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a life stream everyone yes welcome

everyone so today it's Friday happy

Friday everyone it's actually what time

is it now I think it's 9:30 a.m. right

now yes I'm supposed to have a class at

9 a.m. today but I've been sorry guys in

check my schedule that my students at 9


are they are going to have a sort aPWG

they are and they have a kind of

activity outside sylia I don't have

class at 9 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. so that

means to say my next class will be 1

a.m. 1:30 p.m. I go what am I talking


so anyway how's everybody doing yes guys

English teacher in France it's live

again from France but right now gore's

i am here at my husband's for her

because yeah i didn't have breakfast

when I left home so yes I'm here and

having breakfast ok so I hope you guys

could happen I hope you guys gonna enjoy

enjoy watching or we will just be

talking actually just talking guys enjoy

talking everyone there's a woman ok so

yes guys thank you so much for thank I

so yeah I'm here at my husband's bar in

because I did not have I did not have

breakfast so yes I'm having breakfast

here yes

it's very cool today guys oh my gosh

it's freezing I don't know the

temperature I don't know really how much

is the temperature right now but it's

very cool so yeah very cool

I'm using I'm using you guys as my pair

on the camera camera

Mir mirror and camera who is the

beautiful among who is the most

beautiful among all the ladies out there

so yes guys hello hello everyone where

are you everyone so yes guys I think

everybody is still sleeping right now

especially the people in the US I think

the people in the u.s. right now are

still sleeping I'm not sure what time it

is now in the US so yes guys I'm having

my breakfast here in my husband's bar

but I just bought these things from

outside because you know it's too early

my husband is not open yet at this time

so I just invaded his bar for me to stay

here because yeah I'm waiting for him he

is actually having this haircut so yes

guys I'm having this a small scar go

bread it looks like that

the shape is Scargill and I'm also

having a smoke

awesome awesome yes so I've got three

pieces of this and I'm having my hot

choco course hot chocolate always always

I mean when I'm outside but what am I

told of course I always have my milk tea

so how about you guys what they usually

have for your breakfasts when you're at

home and when you're outside are there

any differences if so just let me know

okay you can comment below and tell me

about what you usually have for

breakfast when you're at home and when

you're outside is it different

mm-hmm so yes guys

and know it was there boy are you crazy

that's terrible light off my phone hi

great how are you great

I don't know but I dropped my phone

happy Friday all happy Friday members Oh

what am i doing I always dress up how

are you Mary grace thank you so much for

coming how are you so I'm actually

having my breakfast right now here at my

husband's bar I'm not sure if the camera

is very good it's the quality good Mary

grace it's very annoying you guys

because I was not able to bring my

tripod so yeah it's like that I didn't

uh trying to feel better

Mary grace is trying to do better I'm

actually here right now at my husband's

bar because I don't have class my class

is 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. I didn't know

it was cancelled because they have they

have an outdoor activity yes I don't

know how it is called in English I mean

in fresh they say it's sorta Peter guzik

yeah so I think it's a kind of thing

educational thing so yeah so I just I'm

just here at másmás bar right now yes

I'm having my breakfast yeah

all the feature memory grease I haven't

made the video for question and so sorry

I haven't made because you know that was

not feeling good really and the video

which I uploaded yesterday it was made a

few days ago so for this week I haven't

really made any video yeah so I'm eating

like this smallest particle bread I

don't know and there is reason there is

reasons we'll see I mean there is also

small pasta I mean I'm having my hot

choco choco guys a bunch of merry grease

what are you having for breakfast wait

for a second what's that ah okay okay

thank you so much Mary Grace noodles AHA

oh dude oh yes I love noodles you know

especially in cold weather noodles is

very good I mean hot soup is good yeah

in cold weather

is it breakfast yeah it's breakfast

there I think it's the what time is it

there is it 10:00 a.m. or already

lunchtime there I'm supposed to have

plus 9 to 10 a.m.

