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I'm Carol Miller, patient care manager of

Surgical ICU at Johns Hopkins Baby Medical Center.

I've worked here for 20 years and have loved every minute of it.

They invest in their own employees here.

They want to see us grow.

They want, they want to see us stay and grow and, and evolve into something more.

I started working here as a tech while I was in nursing school.

And, just really enjoyed the environment that I worked

in, the people that I worked with although it, it was an academic setting.

Everyone is nice, so that really is important to me and

I was able to form really good relationships with my coworkers.

I actually, I do have a best friend at work and that's important.

The multidisciplinary team effort is extremely important to us.

And we pride ourselves on that everyday.

We round on every patient everyday in the

unit as a group, as a multidisciplinary team.

The nurse presents the patient from the family issues to a hemidynamic

monitoring to, really anything from head to toe that's going on with the patient.

And since the nurse is at the bedside, with the patient, 24 hours a day.

And bedside nurse autonomy to me is what breeds a healthy work environment.

The teaching approach, working in an academic setting.


Is very inviting to a new nurse, experienced nurse, a

nurse that is unfamiliar with a certain diagnosis, has a question.

The team is very open, including

the, the physician, the intensivist, the anesthesiologist.

The patients are diverse.

The patients come in with complex diagnosis,

you're learning every day that you're at work.

Every second that you're at work, and that is a true benefit of an academic setting.

Well I know what other places have to offer and I, I

know for sure what we have to offer and it, it isn't

just funny benefits, it, it's about coming to work and wanting to

come to work and enjoying what you do, enjoying who you work with.

And feeling good at the end of the day and knowing that I

not only cared for sick patients and did the best that I could.

And cared for their family, but I contributed to the whole team.

So, that's, that's what I really like about working here.


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