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personal hello okay with you jesus was an alien?

This question bothers many people, not me, because my understanding is another ... but if

dissesse..Jesus then it could be one shape-shifter?

Ie could change shape? THE controversial increase in it?

You probably will not see this subject to be treated in another channel and

for, you see a fanatical approach for religious we should treat it

with the utmost respect and so impartial

the subject is the following: It is a Egyptian manuscript that was deciphered

dating back almost 1200 years counting part of the story of the crucifixion

jesus and never brings information before seen or know why there was

academic debates the reasons which concealed such

information but over video we will have some answers

jesus is a sensational character story passes from generation to

generation the next minute pay close

attention Watch to the end what we will treat

one of the most amazing themes and interesting of humanity and I venture

say you never heard about it

according to the Bible was Jesus canonical betrayed by Judas for money

the deal was the following should judas show his guards who's this

Messiah and wish to be identified they found joins identified

They arrested and began the carnage well what few know is that in 1910

manuscript was found supposedly written by are civilian

Jerusalem or someone who wrote using his name

this manuscript is something interesting but amazing

it tells of the history of crucifixion of Jesus explains why

Judas used a kiss to run his betrayal

see might well have pointed shouted shown far described in

so many possibilities the manuscript brings the reason kissing

It was so that he could identify by that Jesus could change their way

persecutors knew that several forms of jesus because many people

described in different ways sometimes appeared in white clothes

sometimes with colorful sometimes with pale skin or as

young or as old elder, sometimes as blond, sometimes as black. This made

Judas chose whether this gesture, that is, kiss as the best way to

identify it because the disciples They knew what was the way Jesus

It was at that moment but it will be more interesting

the text also talks about Pontius Pilate

According to the manuscript, Pontius Pilate prepared a bountiful table and dined

with Jesus the night before his crucifixion

this dinner would have offered himself son to die in his place

course all this is interesting because it is the first time that we talk about

something of this nature but we know that there are several narratives opus pilates

but none of that would have brought offered his own son to be crucified

in place of Jesus has something even more interesting

this meeting would have happened one day before the crucifixion and when Pilate

offering a son to be crucified and Jesus refused and

consoled ... He said that Pilate is a man worthy of grace because it demonstrated

fidelity But if he wanted could easily

escape while saying his words Pilate watched jesus change shape

after the crucifixion was Pilate to there and looked at jesus

but it was not the same as had sat at his table he was otherwise

registration text clearly answers the it would be a kind of skill

for normal jesus ie change appearance since he was seen in several

places with different color ways But we must take into consideration

some things according to your own translator the

fact that the text has been deciphered not means that events

occurred but some people that time believed in this version

history there are two copies of the manuscript one

It is in the university museum pennsylvania and another in New York

The research used a copy of New York, because the material of Pennsylvania

You are eligible in much of the text the document contains narratives Pôncios

Pilate describing Jesus as their incorporeal this may not explain

its not human origin or perhaps human with psychic powers?

If so the many miracles not would be concrete facts but using

their paranormal abilities and skills would not have any

resemblance to the gods temple Dendera in Egypt for example? On mine

Opinion is more than explained because

censored this information It could be very dangerous cause

irreparable chaos in the world in the course of interpreting

Christianity I'll let the sources for those who want

learn more about translations but me Say what is your opinion

a hug and do not forget online comparte Watch this video to strengthen

our friendship