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(munching) I'm came to Giriboy's concert as a guest performer.

It's been a while since I was on stage..

It's gonna be fun!

It's not even my performance

I'm participating as a guest for another artist!

(Finished the hamburger mukbang :) )

From now

I'll be doing a tutorial for 'Any Song' challenge.

Um... first of all, it's simple!

A lot of you were wondering

how you should do the challenge

There's nothing special. You just have to film yourself!

How? Just like how I do. (so easy~~~~)

Or you can do it in your own style

The way of filming is not a matter

(Any Song Challenge Tutorial) (by ZICO, the greatest teacher)

You don't have to film your whole body!

It's okay as long as your upper body is on the screen awkwardly

This is a sort of a...

unique point of the challenge!

Anyway, since most of the moves involve only the upper body,

your lower body don't really need to be filmed

And I recommend to use portrait mode

Let me try then

Cause I've done this quite a number of times,

I'll just finish it at one try

Before I start,

Let me briefly explain to you the moves.

one two one two (x2)

This is where you should put in all of your soul!

(Easy, right?) If your energy is properly delivered at the very beginning,

then everyone will say,

that your Any Song Challenge is successful!

Also, at the beginning,

there's this choreo that you do with your fingers

You can transform it into whatever you want it to be, it's completely up to your interpretation.

For example, poking your cheeks

or pretending to play a piano!

You're free to express it in your own way.

There's no restriction at all!

Up to your preference

I hope you can express yourself in your own, unique manner

(Attempt #1) Let me begin

Gimme a moment, please!

That was too fast :/

This is one of the reasons that makes you retry lol

(Tip) You have to start recording first!

Press the button first,

then you play the song

Or ask one of the people around you,

who just hates dancing!

There's always one person who prefers not to dance lol

You can ask that person to play the music!

(Attempt #2) Let me begin properly!!

This is not good. The beginning part was played as I was speaking

This isn't good. You have to retry in such circumstances

Let's go!!

(Attempt #3)

You saw that just now?!

I missed this one!!! (embarrassed)

Again (laughs)

Cause I've done this quite a number of times,

I'll just finish it at one try

Oh, there's one more point to take note of

The song has a repetition of 4 bars

4 bars with the beats dropping,

and 4 bars without beats,

like this

calm rhythms in 2/4.

The song's composed like that.

In the calm part at the beginning, you should try to not make any facial expression,

as if you're feeling down

Just like how the lyrics go, 'why are you guys so down'

You should have that vibe

After that, at the 'turn your bluetooth on' part,

you go 0 to 10 straight up, like this!!

Got it?

Let me try once more!

(Attempt #4)

(Let us watch him for a moment :) )

(What's recorded in ZICO's phone will be revealed too!)

Done!! (by the fourth attempt)

Any Song Challenge

can be done by anyone.

Challenge yourself right now!!

Let's go!!!

(ZICO getting ready for the performance)

Wow~!!! Woodie Gochild!!

How have you been?


H1GHR Music!

My performance at the concert is over,

I'm going home!

It was good to have performed with Giriboy, cause it's been a while.

It felt extra special,

cause I could see some familiar faces

If musicians around me ask for my help like today,

I won't hesitate even for a single second.

KOZ !!!

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