does the only class I have in the

morning but what controller because they

went out students go out went out for

certain activity so yeah my next class

is 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. I only have two

classes yeah so this year III's knowing

okay so what he noon there I see

I still already here and I think for the

people in the US right now they're still


so yes guys teacher is trying to feel

better yeah how it's cool down home and

what do you inside but I feel cool my


because the heater is not on

you don't have class today see Mary

Grace teacher a memory grace you don't

have class today this is a this is hot

choco want to have some choco hot choco

I usually have had shock you guys for my

breakfast if I may not give when I'm

outside but when I'm at home I usually

have milk tea my own version of milk tea

so how about you guys do you have

different breakfast when you are at home

and when you're outside or you take the

same breakfast at home and outside

not this one this a cargo the shape is

snail shape and there are some raisins

on top of it I like this one I love the

taste of their reasons

Friday on Saturday and office oh sure

day off that's very good

so Sunday you work on Sunday oh yeah

I've heard in the Middle East they

office week weekdays right and you have

work on weekends mm-hmm oh did I see

fatso TV hello fatso TV it's actually

morning here good morning good evening

to you I think it's afternoon there in

the Philippines right now Sunday and

start not with me oh okay yes thank you

so much for a thumbs up everyone likes

oh TV thank you for coming how are you

my god it's been a long time that's so

TP yes I'm having breakfast right now as

you can see that's not breakfast guys

thank you so much for a thumbs up guys

oh my - wonderful Weaver's 2 million

viewers right now

I've been live for 10 minutes and I've

got 2 million viewers in my dream yes

guys very noisy here I'm alone here I

might I'm actually living at my

husband's bar I mean in my husband's bar

I'm inside yes I'm alone here I'm all

alone huh it's not this the right lyrics

yes ma'am it's been a while I'm good

good how about you ma'am yes I'm good

I'm trying to feel good fatso TV yes

actually guys I don't want to talk about

it but yeah and the way it's normal that

I'm feeling better now but it's still

very painful guys you know you are very

far from your family and yes some some

things happen bad things happen in the

Philippines yeah my breakfast go logging

my rice oh okay well when I was in

Philippines I used to do that but you're

in France it's not common to up rice in

the morning so usually bread and coffee

or tea or hot choco like that yeah so

I'm getting used to they start of my

puzzle cozy paella

sorry it is a moment I couldn't see that

but my Paso car seat bug well duh but we

love my deadly Akuma long rice matter

Yahoo Mogo - ah yes right yes right it's

true rice is really very important you

know I mean and then for us because we

are used to eating rice so yes I also

felt like that before I mean before I

started this kind of lifestyle I mean

this kind of eating eating habit how can

I say

yeah lifestyle when it comes to meal

yeah I used to just always look for rice

for every meal but right now and what

I'm getting used to it I'm getting used

to eating without rice yeah I can't wait

to survive a day without rice just bread

and something for example bread and meat

or bread and I'm something like that or

just pasta like that you know it's

different in our country in Philippines

rice and meat rice with spaghetti rice

forget again rice right mm-hmm that's

the TV what are you doing parts of TV

three Friday thanks that is Friday and

my name is holiday here we don't have

work of course no class on Mondays oh

and then have three day don't work

thank you so much for a thumbs up plus

there I can see your name son and how

can I say well we have a visitor they

going to arrive tonight my my husband's

cousin yeah his cousin and his cousin's

girlfriend so they're coming here

they're gonna stay here for for almost

one week I think five days or a week yes



sorry I didn't see messages hoping you

feel better soon mommy a spot to TV for

sure the Philippines a meal without rice

is not milk honey yes hello radio

silence hello I'm Eric Ries oh my god

thank you so much is Mary Grace a baja a

bug in a llama and phony asawa

hello mum phony I saw her huh

shout out to everyone yes everyone but

2tb are all um many of my friends in the

US are still sleeping right now yeah so

not many people for now maybe only me

no ma it's a strange only me awake

yes guys oh we're shiny man shine amen

good morning are you still sleeping

shine amen shine even is maybe still

sleeping because it certainly I'm not

sure what time you usually wake up shine

Amen yes guys it's very cold air guys

really when I go outside I have to hide

my my my hands in my pocket because it's

very cold

I have my coat with me actually this is

winter coat and I have my scarf it's

very good cause so how are you no mom

how's your white tea I'm good but so TV

did you see any harm there before you

entered my white tea is okay but you

know the challenge guys when you're

worried many times is to get many views

I mean views that means organic views

willing widow Cosima English sees oh my

god is your husband over there come on

Mary Grace oh my god did you wake up or

did you actually tell your husband to

watch oh my God thank you so much my

dear what's the name of your husband

Rochelle Rudel Redell shout out to your

Adele maraming her on specific well my

our mum ha ha that's a TV really

sometimes it's like that fatso TV but

you need to see like 10 to 15 minutes

and you can go out and come back again

and you can check if there is yes it's

like that especially when the stream

just started yeah sometimes it's like

that yes Radel big shout out to you or

Adele Salas is it Greg Palast

or sales maybe it's Alice right this is

actually a Spanish name because my my

family name when I was single was also

was Rosales Oh sounds similar you know

yes yes mocha sama can be oh my god

congratulations congratulations Paula

yes but so TV you cannot see there can

you see the this now can you see that

the dollar sign I'm not sure if I if I

activated it

since Mary Grace can you see dollar sign

below because I'm not sure if I

activated it when I prepared this live

streaming so yes cut to TV when someone

is already monetized you can you can

know because there will be dollar sign

on the right side of the chatroom yes

yes ma'am okay yes so what are you happy

what they usually have for breakfast but

so TV I'm having my hot choco

guys whatever lipstick I don't know what

lipstick to wear you know every time you

put lipstick my lipstick is actually how

can I say I have expensive one and not

