Practice English Speaking&Listening with: REVIEW: PLAY-DOH MEU MALVADO FAVORITO - MASSINHA DOS MINIONS Julia Silva

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Hi guys!

You have requested, and today I´ll do it!

A play doh video!

And today I´ll show you this very cute Minions Play Doh!

Look how cool it is!

You can create your own Minions

I say this at the toy store, and I found it very cool!

Than I bought it!

And today I´ll record this video for you

With my new Minions t-shirt!!!!

Look how cute it is!

I´ll tell you guys a secret...

Most of the people prefer the yellow Minion...

If you do, write it on the comments!

I do prefer the purple minion!

And if you prefer the purple minion, write it down in the comments also

Then you´ll have the same opinion as me! We´re like twins!

I love the purple minions!

It hink it is because they are bad humored

Always angry!

And as you can see here

There are several different kinds of molds

And you can create the minion the way you want

you can also mix the molds

This one is so cute!

the cleaning lady

I want to do it

My dream it to have a dust cleaner like this one

I dont know why, I think it is soo cute

when you pass in your hand, it´s fluffy

at the side of the box, the items that come with this kit

The molds....ah there is one with a cupcake format!

there is a small scissor

there is a banana!!

there are some minions

there is also a roll for you to make your accessories

and....I think this is a banana too...


I´m just like the minions... I love to eat bananas!

look at these little fellows!

how cute is this one!

I´ll tell you one of the minions I like the most

appart from the purple one

There is a yellow minion which is the cutest of all

it´s the baby minion, with it´s little pacifier

bá...bá...bá...I´m a little bit crazy today....

but, let´s come back to this box

Let´s play with this play doh!!

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the frozen play doh.....the poo play doh....

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I´ll show you the box...

You can see the molds, the minions

Here it´s written "despicable me" in english

this was manufactured by play doh

and it comes with 8 pots of play doh

here there is a Minion, and it´s nice because you can also make it´s hair!

the purple minion is purple, but you can do it in several colors

so can also change it´s clothes

you can also invent the colors for your minions!!

a minion from another world!

this part of the box I have already shown to you

and this part I have already shown too

I´m really excited to open it! Now it´s time to open it!

Cool! so many cool stuff!

Look at these!!

here we have four pots of play doh mass

an earthworm of masses

I can´t believe it! Look at this!

The purple minion!


Hey guy, I want some banana! BANANA!

there is another minion here

each one is cuter than the other

this one is the basic format

almost all the minions dress like this one

this one is a little bit different

and this is the purple minion

this is another set of 4 play doh masses

and that´s all...I think there came a lot of things in this box. isnt it?

in this little plastic bag, there are many items

I´ll open it....

needs to open in order to check all items

ops... there is an adhesive tape here....


look at this father minion

this little fellow is angry, isnt it?

beee roooo.....beeeeroooooo....... + 4x


this is a golf player minion

I dont know it´s name

ah...the cleaning lady minion...

"can you give me this dust cleaner?"

the "little girl" minion

this is not the little baby minion, it´s his sister....

this one is......

this is beeeeedooooooo.....

this one... I think it also does beeeeedooooo

this is the firefighter

very nice little scissors

and I just broke it right now.....

but I´ll fix it later

mommy, can you fix it for me?

this is a cup cake mold

cup cake

cup cake

I love cup cakes

This one I think is a fart machine

like the ones the minions like to use

here´s another banana!

a small roll

now I´ll open the pots of mass, for us to begin playing

I´m having a lot of fun already!

This one is also one of my favorites!

I love the smell of this play doh

If you also like it, write it down in the video comments

...smell of new play doh....

this is the black mass

...not so easy to open....

ah...what a great smell...


hard to open

It´s even more difficult to take the mass out of the pot

I´ll take all of them out of the pots

It´s better because it´ll be easier after

little rolls

of play doh

I´ll ask my mom to open this one, meanwhile I´ll open another one

I dont know if I´ll make it

I made it with the others, but this one is tight

another yellow....

it comes with two yellow rolls, because minions are yellow

I´ll make just one roll out of these two...

better not to do it....

here is the white mass to make the eyes

...and teeth...

here it is the green mass

we have five of them up to now.

this is the orange

great smell

now we have six of them

three here and three there

this is the last one to open, the pink one

ah...there is a last one, the blue...

to make their clothes

I think I´ll make a pink minion guys

In fact this is not trully pink, it´s kind of purple

it´s purple to make the purple minion

it looks like pink

let´s organize the little pots

...just dropped them....

As I told you, there are 8 rolls

four, five, six, seven, eight...

I´ll start making this banana

I´ll make this banana´s yellow part, and the black part of it too...

let´s see if it gets nice

let´s just press it...

now I get some black mass

just a little bit of black

now let´s adjust a little bit

let´s remove the excess


here it goes

now I´ll trim all the excess of play doh

with this little scissors

i broke it again

I´ll try with my fingers anyway

let´s see if it got right

I dont believe it

let´s put this part

we´re making this banana....

now I´ll trim some more of the excess

I think it´s great for my first banana!

dont you think so?

I´ll leave it here beside

Does any minion wants banana?

"Me!!!! I want!!!!!"

Guys, this one will look like Frankie...

it´s hair will be blue, black and some white

just in front

it´ll be very funny

It will be green

now I´ll put some teeth on it

it´s not so easy to put the teeth...

but when you practice, it gets easier

look at this minion that I have just finished

this was my first play doh minion, and I think it was not so bad.

this one my mom tryed to make, and I think she didnt get a good result

beacuse this type is make with this kind of stamping mold, and you need to take care...

but as i said, when you practice, you´ll make it alright

guys, this one will be very funny

which color you think I should make it´s clothe?

I´ll make it orange

it will be horrifying

here are some minions i did with my mom

It´s very cool and really funny!

I loved this toy

Now I need to finish this video, but I´ll continue playing

So guys, that´s all

I hope you have enjoyed

please leave your comments, subscribe the channel and give me a "like"

this will help the channel a lot

many monstruous kisses for you all!

and see you in the next video!!!