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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Taoist Master shares 4 Tips to Help You Find Balance - Yin Yang | Tea Time Taoism

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so last week we covered the yin-yang and if you haven't watched that video then

click here if you have watched it then hopefully you've started to embrace the

differences in your life between you and your partner you and your friends you in

the world you've also started to embrace change as something that's natural and

not something to be feared and finally you've begun to understand but there's

nothing fundamentally wrong with you that you're okay and you have the

ability to find balance now that last point is what we're going to cover in

today's video and it's probably why you're watching

this series certainly for me it's why I came out here to try and find peace and

tranquility in my mind and to become a more balanced person it's such an

important topic in fact that we're going to cover it over the many videos but I

thought let's ease ourselves into the water first by starting with some

practical tips that we can all apply to our own lives by the end of this video

so here are four tips from master gu to becoming a more balanced person first

us-backed here you see what I call heavenly way so this is the yin balance

of our daily life the day belongs to tang and the night belongs to yin

Yang becomes yin, yin becomes yang human being must follow this natural law

I suggest the time to get half is a from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 because between 5:00

and 7:00 that is an active period all for large intestine so this is just a

very good for you to get up to do the exercise so your morning we can do the

morning morning walk to shoot from in to yang. we've all been there when the

alarm goes off in the morning and you're lying in bed and you just don't want to

see the world and I've had quite a few those mornings here but this advice is

really helpful if you just put your shoes on put on some warm clothes and go

out the house for just a 10-minute walk you suddenly feel so much more energized

it's about bringing your yin sleepy energy into the yang into the day and

into the energized so you can choose what you want to do on that walk here we

do meditative walking so that is just trying to keep your

concentration on the world around you and trying to enjoy the nature around

you or you're in the city then seeing where nature crops up or even just the

amazing expect to call that a city years and or you can think about what you've

got to do that day either way it will make you feel great having a couple of

something that early in the morning all you've done is stuck some shoes on and

gone for a walk it really does make you feel great so I highly recommend this

one so this our meal table will be just a 10-hour lunch

the second aspect of a union balance is something very important eat sushi poppy

which means apart from the refined foods we must make a good balance to have a

sufficient rule food with fiber you know that's good for our the movement of

large intestine well this is a balanced about food you know full empty by this

is amount I'm fully some before I'm a very for so

many people especially in the past where life is hard

those rich people tends to eat a lot so many gotta pot belly

which is not a good thing in shape and also actually negative for health here

we advocate the good balance is not 100 percent let alone exceeding of war we

advocate funds but mmm you better eat 80% of war so these are the good balance

so what you eat is important so getting a balance of protein and carbohydrates

cooked and uncooked food as well as the colors on your plate and how much you

eat is important so that 80% rule I found pretty hard here actually because

the food so nice I just want to eat it all but having that rule has made me

conscious of trying not to overeat and in today's society is so easy to overeat

and create health imbalances so this is a really good rule for trying to keep

balanced and healthy

the secret of health lies in two sentences

Tranquility and exercise so one is

both so you should have sufficient like in the meditative tranquility meanwhile

you should also be active in doing something. for Western Way of exercise

would have the image of a somebody you know energy in a gymnasium a huge place

with many modern facilities oh they try to make, as one Westerner pointed

out, ridiculously big muscle so they quite building up the

physical part. so how about a Taoist a practicer? you see they maintain very

meditative and realize but they have been enough exercise

so Tai Chi Chuan is the best form of exercise combine both meditation and

exercise together this is a good balance very very good balance so first of all

you need to exercise to balance the yin of inactivity with the yang of action

secondly if you do exercise and do intense exercise then you need to

complement it with stretching and meditation to balance those internal

energies and then finally just think about the balance of the exercise itself

so not all of you are doing steroids and becoming a bodybuilder but for me I was

training for a marathon didn't listen to my body and then got a massive injury so

it's about listening to the body and being in balance with it you know you

can have fun and games when you're young and then get knee problems and hip

problems when you're older so if you want to live healthily and be able to

move well into your old age you need to be conscious of these balances

in Chinese we say there's a phrase sir so there is a is actually adjective if

we say somebody he's very sad means he's very generous he's very generous he

tends to give things to people he's never mean to give give people so

like a it's a very kind heart but if we analyze the term said we found

said generous contains actually two words and it means to give to give it

away that means to gain so this is a very interesting there is some like a

philosophical philosophy behind it means to to give it's not just means you're

losing something the actual fact or your long-run you can gain so in order not to

be such a terrible result of life so you must have a really good balance of the

wealth pursuing possession accumulation and actually okay be the manner to give

to help people at least they're not so much greedy so much ambitious to gain

wealth I've got much to add to master keys

words well let's say is try making generosity your default position for

today and see how much more receptive the world will be to you it'd almost be

miraculous how many more opportunities and stronger relationships you make in

that time

right that's it I hope you found those tips helpful let me know in the comments

which is your favorite as well as how you could apply it to your own life if

you liked the video please hit the like button and consider sharing master goo

and I would really appreciate it because we want to get that that was philosophy

out to the world thanks for watching everyone I'll see you next time

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