this one same one but look still it's it

stays there I mean you know the lipstick

is removed and it sticks on the glass I

mean on the cup as Miria honzik hello

hello good mita hello hello

Oh sis my daughter said okay very good

because I thought I forgot to I forgot

to activate it yes hello Rosie as mere

hostak I actually met you at Joe Moore

it's live streaming right yes big shout

out to Joe Moore and his wife yes as as

mere thank you so much for coming as

mere how are you beautiful oh thank you

so much as mere mostly coffee love mom

but sometimes with Bundy said all

Bundy's that's what I miss in

Philippines I miss Bundy Sal in

Philippines Bundy Sal with Milo or when

I was in Philippines and if I don't have

how can I say when I didn't have rice

for breakfast I used to have Milo and


oh my god funny side or Francis oh my


delicious bread you know thank you so

much for a thumbs up everyone so yes

guys but right now I'm having pasta very

small plus some very small cluster and

hot choco everyone yes let's enjoy a

breakfast everyone so yeah I'm actually

here as my husband's bar right now yeah

I always repeat the same thing oh my god


it sounds you sound like a rubber

repeating things at this all the time

big shout out to your husband Mary

braids shout out to Rudolph Alice is it

record else Alice well I'll set up

non-breakfast New teacher not really is

this usual here is the usual breakfast

you know guys I'm using my phone right

now so what are what is what Bart trust

me and Halsey what do you mean by that

what are correct CCAC is not the same

look at me okay I'm trying to read all

your messages guys hello Christine good

morning oh I think it's afternoon there

in the Philippines right now you're

actually in Philippines like ah so TV

but so TV's also in Philippines guys

guys if you have difficulty making like

you know your intro or editing your

videos actually fatso TV is very good at

that guys if you're interested you can

keep in touch big fatso TV oh it's cool

God is oh my god I'm here inside anyway

that meet your husband it's not on my

Cobb with the nice how good how good

Blunkett is this actually scarfies but

you know this card is worthy look like

blanket you see you see okay the live

streaming is closed everyone

yes good everyone is the kabbalists a

teacher teacher is is having a blanket

right now now scarf anymore but a

blanket hi everyone welcome back to my

live stream hi Christine oh are you

Christine I look ridiculous no yes guys

I'm here at my husband's more I'm having

breakfast and I suddenly feel cold so

that's how let's see how I look like if

I cover my hair huh oh my god this is a

tutorial how to cover him tick hello

everyone welcome to my livestream

hi our pavilion ah art drawing hello

welcome to my livestream idea how are

you are you no just kidding mrs. for fun

okay and that's so serious with that but

I'm seriously feeling cold okay this

guy's each shirt stand on for a while

okay yes everyone loesel ah ha yes hello

Sal aha thank you so much for coming and

welcome our people Vienna is it growing

our Pavillion Acholi yes guys this is

not uh before my livestream because I'm

just here are people you know heart

joking okay thank you so much for a

thumbs up Christine tempest how are you

how are you how are you everyone

so yes guys I have time right now I

don't have plus instead of having class

I am here with you let's you see I

choose you instead of my class

Isis kidding no I don't have class cats

my students they have a TV

I don't really feel perfect yet but at

least I feel better about Yoga is

talking about something yes my my on

guys in Philippines my on dislike my my

mother in Philippines yes she's very

close to me yeah so it's so sad a few

days ago actually posted in my facebook

about prayers for her because she's a

cancer patient yes and sad to know

yesterday she just actually passed

passed away see ya so yesterday I didn't

go live I was feeling terrible really

terrible vice until now I really feel

bad but yeah trying to be okay anyway

I'm pretty sure God has a purpose why

she let my aunt rests early as you know

she has a lot of pain and things like

that so maybe it's it's it's also good

for my auntie to actually rest because

she she was in a lot of pain a lot of


so anyway he's a brave for my soul to be

nothing pain anymore but in happiness

yes how can I say so anyway yeah teacher

is trying to feel better nice

pleaseyou right now

Oh nobody's Sunday message okay

husband has scars here in his bar

yes cards and relics I'll show you


there's a book over there a small table

my good if I touch the

thank you so much everyone for staying

thank you so much hello there nothing

good how are you - nothing good

thank you so much for coming my dear now

that boasts a lot people not many people

today but nothing good because it's

still early my gosh I really feel cold

guys do not eat more everyone thank you

so much for it thumbs up everyone so I

want to try some effects here how does

it work

effects where is that I see some effects

there is effect there are some effects

here and how about bubbles is it good


Wow it's resina let's play with bubbles

guys oh my god

tiny bubbles I'm good and I'm here more

oh thank you so much lunatic you do you

also have beautiful hair right tiny bum

is my stream clear guys I mean is the

quality good just let me know if not

because I'm gonna end the stream guys

teachers me fixed this gun thing teacher

he has guys no it's nothing guys it's

not dirty please just water yes this is

very cold here my god how about you guys

there in your place I'm eating bubbles

oh goodness

sees my butt was really all thank you

and catching bubbles


we got em laughing here inside my

husband's bar and I'm alone

the bubbles guys don't fly even if I

they don't move

you guys are eating pasta pasta and hot


hi chapo tastes like my yo hot choco

Milo all running words huh yes guys it's

freezing here hello my friend how are

you hello enemy team come on Bert hello

I'm good I'm good meter what I want is

that in my life

ina meets on kuma by Omega Y the gold be

neighbor the heater is not on oh my god

shiny men hello hello everyone hello

shiny man how are you I'm using my phone

right now guys so I cannot read all your

muscles everyone I'm late I was busy

working on a new video project all video


oh come on shiny man what is that oh you

didn't you didn't show me any video your

shiny man I wish I could check your

videos is it the math math is is that

your sunshine amen

math is I'm not sure if I pronounced it

correctly my face wonderful videos over

there he has really amazing videos mad

face not easy I can't remember if my

memory serves me right

shiny man I'm actually at my husband's

bar right now as you can see they sofa

green sofa I'm at my husband's bar

because I don't have a class at 9 a.m.

