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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bad Guys ERASE Mother's Day! - Bad Guy Class | A Stupendous Drew Pendous Superhero Story

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DEAN MEAN: Oh Momma! If only you knew that your little boy became the dean of Cruel School.

Maybe then you would be proud of me...

BABY DEAN MEAN: Mama, mama! Look at this evil picture I drew!

MOMMA MEAN: Not now! I must figure out a way to ruin this playground!


DEAN MEAN: And that kids is why I will RUIN Mother's Day, if it's the last thing I do!

[bell rings]

DEAN MEAN: Hello villains! Welcome back to Bad Guys Class, where we learn to be the baddest bad guys ever!

Today we're learning how to ruin Mother's Day!

TIMMY: Ooo ooo! We could bake Mother's Day cakes and add extra sprinkles!

And when they bite it, the cake will be really crunchy!

RAINA GLOOM: That's a great idea Timmy...If we wanted to make Mother's Day even better!!!

RAY BLANK: Hmm. Well there's nothing more evil than NO Mother's Day!

What if we erased Mother's Day right off the calendar?

No balloons, no flowers, no cakes, no breakfast in bed!


DEAN MEAN: [evil laugh] Goodbye forever Mother's Day!

RAY: [evil laugh] Let the games begin!

[eraser squeaking]

[eraser squeaking]

SO LONG Mother's Day!

[evil laugh]


DREW PENDOUS: Morning time!! Can't believe today is--hmm.

I could've sworn I was supposed to do something today!

DREW'S MOM: Drew! Bus is almost here!

DREW: On my way Mom!

I wonder what's for breakfast today!

NEWS ANCHOR: Moms across the nation are in protest! They're quitting being moms.

TV MOM: Yeah. My kids haven't thanked me all year for the work I do! You think they even notice?

It's about time they figure out how to do some stuff on their own!

NEWS ANCHOR: It's a Mom Revolution! What does this mean for kids and families everywhere?!

DREW: Crazy stuff, huh Mom? So, uh, what's for breakfast?

DREW'S MOM: Whatever you can find in the cupboards Drewy. Bon appetit!

DREW: No waffles? Or chocolate chip pancakes?

DREW'S MOM: Didn't you hear the news? I'm off duty. Now hurry along.

[bus honking]

DREW: Uh bye Mom.

DREW'S MOM: Bye son! I'll be home late from work so make your own dinner!

DREW: Hey guys.

ELLA: Why so down Drew?

DREW: It's my mom. She's acting different. I think she may be mad at me.

ROBBIE: Yours too? I just thought it was because I didn't clean my room!

NIKKI: I thought it was because I've been doing homework at the dinner table.

ELLA: You get in trouble for that?

DREW: Something doesn't feel right guys.

ELLA: Oh I know! What if we throw our moms a party! Those always make me happy!

DREW: You mean like a birthday, but like a day for moms!

NIKKI: I'm preeetty sure that's what Mother's Day is for!

DREW: That's it! Mother's Day! That should be right around NOW.

ROBBIE: But it's gone!

NIKKI: It's as though Mother's Day was just...

DREW: Erased! There can only be one villain behind erasing Mother's Day: Ray Blank.

Attention moms and dads and kids! Mother's Day is back on!

[crowd cheering]

KIDS: Surprise!!

DREW'S MOM: Aww! You don't know how much this means to us kids!

NIKKI'S MOM: We thought you didn't appreciate us!

NIKKI: Of course we do Mom! You taught me how to be a homework superstar!

And a whole bunch of other stuff! I love you Mom.

NIKKI'S MOM: I love you too!


GRACE CALE: Not so fast.

[vacuum whirling]

[eraser squeaking]


DEAN MEAN: Goodbye forever Mother's Day! [evil laugh]

DREW: Not so fast!


[machine clankity clank]

RAY: Hey wait!

DEAN MEAN: Ah! Put me down!!

DREW: Only if you promise to stop ruining Mother's Day.

DEAN MEAN: What do you like about Mother's Day anyway?

NIKKI: It's the one day a year we get to celebrate moms, and ONLY moms, for all the awesome stuff they do!

DEAN MEAN: Maybe your mom! MY mom never had time for me!

ELLA: I'm sure she was just busy. Here! Let's ask her!


MOMMA MEAN: Hey kiddo! What are you doin hangin upsidedown?

DEAN MEAN: I was trying to ruin Mother's Day for everyone!

Cause I was angry at you for never making time for me!

MOMMA MEAN: Never making time?! I tried kiddo, I wish I could've spent all day with my little bad guy.

But I was so busy being a supervillain!

DEAN MEAN: Really?

MOMMA MEAN: Sure, I was trying to be the best role model I could!

What do you say we bond over some chicken liver, your favorite?


MOMMA MEAN: I like ya a lot son. Now get down from there! Don't want that evilness to go to your head!

DEAN MEAN: You heard my mom! Let me go so I can get to my chicken liver date!

[machine clanking]

Ugh. Slowly!

DREW: Promise you'll leave Mother's Day alone now?

DEAN MEAN: Yeah yeah... But we'll be back with other villain stuff!

DREW: Woohoo! Mother's Day is back on!

NIKKI: Happy Mother's Day!

DREW: Hey guys, comment down below to let us know how much your mom means to you!

ROBBIE: And tell us what you love most about Mother's Day!

DEAN MEAN: [chowing on food]

Oh and subscribe kids. If you know what's good for you!

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