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Hello everyone, my name is AZZATRU, how are you?

And welcome to another Star Wars gaming video.

In this one I am going to be sharing with you everything we know about the next EA Star

Wars game, codenamed Project Maverick.

From its supposed reveal and release time frame to leaked music and art, this video

will be the definitive in-depth guide to the next EA Star Wars game.

Make sure you watch until the end of the video to not miss any of the information about this


Lets get started with what the game is on a basic level.

As you might have guessed by the codename, the top gun connection, maverick is a flight

simulation game, so it probably will be focused on flying starfighters.

Fans of classics such as X-Wing, Rogue Squadron or even Battlefront 2s starfighter assault

are going to be right at home.

I also have some extra evidence it is a flight simulation game.

Last year EA asked the community of the flight sim game Ace Combat if they would like to

apply for the Game Balance Specialist for a game that is in the same genre at the studio

making Maverick.


I think not.

The job listing even specifically stated expert knowledge of Battlefront 2, Battlefield 1

and V is required.

Bespin Bulletin who have been very reputable regarding star wars film, show and game leaks

said that it is a combat flight simulation game.

You might be wondering, how did the game leak?

On March 4th, a twitter bot that shared additions of games to the playstation store database

found a file just called Maverick.

The file included artwork, some music and a bit of data.

We can use these leaked assets to answer another big question you might have, what era will

the game take place in?

Using the artwork and music, we can establish it will be the original trilogy.

This artwork displays the games codename logo, plus a star destroyer along with a squadron

of 4 X-Wings in attack formation heading towards it.

The red location is striking and instantly people speculated it is mustafar but we have

no idea what planet this is right now.

All we can take away from it is there are asteroids or rocks falling and other large

rock formations.

Moving onto the music, there was some background music for the ps4 store page in the file.

I cant play all of the music due to copyright but the 48 second clip is a section of The

Princess Appears track and just as it hits the force theme it plays a note and ends.

This could just be a placeholder, but it does give us even more Original Trilogy vibes.

Now for the text included in the file.

It says Maverick beta which made people assume a beta was coming but the game is far off

a beta and release from what we know, more on that later in the video so this is probably

just generic placeholder text for a pre-release version.

It also lists PSVR is not supported which if true would be a real shame given how amazing

the rogue one scarif VR mission was.

The play together parameter has the number 5 meaning there is multiplayer in some way.

The play together feature is where you can start a game directly from the party screen.

The number 5 means a match can have at least 5 players or 2 teams of 5.

Of course, all of these parameters could change before release and are not final.

Since this leak, it appears to have been removed from the store database.

Moving onto answering yet another question you might have, who is making this game?

It is Motive Montreal who made the Battlefront 2 campaign and resurrection levels and assisted

with the cancelled ragtag game and anthem.

It is possible Mitch Dyer who co-wrote Battlefront 2s story is helping to write this one as

he still works for Motive.

Theyve been working on this game probably since just after battlefront 2 released.

Motive have been very open about making a new Star Wars

game but EA has never revealed any more details.

However, Jason Schreier, a reputable games journalist reported in January 2018 maverick

is a smaller project than Orca, the cancelled scoundrel game and the aim was release maverick

in late 2020, more on the release date in a just few moments.

There were some words used to describe the game on a basic level put out into the media.

The last thing someone from Motive said about this game was back in December 2019.

Patrick Klaus, the general manager stated they are making a very unique Star Wars experience.

Fast forward to a few days before maverick was leaked, Jason revealed a battlefront spin

off at criterion had been cancelled and a smaller, more unusual game is being made at

ea motive montreal, that being project maverick.

This next segment is where the excitement begins to build.

On May 28th the new motive Montreal twitter account tweeted this which instantly raised

some eyebrows.

Jason Schreier quoted this tweet by saying looks like someone is getting ready to

announce a new game and that it is the Star Wars game he is referring to.

EA Play is less than 2 weeks away, makes sense, right?

But it seems like the reveal is coming much sooner.

Jeff Grub of venturebeat stated there is a game being revealed on Tuesday June 2nd and

used Mel Gibson as the tease.

Mel Gibson was in a film called Maverick and replied to Motives tweet with a gif of

Tom Cruise as Maverick.

This suggests Project maverick is being revealed on Tuesday June 2nd.

To add to this, Jeff apparently stated he is 5 out of 10 excited for this game which

means we should keep our expectations in check ahead of its reveal, on June 2nd.

I personally think not a lot will be revealed.

The official name, 2021 as the release year and maybe some details like the era and if

it has a singleplayer campaign are probably all what we will get for now.

There is also another date you might want to keep an eye on.

PlayStation confirmed their PS5 event will be on June 4th and both 1st and 3rd part games

are expected to be shown here.

This is just speculation, but it is possible we see a little more of maverick here ahead

of ea play on June 11th.

Several weeks ago EA Star Wars did tweet out about ea play but so did all ea social media

accounts so that didnt necessarily mean a new star wars game was getting announced

for definite.

Speaking of next gen consoles, it will probably be getting PS5 and Xbox Series X versions

alongside current gen and PC like most games coming out after

the consoles have released.

This means it will probably the best looking star wars game weve seen in terms of graphical


We dont know if it will use Frostbite like battlefront but I think it is highly likely

given that is what Motive used to make Battlefront 2 and anthem.

There is 1 last thing we need to discuss and that is the release time frame.

As I mentioned earlier, the target release year was 2020 back in 2018 but since then

it appears to have been pushed back.

Bespin Bulletin stated their sources said the next ea star wars game releases in 2021

which lines up with what EA said during an earnings call.

EA said the next Star Wars game would release between April 2021 and March 2022 which basically

means November 2021 just like the past Star Wars games.

Despite the fact we have strong indications it will release in 2021, this could all be

wrong, and it gets moved forward but we will just have to

wait a few days to find out.

With that being said, this concludes everything we know about Maverick.

I really hope this game is a good one.

Let me know down in the comments your opinions on anything in this video.

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Thank you very much for watching and check out any of the 2 videos on screen if you missed

them and I shall see you in my next Maverick video, goodbye.

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