yet I'm supposed to have class 9 a.m. 10

a.m. the morning but I didn't know they

have a salty pedagogy or should we shine

Amen we Allah is some else toxic product

is some salty Peter guzik we so juniper


zuny PACU we j KU a restaurant so go mad

no sweetie over the correct shiny man my

French teacher yes guys oh my gosh how

are you shiny men so I'm having awesome

if you guys want to know what I'm having

for breakfast for breakfast I mean right

now you can actually replay this a

livestream no just kidding guys I'm

having awesome little Cosmo and little

escargot thing how do you call this

shiny man the shape is its cargo I think

it's garbage the name and then there are

some raisins on top of it it scarred by

thing thanks for coming tonight

amen what bu are you working on are you

talking to me I can't see any messages

here mucha oh you're already talking


mmm yes correct

bye bye says my request thank you so

much see you next time have a good day

it's Peugeot we call it paying or is it

a painting or pink or red recent races

or reasoning regime regime we busy with

paint or easy missing by Buddhist in

Phoenix that you see you next time big

shout out to Mary Grace and Rochelle

Salas thank you so much for dropping by

take care and have a wonderful day thank

you so much for dropping by

shiny amen oh my god it's freezing I

hate it I'm having

can you guess I even what I'm having

here in the cup shiny man can you guess

who can guess

no it's not hot anymore

tiny bubbles the end milk no no no shiny

men oh my god you forgot what do I

usually have for breakfast when I'm

outside and when I'm at home you know

that it's different right because when

I'm outside I can't make milk untii I

mean milk tea I can't make it when I'm

outside so what do I have been on oxide

shiny man you know that you know that

everyone right thank you so much

everyone for watching Wow six people

still watching right now thank you so

much all my faces inside a bubble guys

is it clear sign even can you see my

face clearly

Vosloo I'm having fun with filters here

on YouTube guys so yeah it's just the

trial at actually I don't know how it

works I mean yeah it looks good no I

still have headache guys I don't know

maybe because I didn't speak well and I

see I have been crying so yes I just

afford hello good morning I'm good as st

food too many bubbles leave it in just

okay I change it where how can I change

it let me check where where where are we


okay how about this guy's hello everyone

welcome to my livestream this is English

teacher in France how

everybody doing it looks ridiculous no

shiny man do you want to see me like

that you are talking to you are talking

to the teacher I know you don't like

this I have a good news to share with

you all justified what is it come on

share it to me sorry guys wait wait what

is it what what oh you don't like its

walk walk okay

back to normal back to normal how is it

oh I don't know anymore how to do it

okay here it's not good with bubbles

shiny man I think with bubbles is nice

no give it bubbles again okay let me see

the message of the seafood what's your

good news and Louis finally Sunday etc

you know yagi hello thank you for coming

zone etcetera good Leonie how are you

it's very cold here shiny man it's cold

it's cold it's cold

I still have bread in my lips oh my God

look see sure it is the same decent boy

walk walk shiny man huh

bubbles are fine okay I complete my

first 100 says before word guys


let's congressionally exist it would

she's already got the 1k she's already

got the bananas Wow congratulations I'm

happy to hear that says the food so

right now you can start going live

because you have a great channel you

have amazing recipes in your channel you

have great are you know a lot of recipes

a lot of food a lot of fights of things

in your channel I mean food from the

channel it's a possessive

so you need to work on your much time so

to make the watch time you know I'm into

to make you complete your watch time

fast you can actually do it through live

streaming that's before if you go live

I'm gonna be there that's the food so

you should start going live my god I'm

so happy for you so you need to work on

your watch time now Wow very good it's a

good news that's the food

yes Bravo's SP food good job yes guys

that's it food guys

sorry excuse me good as mere horsy what

our sequel what time what time is good

afternoon sequins are shiny men yes

thank you yes that's what you should go

like okay when are you going to start

going like and have you received but I'm

wondering the seafood

have you received the email from whitey

email which has 1000 bananas jumping

have you got that or not yet yes okay so

you can start going live when you're

outside you can go live using your phone

and when you're at home you can go to

live using your laptop or phone so it

doesn't matter you can use any this time

because you are already eligible of

going live using your phone

ah great jog that's before yes it's good

give me any right it's good how about

you kill me any how are you my hot choco

tiny man this is hot choco my heart

chakra is now called choco can you

imagine this few minutes and all of a

sudden my hot choco becomes old choco

can you imagine how cold it is here and

I have uploaded a celebration video and

there is really oh thank you so much

that's the food I'm going to check it

out later

oh my god it's amazing congratulations

once again as they would have been watch

it later okay anyway always watch your

videos thank you so much that's the food

so yes guys they should check out shiny

men you should check out the seafood

system would actually has some amazing

recipes there in her channel oh my gosh

so yes guys how long about midnight Oh

time is very fast 39 minutes now so I

think I still have 20 minutes more yeah

20 minutes more and I'm gonna end the

show no problem you are welcome yes

that's great very I wish just it would I

wish you could actually join me when I

go live this big food I mean when I am

at home I go live

LS at 101 foot travel here it's 1 1 foot

travel here no she's not here because I

think she's still sleeping right now I

think it's still early in in America

right now in the u.s. yes still early so

she's not yet here or maybe she's busy

so zesty food sometimes when I am at

home I go live using strip you're okay

with stream yard you can actually invite

guests to join you in the panel so I

wish you could join me in zesty food how

about that you can join me in the future

or anytime you like when I go live using

stream yard so in that case you can

actually you can actually show to more

people you know you can make more people

know you yes

this people how about that it's it's

what we call collaboration no

collaboration collaboration is one of

the ways to actually grow our channel

sure all that's good okay

