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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [I Live Alone] 나 혼자 산다-Sung Hun,The Prince Appears20170707

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And in no time, they've arrived at today's fan meeting location.

Certainly, dressed in a neighborhood fashion.

I was really surprised.

He's half conscious as ever.

Where are we?

Traditional ceremony room?

Why in the world are you there?

-Waiting room?

He's in preparation in order to meet his fans.

- You can finally meet them right?

Sunghun the Hallyu star.

With the help of makeup his dull complexion is now as good as new.

Finally my energy is starting to be restored.

Ahhh my pelvis, my waist, my knee, my shoulder.

- Aww ur pretty cute

-You're gurgling right?

This is so manly.

From head to toe.

Handsome man!

A man that came out of a comic.

Personally for me, there is a difference in images of when I'm working and when I'm not working.

There is certainly a difference of preferences.

Because I've been living as an athlete for so long.

I'm used to having a shaved head and workout clothing.

Truthfully even now, I really wanna shave my head.

-Is it because your hair gets annoying?

I hate applying things on my head/hair.

When I'm dressed in my formal attire, have my makeup done, even have my hair done too.

That image of me finally makes me realize, Ahh I'm at work now

Fans from Japan came from across the sea just to meet Sunghun.

Dressed in a kimono.

-What are the age groups of your fans?

Recently the age group of my fans have been getting younger.

-The age of fans now are the younger ones?

-Thirty year olds till 80 year olds

-There are even 80 year old fans ?

Use your walking stick and come.

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