Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Meet the Vogel's Family

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Every morning, when the lights go on a family awakes and something quite extraordinary happens.

And in every family, as we know, the youngsters are the first that wake up.

For starters... meet Little Shini.

He starts his day with what we call injection molding.

Melting plastics, and making sure that even the smallest parts look great.

And behind this curtain, the shy one of the family hides....

Kawasaki......she welds with the highest precision, by connecting each part, creating the most spectacular fireworks.

Oh, and look who is there.

Big George, the large one of the family.

Stamping metal parts while combining brutal force with his flexible arms.

Almost like he is dancing through every stage.

The twins of the family, Roger and Mike.

Welding together, with strong lasers, as a solid team.

The same kind of lasers, their older sister Sophie uses for cutting through hard metal with precision.

And in most families, as we all know, the mother is a true multi tasker.

Executing eight steps with one stamp.

And thats where Tina comes in.

Her snout measures with the highest precision. Ensuring the highest quality, with 3D measurement

Because quality control is of utmost importance.

And finally, assembling every piece, made by The Family.

Where everything comes together. And we make sure everything gets our Quality Signature.


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