so maybe I'm not sure when I can but

anyway you already clicked that

notification bell right so you will know

when I go live and if I use three more

during that time please feel free to

join me okay I will be very glad to see


that's great thank you yes of course I

always do that as a seafood but I think

um every time i unistream yard you are

not there at my live streaming so yeah

you didn't have a chance to join me yes

shiny man what are you doing now are you

still with your how could I say project

for a new video shiny man let me know

about this new video project I think you

really have a channel shining then right

I think it's the math ace or what I'm

actually here at my husband's bar dice

okay let me show you let me show you how

I love you yes the bar is still closed

everyone so I'm here I invaded my

husband's bar

those are my things that were there yeah

because I just came here from work

everyone yes guys this is my husband's

bar over there oh you have a headache

because I have headache turning around

everything is there not the other HTC

not arranged everyone yeah I had that

date guys turning around oh my gosh

because I did not bring my I might right

bye guys I forgot to bring my try by

three eyes like that is like that is

my god I should finish eating nobody's

talking I check the chat room this is

the problem guys when you use your phone

you cannot see the messages unless you

press the screen

you always have to press the string

hello nice to see you you've got a lot

of videos on Congrats

yes he has a lot of videos did you see

that painting shiny men do you like that

painting my husband shows that hello Ron

de la Cruz official teacher mega

shout-out to you now super duper hey I'm

here again yes thank you so much for

coming Ron de la Cruz official actually

guys this is not really my official life

streaming like the usual thing I do at


yeah it's not really so because I'm here

outside guys I just actually came here

from work morning beautiful hi thank you

so much for coming

oh my god big shout up shiny man can you

give a shout-out to rocks Sun drops

annoyed Kawa

yeah rocks I like how I still it oh

she's already in hello a e29 fashion

hello hello good morning how are you how

are you rob sunday like how about

afternoon and yes under a cow actually

guys I'm here at my husband's bar right

now I'm having my breakfast you see I'm

having my hot chocolate and I'm having

this thing already raising yes it's a

escargot there there are some raisins on

it yes yes and I had my small pasta I

still have one here you want some

so I'm having my breakfast guys I just

actually came here from Rick I didn't go

home yet

small plus some question everyone I'm a

quest some key Queen while some Queen

this how small it is guys you see maybe

you can see with my finger the size

like that yeah this is the small one but

there are usually customs are big but

they have small ones as well yeah thank

you so much for coming how are you

Robson wait co-op I actually finished

all your live streaming's York San

Nicola Roxon Akala ko maganda you yes hi

when the absolute all our money ties

hold on this your money says yeah thank

you so much is all because of you I find

I'm glad to catch you this time yes oh

my god who's that I hold a little windy

up the line thank you so much everyone

drink eat and the Wonder hello nice long

hair thank you so much the painting

looks very dumb Street maybe I'm wrong

oh really yeah it looks like but I don't

know yeah maybe read on yeah maybe

weirdo oh my god 18:29 fashion thank you

so much I eat on to my fashion oh my God

thank you so much thank you so much

thank you so much guys the big shoutout

to k-e 29 fashion yes 829 fashion guys

she makes her own design guys of you

know fashion nice long hair ok rabbi now

sorry guys I'm reading all your messages

over hos money ties ok ok 21 thank you

so much you are very welcome rocks on

thank you so much no problem rocks on my

good guys I'm using my phone right now

so I'm having a hard time reading ok yes

easily oh my god you're upset

thank you so much from sign oh my god

and there's a very cute um emoticon oh

my gosh

guys thank you so much everyone

oh my gosh you guys are amazing probably

now library I saw another message well

done thank you so much oh my god ayyy 29


thank you and big shout out to rooks I

know a Kawa thank you so much guys oh my

god you guys are so supportive you know

yes thank you so much and we are happy

that we catch you live yes Ericsson

actually I don't usually go live at this

time because you know I this time is my

time for work yeah it's my time for a

brick but today I used I'm supposed to

have a class at 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

but my my students they have activity

outside so they are outside with their

principal teacher yes their main teacher

so yeah so we don't have English class

today I mean I don't have class with

them today so my next class will be at

1:30 p.m. so yeah so I just felt like oh

I would just go live because I'm not

sure if I can go like tonight I would

like to go live tonight but I'm not so

sure because we have visitors coming

yeah I'm not sure but I'm gonna try

I can't stay I just want I just wanted

to say hello yes 829 it's okay thank you

so much for dropping by I hope you have

a wonderful day ayyyy 29 fashion when

the absolutely okay yeah okay guys

Rindy Absalon guys is from Japan she's a

Filipina in Japan and she also goes live

everyone usually my time it's usually

one p11 am my time I'm not sure what

time it is in Japan what time they

usually go like Luke's and wake up hello

Mary flower in Vietnam just here to stay

so say hi yes thank you so much Mary

florrum but none hello Mary nice to meet

you here oh my god you guys are amazing

everybody's here

not really everybody but I mean many of

you are here other people are still

sleeping especially those people in the

u.s. big shout out to be 9 I mean yes

they all she changed her name shiny men

is not benign

USA anymore it's a compassionate nurse

87 shoutout to you

sada - Marcus rich shout-out to one one

foot travel shoutout to my blog so these

people guys are in the u.s. yes and

shout-out to these foreign family she is

in Norway I think she's at work right

now or she's just at home she's not

feeling well guys I mean it has been two

days now maybe you have seen a shine

amen Ruby's foreign family hasn't gone

live because she did something and she

needs to take a rest yes so it's been

two days I'm not sure today if she can

go live yeah big shot at Ruby's foreign

family we shout out to an American shot

yes an American shot these are my angels

as Jenny made a lira blocks are owed to

you very flower in Vietnam of course

shout-out to you yes guys happy now JH

and the wonderer you have to fill here

the seafood I'm still here is 5:30 a.m.

