Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Rome City School District Superintendent's Update on COVID-19

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Greetings everybody. I hope this message today find you

Well amidst this crisis that we're all faced with in dealing with it

Is somewhat sombering to bring you a message from the empty halls of Rome Free Academy. It's sobering to know that it's

already been three weeks since we've had students wandering our halls, but it's also

Somewhat concerning to know that we're not certain when we'll have students back within our facilities

Given that I want to send a huge thank you to all the staff of the Roma City School District the community of Rome who?

Have been volunteering to help each other and everything that people are doing currently

within this crisis to help each other and make sure that people are taken care of and

That essential needs are being met first and foremost and that learning can continue in the best possible way that they can

My first message today is to our students

I want to let you know that on behalf of the entire staff of the Roman city school district. We miss you

Specifically to our seniors who I'm sure at this point in time are starting to get more and more stressed out

Wondering what's gonna happen to the remainder of their senior year as it is a very important marker in any young adults

Growth cycle and please know that as leaders of schools throughout the state

we're doing everything we can to make sure that you have the best possible experience to end your

public education career while maintaining your safety and the safety of others and we are cognizant of the things that

Are on the forefront?

Coming up to the to the table here for our senior class and we're doing everything we can to make sure that we can provide

you with the

The end of a career in Rome that you deserve and also as the springtime hits

It's important to notate our student athletes our student performers for musical groups. Who are

Also missing out on things right now. It's just hard to believe the world. We're in is so different than

Anything we could have predicted so to all of our students

specifically our seniors our

Athletes and our musical performers. We are feeling for you we miss you

We hope to get back to life as normal time before the end of the school year

But at this point in time as you all may know the governor really controls our fate and destiny relative to those things

quick update on the budget vote and the Board of Education elections

If you haven't heard currently right now

They've postponed both the budget vote and the Board of Education elections to June 1st at the earliest

I do not believe that that may be the final date


They've simply postponed that two weeks June 1st is the earliest date in which we may or may not see those things

The governor has released some initial budget projections for school districts throughout the state. However, the guidance that we are receiving

Is that we should not plan on building any form of budget until after May first during the month of April

the Department of Budget has

Reserved the right to reduce school aid even further than already has been done

And it may be counterproductive to try to build a budget without a known state aid number

so, please stay tuned to our social media sites our website and

communications home regarding the budget development

When the budget is developed and ready for public presentation

We will be doing that through our YouTube channel as we have in the past several years the full budget

Presentation will be available via that method

The last thing I just want to update people on the number one question

We keep getting right now is about the school year and wondering if students are coming back to school on April 16th or not

Please keep in mind currently. The governor's order is that schools are closed until April 15th?

So you all are aware. The governor has made it very clear that he will make his decisions in two week increments

So I would imagine that sometime next week

We'll get guidance on whether or not we're actually coming back to school on April 16th

Or if we will be closed for an additional two weeks on a personal note

I do believe that we will be continued to be closed. But however until the governor makes those decisions

We cannot communicate those things to the public and I understand that

Not knowing is one of the biggest stressors that we all have in life

however, at this point in time we are at the mercy of the governor in his decision making

And he's made it clear

he will not do anything other than make announcements in two-week increments as

Much as we would all like to know what's going to happen with the rest of the year. What's going to happen with exams?

What's going to happen with?

Events, what's gonna happen with graduation? Are we coming back or we're not coming back?

Unfortunately, we are not gonna have those answers anytime soon and they will be rolled out by the governor in in spans of two weeks


closing today I

Want to remind everybody that the Rome City School District has built a website

Specifically dedicated to COVID 19 with the resources that you may need the information that you may need to help you through this time

Right now that website is

It's also linked off of our main page on our website

If you need information it is there. I urge you to please stay attuned to our official social media

accounts and our website

In closing I urge you all to continue to be well be safe

I do not think we've seen the worst of this epidemic right now in our community and I expect the coming weeks to be even more

Trying than they already are

Please have empathy for others understanding that families children

our staff are all dealing with this crisis in a different way and while some of us may be quarantined at home and not

Realizing what's going on around us that many of our colleagues our friends

Our families are being affected this in ways that we may not see

That being said again, please continue to be safe be well

And hopefully we'll get through this together sooner than later. Thank you all take care

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