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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Hindu Vocabulary Volume 4 Lesson 6 English Grammar - Unacademy

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hi guys welcome to today's lesson my

name is Sheena Dee I've been working

with an Academy for a few months now I

teach English grammar on this platform

you guys can follow me on an academy by

downloading the unyk Adam e-learning app

on your phone and place to check out the

youtube channel as well so in today's

lesson just like previous lessons we

will be learning a few words from the

Hinda newspaper along with its meaning

its usage and also synonyms and at the

end of the lesson there is a jumbled

word to make it to make it more

interesting so let's get started hey

guys so this is lesson lesson 6 under

this course which is qualitative Hindu

analysis part 4 so the date of the

newspaper is given right in the first

slide and the different I mean the

difference between the previous course

and this course is that in the previous

course we did the same thing yes we

learned new words from the Hindi

newspaper but we also learned I mean but

we also learnt a proverb at the end of

the lesson but here in every lesson

we're going to see a jumbled word so I

will give you guys the meaning of that

jumbled word in the following lesson

alright so let's get started with

today's set of words

the first one is antlers and lers

antlers so antlers is a noun that means

branched bones of a male deer so so the

horns possessed by the male deer is

called antlers or rather are called

antlers so example without any blood

loss the deer shed their antlers every

year so here you can see the plural form

of deer is deer only it's not beers okay

deer deer so without any blood loss the

deer shed their antlers every year so

only male deer possess the branched

horns which are called antlers so the

second word is and Sue and Sue and two

is a word which means if something

ensues it happens immediately after

another event usually as a result effect

so when something

something in shoes sorry ensues it

happens immediately after not even that

means it follows up another event

usually there is as a result of it means

the first event a result is immediately

followed up by another event so this

process is called ensuing okay since

it's a web you can use it in the tens

form so the synonyms are follow succeed


the example is the outcome or sorry the

outcome of the ensuing battle between

two countries is unpredictable

that means the outcome of the following

battles or the battle with their battles

which are the result of another event

that is happening between two countries

is very unpredictable okay so the

outcome of the ensuing battle between

two countries is unpredictable okay next

one third word is bunting bunting so it

is a noun which means bunting consists

of rows of small colored flags that are

used to decorate streets and buildings

on special occasions so when you so we

see if you know usually reseed the rows

of colored flags different colors flags

like blue yellow red green and all you

know hung up around the streets or near

the poles and all during any festivities

or any occasion for that matter maybe

inauguration maybe some political leader

is arriving or you know the nation

authority or something like that so

those the rows of colored flags are

called bound things okay so example ello

and red bouncing sorry

bunting were hung in the cities

inaugurated bridge the means ello and

red collar buntings were decorated or

the newly inaugurated bridge was

decorated with ello and red mountains

alright so the next word is recuperate

rope cooperate so that's a war began

which means you can use it in the

transform so it means to recover want

health or strength after one has been

or injured so the recovery process is

called a recuperation okay so when you

recover your health or your strength

after you've fallen sick or after you've

been injured so that process is called a

wreck you put sorry recuperate so the

noun form is a recuperation okay so the

synonyms are get better improve so the

example is Paul is recuperating from a

surgery but still needs a lot more rest

the means Paul is still recovering from

the injured I'm sorry surgery but still

requires a lot of rest okay the next

word is myopic my o pick as you know

it's pronounced just the way it is

written my Oh thick so it's an adjective

so you use this adjective to describe

someone who does not realize that their

actions might have negative consequences

so someone who is being very ignorant or

indifferent rather so these people they

do things even without realizing that

their actions might actually have

negative consequences or effects in the

future so they're just basically being

very ignorant so these kind of people

are described as myopic so synonyms are

narrow-minded true sometimes they very

narrow-minded to even think that even

very you know the thinking capacity is

so narrow dumb that they can't even

imagine what the consequences could be

so they end up doing the actions no

matter what okay so example asking for

different opinions is a better way to

come up with a solution

that is broad and not myopic that means

you have to if you are coming up with a

solution and you're working in a team or

individually for that matter you will

have to ask opinions from your dear ones

or the from the from the ones whom you

trust so when you have different

opinions it is better to come up to

arrive at a solution because you have

different ways of thinking so that will

be very broad so your thinking becomes

broader because you have opinions from

many different people and that is not

myopic that means it is not narrow my

that it is not narrow-minded because the

different opinions you are able to

realize the consequences so you're not

being very ignorant and do not being you

know indifferent for the actions that

you're going to commit which might

actually have negative consequences in

the future so my epic is something very

unrealistic not unrealistic very

ignorant and indifferent okay so the the

apt word that would go with myopic is

narrow-minded moving ahead sixth word is

clandestine can distant is an adjective

so something that is hidden or kept

secrets often because it's illegal so

when you hide something because it's

illegal that's called a clandestine

activity so since it's an adjective it

will describe a noun in the sentence

okay so the synonyms are private

underground so since these are

underground business and all are very

illegal you keep it to canvassed an

example there's a record of clandestine

operations in this field which requires

a in-depth I'm sorry which requires

in-depth investigation so there is a

record of clandestine operations that

means is a record of hidden or

underground or secret operations in that

specific field which requires in-depth

investigation that means investigation

that can get to the root of the problem

or root of the cause okay so it means

going in-depth involving or immersing

yourself into it okay so before we start

off with a jumbled word let's see the

pronunciation of all the words in the

beginning from the beginning sorry so

the first one is antlers antlers are the

branched haunts of male Tia and Su is

something that causes I mean something

which is a result of another event and

it occurs immediately and bunting are

the rows of colored flags that are

decorated in the cities due to i mean

for any occasion of festivities

recuperate is to recover once health

after one's been ill or injured myopic

is someone who's really narrow-minded

because they don't realize the

you know negative consequences that

their actions might bring forth so the

next one is clandestine that means

something which is very secretive you

keep it secret F Baker's that is illegal

most of the times it is illegal not

necessarily all the time okay so yes the

word that I suggested in the previous

lesson Wars I and II D are s C so the

hints were noun and synonym was charcoal

so the answer is cinders sin there's C

IND ers cinders so cinders are black

pieces that are left after some things

such as wood or coal has burned away so

if you burn a word after the fire is put

off you can see that black color piece

so we call a charcoal so those black

pieces after wood or charcoal is burnt

or rather are ashes so that's called

cinders okay so example the wind sent

sparks and cinders flying which made the

evening even more mesmerizing so the

wind sent sparks that means the wood was

burning so you can when wind I mean when

there is a breeze you can actually see

the flames flying up high and cinders

here mean ashes

okay so ash is also flat along with the

police so the view made the evening even

more mesmerizing that means even more

attractive captivating alright so the

word that I would suggest for a ho hold

on I've given you the same word sorry

here it is oh sorry

so here it is so the word that I would

suggest is if you arrange this rearrange

the letters you will arrive at a word so

for now it is B C or D s and a so the

hints it's a word and the synonym is to

flee synonym is to flee okay so this is

a very very strong in to get the world

that's it for this thank you so much

free time if you guys have any doubts

please post it on the comments section

I'll see you guys the next lesson bye


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