here in Canada I have to do some morning

stuff oh yeah sexy food no problem

please do it how are you English teacher

in France

well not still not yet perfect Mary

flower but trying to feel better focus

on Mikawa what time they usually go live

in your time my gosh I couldn't remember

because usually you go live when it's

1:00 a.m. in my country and during that

time I'm still awake because I usually

wait for my husband

yeah sorry guys I'm using my phone it's

very hard I need to click the the screen

all the time to check your messages yeah

you're up everything's will soon pass

yes yes I was surprised not to see her

lots of love her be yes she's not

feeling good as she she did something

there something was done okay so yeah

anyway she was told tell you as soon as

she goes like again yes so she needs to

take a rest for maybe some days I don't

know until she feels better but it has

been two days she has been lying down

and taking a rest yes yes yes guy

it's freezing here nice night a 9 a.m.

penis time okay 9:00 a.m. philippine

time guys Roxann boy Kawa goes live

everyone yeah she goes live yeah and

where are we no messages and bill my

cellphone yourself really are they

usually they usually um use your phone

when you go live rooks on mikawa you

don't use your laptop I thought you use

your laptop need to go for my class you

guys have fun and give our host a thumbs

up yeah thank you so much everyone for

your thumbs up have a wonderful day at

work Mary flower in Vietnam thank you so

much for you for dropping by big shout

out to Mary flower in Vietnam guys Mary

floor mat now she is my very good friend

and it's just like a sister

we used to work we used to work in the

same school when I was in Philippines

and she is to me I make my co-teacher of

course she used to be my co-teacher

and but I mean but right now she is in

Vietnam she teaches English there so

yeah yeah guys so we are not together

anymore except this whiting world we are

together yes guy so I actually encourage

her to you know continue with her whitey

thing yeah because she once she actually

stopped with the white tee thing so I

told her no you should enjoy you know

making videos or going live with your

with your whitey your YouTube because

anyway you are in another country so

it's a good memory

whatever you do in another country you

can actually share you know but it

depends on you and luckily I have been

able or I was able to inspire her to

continue you see oh my god it's a nice

feeling everyone when we inspire people

you know for me as a teacher I would

love to teach what I can and I would

love to do what I can do my co-creators

yes guys so yes helping each other

supporting them is very

it's a very good deed right shiny man

shiny man you're still there thank you

so much everyone so yes guys I only have

seven minutes now seven minutes so I

just uh I'm just gonna go live for one

hour so by the way guys let's eat oh my

god my food is gold now but I talk too


shiny man you want some rocks on your

car you want some pasta question

question question look at the bubbles

guys oh my God my nose is inside of my

boobs look at that I need to press the

screen again to see if someone is

writing there yes I need your help

teacher all shiny man what is the help I

only use my phone I can use my husband

stuff oh okay I see I understand oh I

understand work son but anyway with the

food is also good because it's very

clear I mean it depends on the kind of

laptop you use but you know when I go

live with my laptop I I don't really

like it I mean it's good because it's

easy to manipulate or not easy to

navigate but the quality of the camera

is not very good but when you use the

cell phone it's very nice because it's

clear especially if your internet

connection is stable but the

disadvantage is that it's not easy to

actually you know read messages and you

cannot reply to people in case you want

to write something for people you can't

write to be the phone but with the

laptop you can yes so this is the thing

but anyway nothing is perfect you know

nobody's perfect nothing is perfect

what help do you need shiny men come on

let me know a shiny man if I can do that

I need your help teacher so I named it

what is it what is it you're making

video what video are making shine

oh are you telling me that you're gonna

start your live streaming yes dama yes

I'm Brooke Sun really this is a

challenge but it's very clear with a

cell phone really I want to speak

American you want to speak American okay

so when are we gonna start the clash

line aimin yeah shiny man and fan so are

you gonna study at the same time with me

oh you're gonna stun were you gonna

study with a separate schedule or

different schedule shiny man please let

me know when because actually guys shiny

men and funds though they are not

creators guys they are content consumers

and you know when I go live

I usually have a kind of quiz related to

English or some stuffs or I choose for

people who are lucky people yes every

time I go live I mean I will like the

regular life the formal live streaming

when I'm at home so when people are


there are creators I'm gonna watch I'm

gonna give them WH but if they're not

creators they have two choices one is

they can donate the watch our two other

supporters and the other is they have a

chance to have a class with me online

for 30 minutes so they're gonna get 30

minute class online with me I'm an

English English class yes so it's very

funny because faster and shine Amen

didn't expect that some people would

innate to them in order to have English

class with me but yeah congratulations

shiny men and fans oh you're gonna have

class with me so fine so has two

30-minute class two 30-minute classes

and shiny men as well so they means to

say one hour in class but I don't need

one hour

one session it should be 30-minute only

for one session but I've got some that

we each from you as you said though no

no no no shiny men no no no sign amen

no no no shine name it it's not wh okay

it's it's already a 30-minute class so

you've got two 30-minute class that was

given by funds oh one was given by fans

oh and the other who gave the other one

I think it's also fun so once I gave you

two right Chinaman yes I think you're

the one who said that so ah yeah police

give you yeah maybe that police give you

the police give you one and fine so give

you one so you've got two classes you

see Roxanne yeah I find even and fines

though they are very good supporter

Brook son I mean they have been my very

supportive kokoro no naka breakers I

mean content consumers they are organic

organic supporters guys and yeah they

are amazing from the beginning of my

livestreaming journey until now my god

they have been supporting me a lot


you can't imagine how supportive they

are yeah specially shiny men and I think

I saw someone here my god who is that

compassionate nurse 81 a little big

shout out to you see a snake is so much

good morning good morning how are you

yes um actually I had to like this took

was some small ones see how small it is

- and I had three of this three so it

means I only have one left here it means

I finished two of this and I also

finished one for this one but my hot

choco is not hot talk anymore it's cold

shock right now

cold shock or chuckle in French um hot

choco in French they call it chocolate

show show show means hot chocolate


yeah sure cholesterol so usually in

French guys in English we use adjectives

and then noun right for example we say

hot chocolate so hot is adjectives

chocolate is not hot chocolate but in

English I know that's in English but in

French they usually use the noun and

then the adjectives so they say shoe

Beulah shoe it missus a chocolate hot

that is the structure in French tie so

yeah it's complicated isn't it be night

and in USA or compassionate nurse 81 how

are you getting ready done getting ready

aqua not cool okay you are getting ready

for your kids to school no problem

little uncle says Jaco by listen no

problems this thing is so much peni

honey in USA yeah Roxanne toy cow Wow I

almost forgot my breakfast but not

really I almost finished the trip and so

does a lot of the lot does a lot on your

channel talaga one day absence must not

blur your eyes hello Annie have a great

day teacher fine so does a lot on your

channel Toluca one day absence must not

blur your eyes oh yeah yeah I know I

know Panzer is also very supportive you

know you guys are amazing these my

people Roxanne Wakaba and those people

who are new who are new here I have five

amazing supporters david broder shine


fans Oh Dan Fowler and thought police

these five people guys are amazing be

shout out to all of you guys thank you

so much oh my god guys I only have one

time is very fast shiny men I've been

like for one hour now I'm in life for

one hour do you think I should extend I

think I need to end my life streaming

now no oh my god it's really cold guys

it's not hot anymore have to say cold


a hot chocolate is chocolate show called

chocolate in French I see the chocolate

wha the correction even supernova but

you guys my name is from France he's a

French guy and father is from Germany

and sub police is from the US dan Fowler

is also from the US and David Rogers

also from the US so two from the u.s.

