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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: how to get rid of dundruff -flaky skin on the scalp -by Dermatologist Dr Liv

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White and Gray flakes on your hairline around your beautiful black dress or Sack

This is something what it's annoying you and you getting it all the time particularly if you're stressed

so you saw it on somebody else and you wanting what it is and what you can do not to get it maybe in the

future if

Dandruff is a topic you're interested in you definitely should stick now with me

So, Hi everybody who everybody who doesn't know me My name is Dr. Liv I'm a board certified dermatologist actually

Everybody is calling me Dr. Liv.....My whole name is Dr Liv Kraemer

Anyhow, I'm sitting beautiful beautiful clinic in the middle of city Zürich Center

And I decided to do another video about a topic you actually asking me a lot about it "Dandruff"

So all those flakes around the skull

Around your beautiful clothes and something what do we want to get rid of and you wanting how does it comes?

So let's maybe go through what is dandruff? We don't really know

Why does it happening exactly, but we know that because of a higher production you remember if you have seen all my other videos about

Blackheads, Whiteheads I like to draw. But today I will not draw

So just let me explain a little bit just briefly. So the surface of the skin also on the scalp is like a cobblestone Wall

You have a great protection from underneath and on top everything all the dead skin cells shredding away. Good production

Everything is shredding away

So sometimes the productions increase and you shredding more cells away and this is happening on the scalp. So and

Nothing happens was just one reason as I always say it is like a Swiss watch

You have a couple of wheels moving before the big hand is moving. So sometimes in life you something gets into

imbalance, so because of stress because of certain reason happening and the family at home at school wherever

So suddenly your imbalance

Switches. So what do I mean with imbalance? So you have a lot of tubulin fungus on your scalp? You never alone

So they love you you love them. But as I said in certain situation in life these imbalance can

Kind of get out of balance so certain

Kind of funguses sometimes some bacteria growing

So in the course of dandruff or in the topic of dandruff, most of the time it is a certain kind of fungus we call

Malassezia furfur

Funny name it is not a dog

It is actually a of fungus which is not on your skin

and it doesn't bother but if the imbalance happening they are over growing and

Because of acts of oil production the more shredding of skin and this fungus, this fungus

Really loves it and grows more. So you're getting more of these flakes

Visible, so they're of course different courses what can kind of getting to this Dandruff

Just very briefly because it might confuse you. Otherwise it is of course and Seborrheic dermatitis

What does it mean..? "Seborro" means kind of Sebum more oil production "Orrh" means?

Floating, it's Latin. So Seborrheic means more

Sebum happening or getting produced and dermatitis is everything what has to do with skin and skin kind of

Imbalances. So so if you have more Oil production, Certain areas typical man, they have it like around them

I kind of the eyebrows between the nose and of course in the hair

So, if this is happening these imbalances

They're getting producing more oil and therefore more specific fungus can grow because the imbalance is happening

Another reason could be also "Eczema"

So if you really have dry skin "Atopic Dermatitis", I don't want to go to this topic or sometimes would also happen

When you get more kind of shredding away of dead skin cells which you see as dandruff is

"Contact Dermatitis"

What is Contact Dermatitis so just imagine something it doesn't like your skin?

Oh your skin doesn't like it for example, but always having contact right all the time

And and finally your skin says no no no, no, no, right and it's producing or they're happening certain pathways

I don't want to get complicated

So suddenly you're developing a kind of a Dermatitis because of a contact of certain ingredients

So make it now easy

for example

You're using too harsh products kind of dyes hair sprays hair gels hair

Always getting in contact with your scalp and suddenly it's starting to kind of getting this imbalance because of this Contact dermatitis

You have also have kind of really have a fungus infection or some "Psoriasis" which can cause this Dandruff but this is really sickness

I don't want to talk about

illnesses, I just want to talk about

Certain light Dandruff on your hair scalp

Which you see as flakes on your ear lightly and also on

Your beautiful gown or beautiful dress.

we call it in a normal way Dandruff

So, what you can do to kind of make this balance happening first of all

Stress Reduction.....So, really try to figure out what is happening in your family and your personal life

Maybe there was a divorce from you from your family

For mom and dad, maybe you had some stress at school or university

So try to really get some exercise done. Calm down try yoga

Try to switch off phones to calm down with all the social media

So this is definitely one kind of cause, which you can reduce by yourself

if you get sick it of course can happen as well in balancing or of course if

It is really cold and dry outside. So heavy winter it can actually push this. So what?

possibilities you have so maybe

think about what not to do first, so don't use this heavy oils right because oils

heavy oils on the scalp and

Heavy kind of maybe like putting something on to make it even one like warm oils or warm kind of towels

this will actually

Give it an environment which these funguses the bacteria will love

So stop doing this wash your hair regularly with certain

Shampoos the ingredients. I will talk later on

Don't stick down to try to kick away don't try to pick away the scales. Please don't because

it even get worse why because all the bacteria around your nails and you kind of getting with the

You are getting the bacteria inside because you hurting your scalp. And then you really might developing a heavy infection, So don't pick.....!

So now let's come to ingredients. You really can look for out there out there

I mean without prescription in grocery stores

Different countries different possibilities. So let's stick with these which are probably available in all countries. There are a couple of ingredients

Let's say four and five of them. So one I can't barley pronounce or that one put it somewhere here

It's called Zinc Pyrithione Right as you know, English is not my mother tongue

So therefore, Excuse me....! if I don't pronounce it, Right...? Right....!

So therefore I put it here somewhere here in the screen, So Zinc Pyrithion Right...What is it...? this ingredient

Actually is

Antifungal,Antibacterial and Antiseptic

So it's kind of coming down the overproduction the imbalance Right...So, used for shampoos

Which have this ingredient then you will probably find if you Google certain things Salicylic acid as an ingredient

So, What is actually Salicylic acid if you remember I was talking this in my Black Heads & White Heads video about acne

So now you wonder why

Acne and Dandruff So, Salicylic acid is removing dead skin cells on top

So, What does it mean...? If you have really heavy scaly things don't pick try to use then the ingredient Salicylic acid

They are available in lower concentration to remove the stickiness in a kind of a shampoo to really get other

Ingredients working better....RIght...? So, this is why Salicylic acid is in most shampoos against Dandruff

Visible another one is Selenium Sulfide.....Right?

So, It is an ingredient used mostly in shampoos free availables or without prescription in a couple of countries

Against Specific Funguses

So, keeping this balance back into shape

So this is what selenium sulfate is as ingredient listed in the dandruff


And for last one it is an ingredient in couple of country prescription in other

Countries available over-the-counter. So in a grocery store it is thing within "Ketoconazole"

So, this ingredients specific against funguses and a low concentration and shampoos you can use but don't use the

Ingredient just like all the time really go to dermatologist and

Speak to him about how to use it properly

If it's real the thing the real thing for you is dandruff not caused by something else

So, try

Summarizing, these three ingredients look for if you go on searching for

Ingredients or shampoos or gels against dandruff knowing while using them

Don't pick because you getting it even worse you even really developing infections

So don't pick wash your hair regularly with one of the ingredients

Try not to use harsh product anyway on your scalp and try to reduce stress

So, I hope this was of interest of you. I hope I helped you

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Oh, by the way recommend it to a friend maybe...........Bye Bye

The Description of how to get rid of dundruff -flaky skin on the scalp -by Dermatologist Dr Liv