forty six dollars Canadian you can also

purchase the bundle which includes Camtasia and Snagit which is at a

discounted three hundred and eighty dollars Canadian so that you get both of

these amazing tools now Snagit I don't mention it too much here but it's an

awesome tool as well for screen capture so if you want to take a picture if your

screen for example and then sort of annotate on it meaning like draw on it

or you know give some feedback on something it's an awesome tool for that

as well and I will be creating tutorials for both of these awesome tools now let

me show you really quickly Camtasia in action and how that looks

like because I am using it to edit this exact video alright so here we are this

is my Camtasia account so you'll see my timeline here at the bottom you'll see

the media files here on the top left and then also sort of the main window here

that shows what I am working on on the top right alright so let me just

minimize my screen a little bit so you can kind of see the top left of this

Camtasia window with the record button so if I click on record so you'll see my

kids here this is a picture of us in London and shortage during a recent

family vacation but that's just my background sorry guys

so you'll see this little Camtasia pop-up that comes up and basically

there's four options there's four elements that you can record on your

screen you can record your monitor so the actual screen itself you can also

record the webcam so me talking you'll see that right there pop-up you can also

record the audio so you'll see that right there

and I can choose which audio source I want whether it's the built in

microphone or my external microphone and lastly you can record the system audio

the little clicks and all those things you know the sound that comes in from

your computer itself now you can record just one of these or combinations of two

or three whatever it is that you're recording which is why I love Camtasia

so much because sometimes I'm just using it to record audio sometimes I'm just

using it to record the screen so then I will just record my screen and sometimes

I'm recording all of it right so that's why I love Camtasia so much such an

awesome versatile tool in that sense all right so that's Camtasia let's get on to

the next tool all right so this next tool is ECAM ECAM is an amazing tool you

can check them out ECAM comm I've actually been using ECAM for quite a

number of years now probably two or three years an amazing tool I know the

people they're really really well Adrian and Katy and just awesome awesome people

there so ECAM is actually built for live-streaming but a lot of people don't

realize this but you can use ECAM to also record your screen along with your

webcam so you can show up on the webcam in the corner and then record your

screen video as well so ECAM live is a tool that you can use to go live on

Facebook or YouTube anything like that as well so it's awesome I love it but if

you scroll down here are the different platforms that you can go live on so

restreamed IO which gives you access to tons of platforms to go live on

periscope which is really Twitter live twitch switchboard other things like

that so this is what ECAM is commonly used for like I said for live-streaming

so again really really important that ECAM is also only available for mac

users so if you're on Windows unfortunately ECAM won't work for you

but I have a Mac and it works great so if you are a Mac user than ECAM is good

to go now let me show you how this works how it looks to actually record your

screen alright so here is my ECAM window at the bottom right what you'll see here

is says destination record only and so that's the option that you would choose

if you want to just record your webcam using your webcam so talking-head like

this or on the top you can choose to share your screen like

this so now you see my screen and then you also see me at the bottom of the

screen see that so that's what that looks like there so see I can kind of

move it around there it is so that's the screen right there so that's the entire

screen which is my desktop and then at the bottom there is me as a talking head

like that now the cool thing with ECAM too is you can actually change the shape

of that window with your head in it so I can actually make it a square if I like

or I can make it a tall version of that kind of like Instagram stories like this

which is kind of cool and then I can kind of make that bigger if I like like

this and then kind of move it around wherever I want on the screen like that

and then there's a couple other options a couple other shapes of how that can

look also wide it's a good one like that again really versatile tool kind of cool

how you can change all that up and that is ECAM now let's go into pricing really

quick before we go on to the next tool a couple years ago when I started using

ECAM it was a one-time fee product so you paid one time and then you had

access to the product and then if there were any updates and things like that

then you know you may have to pay a little bit just to get the update or

whatever it is but what I like what they've done now is that they've

actually transitioned to a monthly subscription and so you get all the

updates there's tons of amazing things that you

get each and every month whenever there's an update you get access to it

so it starts for free you get a 14 day trial to check it out no credit card

required and then you can go into the standard plan which is $12 a month or

billed as one payment of 144 for the year and then also there's a pro version

which is $20 a month so very affordable tool for what you're getting you get a

ton of awesome awesome features in there if you're live streaming for example

this is a tool that you definitely need to check out and start using but if

you're just looking to record your videos to record your screen and record

your screen with your webcam as well then it's an awesome tool for doing that

and now for the fifth tool let me show you I'm gonna search it right here on my


are you ready quick time so at the bottom of my screen here you'll see the

quick time option if I right-click I click on new screen recording now

there's a little dotted line kind of box that I then choose to expand however big

I like to select the section that is going to be recorded and then

essentially I click on record and it's done and so I love QuickTime it's really

easy for something really quick and easy like that and that is QuickTime super

super simple awesome so I hope that helps you with understanding some

different tools that you can use to record your screen so that you can use

it for all sorts of videos that you are creating personally my favorite tool

when it comes to recording my screen is Camtasia I especially like Camtasia

because after I record my screen it drops it into the timeline right away

because I use Camtasia for editing my videos for example this video right here

is being edited on Camtasia so that's my favorite tool that's my go to if you

have any questions around screen recording tools anything else that I can

help you with leave me a comment let me know that you were here now go and enjoy

this next video this video is a tutorial on how to sync up your audio and your

video using iMovie speaking of Mac so go check that video out let me know if you

have any questions make sure you subscribe hit that notification bell and

I'll see you in the next video

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