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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Myths About your Deaf Child

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Lets clear up some myths about your deaf child.

Myth 1. Sign language is not a real language.


Sign language comes in different signing styles.

Sign language is a full language

with its own grammar, syntax, and structure.

Myth 2. Sign language will hinder your deaf childs ability to learn english.


I messed up. The book went missing, so I went to the library to check out--

A foundation in sign language helps your deaf child learn how to read and write.

Myth 3. Sign language will hurt your deaf childs ability to speak.


Im Joey Lucas!


Early exposure to sign language actually supports the learning of speech.

Myth 4. Parents must be fluent in sign language to teach their deaf child sign language.


To help them understand my deaf son.

Parents with their deaf child can learn sign language together.

Myth 5. Sign language is only for deaf people.


Thank you.

It's okay.

As days...

... and nights.

... time you cook.

... wait for your mom.

Anyone can learn sign language.

Plus, you get to learn a new language and

open up your world with millions of other signers!

ASL is awesome!

Learn more about early language acquisition


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Created by Convo.

The Description of Myths About your Deaf Child