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As promised I got a new scooter I told you guys I would tell you exactly what's going on this build for the day

That's what we're doing. Really somebody's along has to be going on right now. It's a literally the worst timing. Thank you. I

Have envy for like one deck a set of forks, and it looks like they're sent me extra just to be safe

So thank you guys so much over Envy shots and Tony Denny everybody over there. Thank you

So with this little care package, I have two decks here as opposed to one again

Thanks, if you guys don't already know my decks come in

4.75 wide by 20 point too long. I like smaller scooter decks

So kind just like my thing with an 83 degree headtube angle not super steep, but steep enough

So that's the deck. They also have the nylon breaks in there

So if you guys want to grab your deck you guys know where to go to

Ask for grips. I did ask for darker colored grips

I've been riding the blue ones for a little while now

But I made sure to get some of these black and white swirl ones

I really really like these ones but I've never actually had the black and white

I've had the black and blue so these should be a cool little addition. They sent me two sets of these

So, thank you guys very much

I do go through grips kind of quickly, but not as quickly as some other riders, but quickly enough to where I need to


Can somebody get a hold of their truck, please? Thank you as for Forks

I asked for the SOB VIII's because this is the fork that I've ridden basically for ever since I've been on NV and this time

You guys can be really really excited to know that I got the oil slick version yet again

I have not had oil slick on my spoon for a long time. You guys been telling me please ray?

Please go back to the blue and oil slick look that you've had


so I listen so we got the most like smb3 in the IHC version the bars that will be going over my

IHC compression are the unions, of course, but this time I got the black unions

I have not had black unions in so frickin long. I've had it polished twice and I don't really switch my bars all that often

so I think I've had those bars on probably for

Like five months ish maybe less but either way I have not had black bars and Kuhlmann and these are the flat black. I

Run, my bar is pretty much stock light not pretty much stock height

I run them stock height as tall as they come. Stop talking crap. My bars aren't short they're as tall as they come now

The mystery bags I have no idea what's in these

What is that you

Headset you open it? Ah, there you go. Make it make the noise

We do have a bunch of bearings in here and we also have a blue clamp as well as in also clamp

I'm going to be putting the oil slick clamp on my shoe because like I said I want that was like look again we have

An envy headset right here. This is the oil slick headset

This will go nicely with my blue deck as well as the black bars and the oil slick hits it

Or the head or the clamp. I'm really getting confused. Okay?

Listen listen, listen, listen closely. Everybody should classic

Where's that?

Bearings bearings and headset go go go go. Hey, talk about oh, it's brakes. Yes

Troy that's a whole lot of great time

Looks like and you sent me a few of the fresh and that line breaks. Thank you guys very much

And we also have some spacers in here. So



Envy thank you for the brakes. Oh, look. There's a black clamp I missed that one. Thanks. You can guess what? This is

Wheels I wasn't even done. Yeah, I was gonna say get to punch in the face that works

That wheels. Yeah

Let's see

You got it, right looks like em, you sent us some people a complex man

But we must thank you guys so much for sending these and looks like we have one more set of wheels

And these are the ones that I requested

Yeah, get the back out of here. I

Got one

Thanks, that was scary we've got 120 millimeter black on oil slick

I am so excited to get oil slick back on my scooter

Which is kind of weird because every time I have oil stick on my scooter

I have it for like two or three rounds and I'm always like all over it

Alright, so that is all of our parts. A lot of you guys are probably wondering ray. Where is your grip tape? I

Left it in my house, and I had a lot. I told not to send me any my bad

So this bill tonight will be with no grip tape whatsoever. But everything else will be built up ready to go for the sesh

For whatever my leg gets better. So

Let's start the build




My god this thing turned out

Unbelievably good it actually surpassed my expectations. Now. This is why this scooter in particular

Surpassed my expectations all the other oil

Secutor x' that have had in the past have had oil SiC bars like that like the unions that I

Usually have and I actually requested for the scooter were the oil slick

but they didn't have any they only had the black and the polish and I've been riding the Polish for a while now, but

With the black on there as well as the black and white grips. It doesn't actually overkill the oil slick

That's one thing about oil slick is it's overdone so quickly and so easily and I've been looking for a combination

That I could do that could actually make it to where it's not overkill and this is it. This is like my dream

Setup. This is it. This is all the colors all the parts on here are the parts that I would always ride

Oh, I don't I need to take this out. I don't actually even

alright these

Now it's my dream build I don't run those plates because I don't use them

So there's really no point for me to have them on there

The only thing that I need so fullhart is grip tape, but I already know what good tip. I'm gonna put on there

I'm gonna put a sheet of Vital grip tape on this thing to make it totally complete, but all-in-all this thing is a beast

It's so freaking nice for some reason the wheels compliment the fork and I don't know why

Normally oil slick kind of complements itself because it's so loud. I got the black union bars on there

Like I said, I did cut the width on these ones a little bit smaller


A lot of you guys in the comments are gonna be roasting me right now because of that

But I cut them smaller because I've been riding the same width for so long

I was at 22 and a half for a long time and I was just recently at 21

So I decided to go down to 20 and a half and just just see how it feels

I'm just kind of going all over the place with it because I like to experiment a little bit but on the bottom of those

Black bars. You got the oyster clamp. I don't run headset caps. I don't know why I haven't done it for a little while

Um, so I just put the actual headset spacers on there instead kind of pushes everything down and locks it in

I like it, but I am running an env headset. This is the integrated one best

I said I've ever ridden by far

I would love to get out there and actually tell assisting out

But unfortunately, I can't I'm kind of coming over and a really random and weird injury in the back of my left leg

Which is tied to my back injury, so I got to wait it out

Unfortunately, and I'm not good at this stuff, but I promise people I wouldn't ride so I'm not gonna ride

But please go down in the comments and rate my scoop 1 to 100

I would love to hear what you guys think about this thing

And if you don't like it, let me know why if you do like it. Let me know

Why what's your favorite part about the scooter? Is it the oil slick is that the deck? Um is the fact that I have?

No, grip tape on you could like that. Andrew hag if you're watching

Much love, but I love it. I absolutely love it. Thank you to env scooters for sending me all these goodies

You guys are absolutely the best

Shout out to Tony for listening to me when I said that I needed a new scooter

Which I kind of shouted them out in this video right here

So go check that video out if you haven't yet Kol since you're watching. Hope you're doing good. Well now that this is done

I've got a huge mess to clean and to be 100% honest with you

I'm Way better at building scooters then staying focused when it comes to cleaning things. So

Until next time I got a lot to do