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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Zwiedzamy Hawane!

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Hello! Welcome in Cuba!

It's our first day in Cuba today

actually the second one, because we came yesterday

but today we are going sightseeing the city

we started at

Old Havana

what we can say in the beginning...

First of all it isn't easy to find a bottle of water here

it's even easier to buy a juice than water

we heard from our landlords

that it is quite difficult to find bottled water at the moment

so yep..

it is interesting .. because is really hot here

ok, but it's enough of complaining

time for sightseeing!

there is a fountain in the middle of Plaza Vieja

which presents four dolphins playing together inside the shell

where are those dolphins?

I only see pigeons

Hello my friends!

??? :)

this is my job

I have the best ice cream in Cuba

We have plenty of flavours and really good prices

Don't forget to give a tip

thank you so much and welcome

buy the ice cream for refreshment!

Can you tell us what do you have?

yes, coconut ice cream in the coconut

We are now on Plaza de la Catedral

on the east side

so on my... left side

there is the post office

I would like to show you something special

Still .. you can put letters ...

to this mouth

anyway, my childhood experience based on Tomb Raider game suggest me that I should put my hand inside the mouth

and pull some lever to unlock the acess to a secret treasure

are you really sure about it?

yes, ofcourse

hairstyle done

Are you Sean Paul?

is it.. Sean Paul?


Welcome in the next day!

Karol, how are you doing with your new hairstyle?

really good

the funny fact is that, since Karol has changed hairstyle, he has higher reputation with locals

what means a discount on goods from local vendors


but I still think you look like Sean Paul

Generally, when you are in Havana you have to be very patient

I almost lost it a minute ago


few latino guys were standing around us ... trying to convince us to take a car trip around the city

there always is someone who comes to you

and wants something

or try to convince you to do something

or wants to show you some place

and obviously all those people want money for their service

telling you that is for the milk for their kid

or to buy a chicken for family dinner

I don't want to say that they lie ... but sometimes it's really irritating

what do you think Karol?

... (brain lag)

I would like to show you something interesting

what is this magic card

looks like this

It you wonder what is this for

it's your internet access card

for 1$... actually we bought it for 2$

because they cheated us!


you have 1 hour internet access for 1$

it's valid for 30 days

moreover, you don't have the internet everywhere in Cuba

you have to find a wifi spot

I mean hot spot with the internet access

for example in parks, restaurants, hotels

because internet access is very limited in Cuba

yes, I have the juice made from sugarcane

We are in the jungle with Wiktoria

Do you want to swim?

eeee, no

why not?

because it looks like shit?

If you wonder how our meals look like in Cuba

for example like this one,

we are fruitarians

isn't it Karol?

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