Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Toast Water

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Hello loyal viewers viewer

ok it's just me clicking the refresh page.

So it's winter. Time to snuggle up by the fire

This is the closest thing to real flames I've got.

keep warm dress sensibly

Lookin' hot in my snuggie. and remember to take your multi-vitamin

to keep those dreaded colds and flu away.

Of course vitamins are no substitute for real living healthy food

So I've got a plan... Now I know a lot of you are sick of my half

baked ideas and cakes This is a banana cake

and pies. Hasn't actually been cooked at all.

But today I'm going to whip you up something from this old fashioned cook book.

Not actually all that bad. But first, an elaborate title sequence.

You know a lot of people say to me "Andy, you're pretty fit, how do you stay in shape?"

And you know what I say to them? SKIP A MEAL FATTY!

Of course, I'm joking. Yes, I keep active, I play sport

but diet is just as important. And as a young creative individual who likes

to express himself I figured I'd make this video to show you

a recipe from my favorite cookbook. That's a lie I've never seen this cookbook

in my life. Oh, that's going to rip my tits off.

But it's old. 1918. So it's bound to be filled with wholesome

nutritious meals for your whole family to enjoy.

This is the only old sorta thing I could find.

You bitch! This isn't coming off. Today we'll be cooking from the Goulburn Cookery

Book compiled by Mrs Forster Rutledge. But, what to cook? Excuse me.

Well, let's take a look at our options. Chowder. Mmmm, chowder two.

No Clear soup?

Pretty sure that's just called water. Ox tail, fish balls. Foam sauce?

Not exactly sure what I would use that for.

No. Ox palate. Sea pie!

Hodge Podge. Boiled sheep's head. Scalloped sheep's head.


They loved their sheep heads. Chicken cream

Chicken shape Giblet pie. What is that?

Pigeon pie. A wet devil. It actually contains four pigeons. No thank

you. Croquettes of Sheep Brains

Oh come on. Rice mould. Ox eyes. That sounds yummy.

Love Balls. Don't even want to know. Chicken Panda, which surprisingly for this

book, doesn't actually contain a panda. But the recipe I'll be making today, Toast

Water, is taken from the invalid and convalescent cookery section of this publication.

That's right, because they don't have enough shit to worry about, they've got to deal with

drinking Toast Water. Let's begin...

Take a slice of stale bread - Oh God! The end crust of a loaf is better.

I'll be using a generic plastic bread So I guess we just wait for this to go stale.

Toast until a nice light brown.

But, do not let it burn BITCH!

Or the toast water will be worthless. Yeah, cause toast water is so....

I didn't think about what I was going to say.

Put into a jug. And pour about a pint and a half of boiling

water over it. Urghhh.


Cover it closely and let it remain until quite cold

Ow! Jesus that's hot! as warm toast water is most disagreeable.

Surely I can just put this in the fridge.

Strain and serve.

So there it is, an old fashioned recipe to

keep the cold and flu away during the winter months.

And the taste....

Shithouse. For the love of baby Jesus-

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