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We had already watched the teaser for this clip.

And we will react to her who makes great music!

Dua Lipa!

Dua lipa released another song,

and we are super curious to hear physical!

Lately Dua Lipa has been betting on a more nostalgic phase,

the last song she released,

which we like a lot,

she has an influence from the 70's of disco music.

And we really want to hear about this new production.

Dua Lipa seems to be in a phase

where she is rescuing a lot of ancient influence

And we love it, we love this 70's climate.

But seizing the opportunity

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But let's go to the most important

the most important now is Dua Lipa! Let's go to the reaction!

Wow ... That ...

We really like Dua Lipa

because she is a contemporary artist,

but she has old influences,

and she tries to do something different with those influences

and this is very interesting.

and this is very interesting.

And in the beginning

we noticed a great use of the synthesizer,

very used by groups of the 80s.

- Yes.

There is a lot of air at the end of the notes.

Using this feature makes the note heavier.

-That creates a really cool atmosphere in music, right? -Yes

I liked very much!

She continues to maintain that ancient influence.

And it goes back to the 80s.

We can see by the sound,

a strong influence of Synthwave.

Synthwave is a relatively new style

and back in the 1980s we had Synthpop.

Pop for being popular.

Synthpop was very famous in the 70s and 80s,

especially at a time when the post-punk movement also took place.

It's the New Wave was influenced.

Many artists like Cyndi Lauper, Talking Heads, Billy Idol too

these artists also acquired a lot of New Wave influence.

And in the 80s, this was a very strong segment.

Yes, and in the case of Dua Lipa,

her sound fits a lot in a newer style,


this style has a lot of New Wave influence.

Although this video by Dua Lipa

also contains elements of the New Wave,

because the New Wave movement

was not just about music,

it was a culture that involved futuristic things,

strong and vibrant colors.

So it has a strong influence from the 80's.

And in Dua Lipa's last song,

it also had a retro influence,

but from the 70's, disco music.

And notice

that she uses several different colors,

there are many colors,

but at this moment everything is green.

The mood that the music creates,

when the drums come out of the music

and there is only a sound

that simulates "clapping"


which can also be done by synthesizers.

And listen to the mood that the music creates,

it doesnt lose the vibration,

it remains cheerful and energetic,

but when the battery

is absent and just stays ...


The mood remains contagious.

- she remains agitated.

- Yes, stay agitated.

And the perception for the listener,

when the drums come back

and that the music will have more vigor!

Very cool this production effect.

And the ending really looks cinematic,

something like a movie

and the colors will change

according to what appears on the screen.

This is very interesting,

something that has been happening

in a lot of current clips.

Nowadays they are like small films.

Truth. The cost of production and the high level of production.

But Dua Lipa, always does a great job,

high quality clips

I loved her being in this retro phase,

bringing many elements from the 70s and 80s

and the music is very contagious.

An interesting fact is that in the 80s

there was also a song with the name Physical,

it was from Olivia Newton John

I don't know if there is any reference to this,

because at a certain moment

the choreography itself also recalls the choreographies of the 80's

but I thought it was really cool.

The music video for this song

takes place in a gym,

with people exercising right?

Very popular in the 80s.

Dua lipa brings back memories

and brings great trends from the 80s.

Synthwave makes it possible

for younger people to get to know older things.

for younger people to get to know older things.

And there is a band called A Flock Of Seagulls

this band had a strong new wave influence,

and some elements of Dua Lipa's music

reminded me of this band.

And we cannot forget the vocal melody,

Dua Lipa inserted a lot of dynamics,

and the intercalation using an aereted vocal

was a differential

and gave a dark element to the vocal.

In my opinion that was cool.

But that's our opinion

and now we want your opinion

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