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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【ゆっくりG漫画】ばれんたいんさん

Difficulty: 0

Caution. Some grotesque.

Valentine and Whiteday.

Hey human? Wait!

I will give you chocolate.


Pick up this chocolate. Give me your appreciate.

Give me whiteday present. Quickly!

Off course. It's White Day soon.

White Day present is marshmallow.

I can fly. Like flying.

Why am I in the sky? What is this dirty stick?

Oh my my forehead! Oh my gooood!

I gave you chocolate! White day!

White day? By the way...

Marshmallows are delicious when baked.

My foot has become mashomalo! Why do you such a thing?!

White day... I wanna Yukkuri...


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