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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The CHEAPEST Family In The World..

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my family and i are so cheap that we are share one type of water a day

We don't have cooties we're never that dirty it just makes this you say, oh my god that is disgusting

Guys infinite today we're gonna be looking at some families who are extremely

Cheap you want to know what else is cheap but high quality

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let's just get right into

The video let's see how cheap these people actually are I'm kind of a cheap person alright I like to save my money

But let's see how bad this can actually get hi

My name is Vicky Smith and I'm an extreme cheapskate here's my husband John he's a butcher

we have ten children live still live at home

I've always just been in cheapskate and the more kids I have the cheaper I've gotten

Well why do you keep having kids Tina wait was her name hi?

My name is Vicky Smith her name is Vicky and Vicky dude how many kids does she have one two three

four I think

Four or five kids do when you get more kids you can't be cheaper alright you can't I'm gonna be spending more all right child

support food for the kids clothes for the kids like schools for the kid it's all expensive okay how about you stop having kids Vicky

and it's pretty

We don't want to go in debt for furniture so

what you see is what we got they have old

School chairs there's just the ladder in the corner there's an office chair like this is like the cheapest living room ever dude

She said she would go into debt if she got furniture I don't think purchasing a couple chairs

Will push you into debt Vicky I I really don't know I mean she honestly can't be too poor because she has five kids you

can't be poor if you have five kids you just can't it's driving everybody crazy because we don't have a phone here we used to

Spend about 120 a month on our phone bill and that's just

if I need to get ahold of somebody I just walk over to the library it's less than a walk away

it got rid of their phone okay Vicky but but

what if there's an emergency what if one of your kids gets really hurting you

ambulance what are you gonna do walk a couple blocks to the

Library and then call the police and walk back no you're not this is stupid

Bones are good for emergencies like you keep telling yourself you're saving a bunch of money a hundred bucks for a phone

Which can be very very useful for a lot of things it's not too?

Much that's not a lot of my Vicky all right god I just don't like this Vicky girl man Vicky just just get a phone

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Okay thanks my children have always weren't

Hand-me-downs but every little girl wants new clothes so Raya is no exception to the rule mom

What do you need?

A 13 year old girl not having clothes

I all know you see your closet though she literally doesn't she has like one dress that looks like it's from the

17th century in a tie-dye shirt that she's wearing right now great great outfits come on Vicky buy your

Freaking kids clothes dude like come on, what do you know Soraya's 13?

she's very self-conscious about making sure she's not different from the rest of the girls

Well she definitely is a little bit different she doesn't have a phone she has a 17th century

Dress and that's about it and she has the cheapest mom in the world so those are three things that make her find it different

from everybody else great job Vicky oh

Okay well I mean honestly she's she's got it right like come on

Vicky get a fricking phone so your daughter doesn't look like a weirdo kind of a savage girl I don't know who this fricking girl

Is like what we back out of my face Missy

What are you wearing Betty what is that dress when'd you get it 300 years ago like seriously though she doesn't look like a normal


year old girl all right like this girl's got like frickin makeup she got eyeliner and everything she's got her hair curls got like a

Nice frickin shirt on like of course your daughter is

Probably gonna get made fun of for these weird habits that you put on to your family like it's just weird Vicky all right

Very rarely give my kids money to go shopping if I were to just give them $20 that takes me totally out of the picture

$20 totally out you're you totally how you're done for you're not gonna be able to pay for your house there's no way you're getting

a phone if you're out of the picture would you will be if you give or your daughter

$20 so there is no way that little Betty is getting $20 no wait seriously

Vicky you you can't be this poor you you just

Five kids you have to spend all that money on shouts poor food clothes all that stuff there's no way that you're poor all right

And she owns her own house like granted she doesn't have furniture or any clothes for her kids but like you can spend

Twenty fricking dollars on your kid to go shopping with her friend and be a normal Rickon girl fur whines

My gramma would wear that's something your mom like thank you, okay

Okay, call but doubt little Suzy what bag dude this girl is so sassy and just like straight to the point so Savage dude

this looks like stuff you would wear and also that my grandma would wear

it's weird that you guys would wear the same thing but I'm not judging you


You are a little Suzy all right stop being so Savage I avoid buying anything new if I can get it used

im cheap uwu

75% off or less this shirt it's only two

Dollars is a lot

to what can you buy with two dollars a candy bar water bottle nowadays like two dollars is not a lot all right don't be

frickin crazy, well let's see 2 4 6 8 10

I don't think so that's too much $10 wait

Wait a moment?

kitty you can buy it like a lunchable with that maybe two Lunchables but like

$10 are you kidding that's not a crazy amount all right we just get your kid some clothes like come on Vicky

So, which is your favorite shirt the yellow one okay, tell you what why don't we get this one okay?