one from Germany no three from the US

one from Germany and one from France yes

I saw someone's message there Saku la

fois with the correct school of one we

took a look fun thank you so much

compassionate nurse 87 thank you so much

compassionate nurse a um 87 gym hand

guys is actually the husband of

compassionate nurse 87 shiny men's in

hand is the husband of banana USA she

changed her channel guys compassionate

nurse 87 it was benign honey in USA she

changed her name the name of her channel

for some reasons you know yes guys so

I've been like for one hour and two

minutes now so maybe I should make it

one hour and 10 minutes

what do you think is it good or you want

longer maybe eight minutes more okay yes

8 minutes more because I need to do

something yeah but if you guys want to

stay longer or you want me to stay

longer I can also stay but only maximum

of 1 hour and 30 minutes for today guys



this is a thing like when you eat possum

a lot of yeah I forgot how to say that

chocolate boy

I don't know as to meet you sorry not

answering to you earlier on gh and

wonder has a question to your shiny

Minar to me writes hello shiny men in BS

hello hmm J each and the Wonder a shiny

men is a Content consumer okay yes thank

you so much for coming everyone and I

think was there I forgot the name the

gun manga you know what song we yes yes

yes a lot of how can I say I forgot how

to say in English oh my god I don't know

what to speak English anymore shine amen

are you sure you want to study with me


yes guys when you eat a lot of small you

know small stuffs come off

from Astana eat what some yes so the tip

of my tongue my god what kind of teacher

is that it was teacher cannot speak

English anymore is it possible well it's

possible everyone you know nobody's

perfect look at my nails guys how

disgusting I don't have time relate much

teacher yes guys nobody's perfect you

know even teachers President or whoever

that person is there are times that we

actually forget simple things you know

and we say it's on the tip of my tongue

who can get it who can get it from the

tip of my tongue

can I have the lesson with British

accent please oh my gosh why demon why

do you want me to do that to do that

that oh my god British accent shining

man please don't give me another

challenge Oh shiny man I thought you

want to learn American accent touch my

name it forget about it British accent


we will ask Terry okay Terry a cobra

four five six shout out to you we will

ask Terry to give you a lesson in

British accent okay because Terry is

British he's got a wonderful British

accent Terry Terry has shiny men okay

okay five minutes more guys yeah I'll

just be live for one hour and ten

minutes guys I think okay hi Terry

Terry is having a break from white tea

guys I think he is dressed with white


so he's having a break by the way

Roxanne Cowell what are you doing now

Veronica who was that shiny man you have

no videos yes Z&S wonderer I told you

shiny men is not a crater okay he is

just a Content consumer okay

yes J and H wonder she doesn't she he

know he doesn't create any video he's

not a crater he is a student we just

finished eating dinner oh I see

dinner was the common thing for dinner

in in Japan they also have been told for


I only know bento California Maki my

favorite yes

California Mar California what every

time I go to a restaurant where there is

Japanese food I always eat Alleluia


mmm it's freezing

thank you English teacher in France you

are very welcome JH and the wonder you

are very welcome

happy meals okay I mean mouth should be

rice right rice

Melvyn my baby family hello hello hello

I'm good I only had three minutes left

I'm gonna end the show okay Melda and

amber a baby family how are you hello

friends yes

Melda and Umrah baby family should check

out Roxanne I call Roxanne rukawa she

also goes live she's from Japan the most

happy meal is dinner time really it's

supposed to be lunch time the heavy meal

should be lunch time dinner time all but

I think it's okay because you usually

have dinner early right like 5 p.m. if

my memory serves me right because when I

was in Philippines I used to teach a lot

of Japanese and Korean students and

their dinner is usually at 5 p.m. hi

Tobi me hello thank you for coming guys

Zuba me guys is already monetized

everyone our wonderful friend is here

she'll be made from Spain everyone she's

a Filipina and she is now in Spain she's

also a teacher in Spain sorry the wonder

I don't put my videos on YouTube I am

registered from 2014 I used my channel

for okay wait

I used my channel for commenting and I'm

happy to do it thank you for your


yes he is very happy you know watching

many creators creators content yes he

