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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Remember Me? | English Vocabulary Exercise

Difficulty: 0

oh I bet that's a table tonight at Carly

cheers for seven oh that's nice we like

it a Carluccio's don't we I'll grab that

string can I help you it's me tell your

friend I'm sorry I don't know you

we've been friends for years we went to

school together remember I'm sorry I

think you have the wrong flat come on

Stern you must remember all the nights

out we had the holidays all the drinking

look remember this this is us it's me

and you that's me I look happy

well yes then that's me

l was this happened to me why am I

wearing a kind

I hate cardigans must cut accomplishment

I don't understand them so scarce okay

stop all the boys are now dying you're

coming with us


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