I feel so good when I save money

Mm-hmm and I'm sure your daughter feels so good being

Made fun of for having weird 300 year old looking clothes it's just all about you Vicky isn't it

Looks pretty fresh

My plan for the rabbit roadkill is to make some nice things for my family

So they want some furs right for like a coat, or like a jacket right something they go out and find roadkill

Oh god that is beyond disgust

Absolutely not freakin Vicky can we just all hum at that below freakin Vicky birds are expensive but if you

can find it along the road it can be a lot cheaper

it saves me hundreds of dollars

Yeah that's the dead carcass that just got killed probably about like three minutes ago and you're showing your kids this nice just great great


Wonderful Vicky

No no stop clapping if you were clapping stop it stop it she doesn't deserve a round of applause

Bunny looks pretty fresh

Oh, yeah freshly dead cuz it just got ran over about three minutes ago and your daughter's like


I sit the Easter Bunny you're gonna give your kids nightmares over this kind of stuff do you this is?

Ridiculous I need to have my neighbor's Tammy and Yoshi for dinner we're serving barbecued rabbit and a tossed salad made with

flowers that we've gathered yummy, I love barbecued roadkill and weed from your

backyard the gourmet meal right there

Somebody killed e-string honey

terrible I can't eat it

even their neighbors think they're

absolutely weirdos


Well you can get me maybe it's because you are plus they didn't tell them that it was roadkill well that's it for that

Episode guys, we have one low let's check it out it can't be any worse than that one right

I don't think so my family and I are so cheap that we all share one type of water a day

We don't have cooties we're never that dirty it just makes this to use the same water

Oh god that is so gross you use the same

Bathwater that you clean your dirty self in you use that water with all the dirty stuff from the person before

Are you kidding - this is disgusting

Leah's don't do this save money on water

Electricity we use cold water if the whole family takes a bath my husband will take a bath that I do them Ronnie

So they're forcing their kids to take cold dirty bats

Great family god this is like child abuse it has to be some form of child abuse leak surfing your kids

roadkill like freaking you

waving in dirty old bath water you this is so bad sometimes I actually do want to take my own shower

can't really do much because my parents like to save water

Well don't you just feel bad for Brandon yeah

I do I really do Oh God I'm so glad that my parents aren't weird like that all right everyone just give a round of

Applause for your parents if they're better than this then give a round of applause to your parents because your parents could hundred percent be

Like this and that would be terrible so be thankful for what you get I guess

20 25 gallons pour of us that's a hundred gallons a day

Well first of all take a quick shower then like you don't have to take a bath like who takes

Baths every day that's so weird you take a bath like once every

Year, honest it's probably some


Who take bats like quite frequently but for me I mean I would just take a shower just like a quick shower dome that's not

Even that much well I think you're overthinking this

Susan I don't even remember your name and I'm not going back to see what your name was because I don't care

Little drop of shampoo was enough for a month for four people

God so they are dirty people and they're swimming in their own dirt and that's just great

One sheet well that's gotta feel good

wiping with

Newspaper oats wiping what the Daily News you know that is so bad that cannot be good for you there's no way you're wiping it

all away with newspaper oh my gosh this is

disgusting and then they bathe in their own dirt

They have a poo bag a poo bag oh it probably smells so bad in there oh

That's not, ok, don't do that ever wine

Susan it probably smells like a barn in their bathroom oh

Good for you Oh

Guys, that is all for the video thank you so much for watching till the yet if you

Did make it here this was discussed that's all I gotta say

absolutely Frank discuss but if you are new to the channel and you did enjoy make sure to subscribe

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Whatever and those notifications have you sick but anyways guys, I will see you guys on

video, peace.

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