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Want to look cool and still get some decent level of protection?

Then this video is for you.

Welcome to our Best Sneakers 2020 Video, where well be going over a couple of our top

picks for sneakers that will actually offer some protection and still look great!

Weve definitely seen the casual gear riding segment really grow over the years and no

where have we seen this more than in the abundance of motorcycle sneakers weve seen churned

out by Revit, Alpinestars, TCX, and Dainese.

These sneakers are focused on urban riders who are willing to trade a bit of style and

convenience for a little bit of protection since these shoes do come with less protection

compared to your standard motorcycle boot.

Though there are plenty of other shoes in the casual riding category, today weve

stuck with just sneakers since these are still the most popular by far and weve mainly

taken our selection from Dainese and Revit due to their high quality, good protection,

and solid prices and weve chosen a range of styles, features, and prices as well as

some of the shoes are even waterproof.

So today weve chosen the Dainese York, the Revit Taylor, the Dainese Street Darker

Gore-Tex, and the Revit Jefferson sneakers

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First off, weve got the Dainese Street York sneakers, the new version of probably

one of if not the most popular sneakers in this category: the Street Bikers.

These shoes come at a recommended retail price of 140-160 Euros depending on if you go for

the perforated version, the air, or the waterproof version, the D-WP.

Not only are these shoes versatile and extra stylish, but theyre also bringing you CE

Level 2 protection.

For material, these sneakers are made of cow suede to give them a soft feel and a normal

sneaker look.

However, underneath these shoes include a nylon heel cup and rigid ankle inserts, as

well as a reflective panel at the back.

These are shoes that youll have to break in a bit, but once you do theyll be very

comfortable and the main drawback of these shoes is the lack of a hard toe protector.

Next up, weve got the Revit Taylor sneakers.

These stylish sneakers from Revit are a little bit more out there in terms of style, but

this does mean these high tops bring you plenty of protection and ventilation.

These sneakers come in at a recommended retail price of 160 Euros, and are made of a variety

of materials.

The heel, collar, toe, and the area around the shoes laces is made of nubuck leather.

Underneath the leather, you have suede leather along the sides and just behind the toe.

Lastly, holding these different layers together, youve got Dynax mesh for abrasion and tear

resistance and ventilation.

These shoes also include thermoformed cups in the heel and the toe as well as an injected

plastic cup in the ankle to give you more effective protection.

While these shoes have seen some issues with fitment, being narrower in terms of fit, they

do offer plenty of protection and sturdiness.

On the fully waterproof end of the market, weve got the Dainese Street Darker Gore-Tex


These are great shoes and if there were any downfalls or failings you found in the Dainese

York, then these shoes more than make up for it.

Though the Street Darker Gore-Tex are coming at a recommended retail price of about 200

Euros, or about 220 US Dollars, they are meant to be high quality.

The shoe is mainly made of high tenacity polyamide fabric, whichll give you very good abrasion

and tear resistance as well as offering a good level of ventilation.

To keep the water out, these shoes use a Gore-Tex breathable membrane as it says in the name.

For protection, these shoes also do better than most Dainese shoes in this category.

Theyll be coming with a nylon insole, reinforced TPU heel, TPU ankle reinforcement, and rigid

ankle inserts all to bring these shoes up to CE level 2.

These shoes will also run narrower, so it may be a good idea to see if you may need

to go for a half or full size up.

Lastly, we come to the Revit Jeffersons.

These sneakers are new to Revits line for this year and weve already seen them flying

off the shelves.

These shoes are coming in at a great price (about 130 Euros or approximately 145 US Dollars)

and have plenty in terms of protection.

These shoes are mainly made of a mix of nubuck cow leather and artificial leather for abrasion

resistance, while the tongue and cuff are made of washed canvas where things are a little

less exposed.

For protection, these shoes include a thermoformed heel cup and a thermoformed toecap, which

is a medium amount of protection for these types of sneakers.

However, some nice additional features are this shoe is partially perforated for ventilation,

and it comes with an Ortholite insole and an extra pair of laces in a different color

already in the box.

If youd like to purchase any of these sneakers we mentioned today, make sure to head to

where we have a lowest price guarantee.

So, if you find them cheaper anywhere else, let us know and well give you a better


Thats it for our sneaker guide, youve seen a small selection of a variety of styles

and features in these different shoes and by no means is this the end of the line in

terms of casual riding sneakers, since there are simply so many.

Though one thing to pay attention to would be to check the fit since most European companies

like Revit and Dainese tend towards a narrow fit.

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Im Sebastian from Champion Helmets and thanks for watching!

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