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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kid's Box Testimonial from Teachers in Paris

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my name is Charlotte I'm an ESL teacher

and I've been teaching kids books at

echoes Africa in Paris

for two years the school prefers to take

an informal approach to teaching English

this means that we use a lot of games

songs group work and creative activities

when I first started teaching kids books

the teachers materials were an

invaluable resource for me first of all

the characters are really fun having

these age-appropriate characters helps

the children engage with the material

they're extremely well-planned they

offer many different game activity and

extension options should you need them

I'm Pauline what for language

connections the goal is really to

implement English in the daily life of

the case I think teachers enjoy to use

kids books because kids books even

method that is very complete you have

comics you have songs that are very

attractive and very like rhythmic and

kids really love them as you as a

teachers work you have the lesson plans

everything is already so you can't just

go to your classroom and pitch I would

definitely recommend the kids books

program to other teachers I think the

good thing about kids books is that it

teaches the target language and the

grammar promotive Lee it means that

she'll never forget what they've learnt

they keep building and building and

building and with the use of the

cartoons and the stories children don't

even really have the impression that

they're learning regarding the digital

tools are things that presentation plus

is very useful and very practical

because you have everything on one

document being able to see the

carmaker's a song in a way that he's

really alive for them I think it's

really perfect I don't think I can say

that I've had just one proud moment I

have so many proud moments every week

every moment that shows that the child

is enthusiastic and happy and excited

and willing to learn

that's a proud moment for me


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