consumes a lot guys you should know that

right SHINee meant to be big hello my

neighbor from a hot country yes I envy

you to be me it's hot but what about in

Japan right now Rock Sun is it is that

what it cold or hot in Japan I think

it's a it's also autumn season in Japan

right now no I'm wondering if it's

cold or what hello there shiny men how

are you from Jill be me yes looks like

yeah usually a heavy meal should be

lunch time yes

no problem since compassionate nurse

guys compassionate nurse 87 is already

monetized as well yes we've got two

friends here who are monetized

compassionate nurse 81 she's from the US

and she'll be me is from Spain guys but

they are filipinas ok yes

the leaves are so colorful right now yes

Ruxin you can't you can't deny it

very beautiful colors of the leaves and

in fact I have a video the video is a

fall you can Deacon check it out it I

was happy because it gone the views like

the views grow so fast like 1000 every

day but it was only good for six days

after six days it stopped it didn't grow

that much anymore yes it doesn't grow

that much anymore it right now is this

one or three per day like that yeah

it reached it actually reached six

thousand views oh my god you see Annie

you wake up early unless you're on the

west coast

yes Annie wakes up early because I think

she needs to send her her kids to school

shiny men she's in oh I forgot she's in

Ohio right uh Annie she's in Ohio

lashline even if my memory serves me

right yes you know what guys I got

confused with series or different places

one trace store gives hello I think this

is my student who is not welcome welcome

to my live stream oh my god guys because

I'm talking I do realize this already

one hour and 11 minutes guys if you need

to do something it's very ok ok you can

just you can just

ha ha ha just kidding guys if you want

ok because yes I need to extend four

minutes again I need to check the time I

will end my stream exactly 1 hour and 15

minutes of being live ok yes it is 555

am here yes very early in Ohio in

America right compassionate nurse 81 my

god I'm used to calling you benign honey

USA so it doesn't like her previous name

guys so yeah she changed it so anyway 3

minutes more everyone thank you so much

everyone for being here at my live

streaming today just you know Friday we

teacher yes happy Friday TGIF TGIF is

thanks God it's Friday everyone yep this

Friday and I think this is the most

favorite day of most people right am I


correct me if I'm wrong or do you agree

with me that Friday is your favorite day

have a great day beautiful nurse yes

she's actually preparing her your kids

right now shiny men to go to school you

know mom's life even if you don't have

work we need to wake up burning guys do

actually you know prepare stuffs for the

family especially for kids when we have

kids yes

eg ah yes yes big shout-out to you Joe

be made TGIF yes guys oh my god thanks

God is Friday you'll beat me are you

going to school today teacher do you

have an Instagram account yes I have

rocks and Okawa you can check my

pre-recorded videos and my Instagram

account is in the description section ok

or you can also visit my

um my facebook page Kathy's angels and

I'm gonna give you my Instagram account

okay yes or maybe you can send me your

Instagram so I can check you out

your IEG account okay thank you so much

for asking

we're ups I know a cow ah yes I have

Instagram guys but I am only active when

someone sends me a message it's unlike

Facebook I'm always stuck on Facebook

wait Instagram sometimes I will be able

to read messages after after three days

after three days the message has been

sent to me yeah so you see how often I

open my Instagram not really as often as

Facebook yes guys Facebook is like my

face has a shiny man I'm talking

nonsense here okay yes guys one minute

more everyone one minute more okay

teacher yes yes teacher I have class

today this afternoon oh yeah I also have

class I have one more class at 1:30 p.m.

yes guys do I have 30 seconds now so yes

guys thank you so much everyone once

again this is English teacher in France

and if you're new to my channel please

don't forget to subscribe and click that

Bell button below to get more updates

about my channel everyone say yes guys

thank you so much for tuning in and I

hope you guys gonna have a wonderful

Friday and of course I hope to see you

at my next live streaming teacher we

love nonsense and also when you dance oh

dance dance dance dance okay guys thank

you so much so have a wonderful morning

lunch um morning afternoon dinner and of

course enjoy your breakfast lunch dinner

everyone around the world bye bye for

now everyone see you next time bye bye

bye bye