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a Star Media production

an Eduard Parri film

You all are going to kick the bucket soon

This idea comes all of a sudden.

Youre 26, and you cannot realize what you have been doing all these years.

My friend, for example is 30, and he doesnt care a shit about it.

Hes there, all absorbed in his Matrix, and I am here, in my real world.

Spartaks champion! Who opposes hes mutton!

Thats it.

Get the cigarettes!

I will!

And the lighters!

Nevertheless things are not so bad in my world. Ive got friends to have fun with.

Soul mates. And Ive got a wonderful job, a very interesting one indeed.

I peel off in the daytime, and paste up in the night.

And, of course, put the moves.


Chicks, by the way, like me very much.

So, in general, lifes good.



In fact, I wasnt going to jump down.

WellI think I just wanted to feel some adrenaline in my blood.



But the things are that if you fail to make a choice on your own,


someone else will make it for you.



Hey, mister! Thats no way out.

Believe us!

Its an utterly inefficient method.

About 60% of those who jump down from a bridgeas

a rule struggle to come to the surface.

And they succeed.

But the price of it!

Many get their lower limbs paralyzed as a result of the blow against water.

It isnt enough that they remain alive;

use the wheelchair to the end of their days in addition.

So, if you set your mind to part with your life seriously and for long

Youd better secure yourself against failure.


Well, in such a case

Let us offer you

To have a ride with us!

You might ask me why the hell I got into these clownscar? I dont know.

Perhaps, I yielded to temptation of having a ride on a real Maserati.

WeHow should I explainWe do quite an uncommon thing. We

We alter human biographies. – Yes, we do!

But sometimes, for our own pleasure,

we help young men like you with their lives.

Me?! What makes you think I

Because a woman has abandoned you, you cannot find a decent job,

and your friend is a complete idiot totally lost in his virtual world.

Have you followed me?!

Your situation is quite a typical one.

It is. Sinсe your own biography, Slavik, has failed to develop,

what would you say to our offer to change it into a completely new one?


Based onTHE ORDINATE AXISby Dmitriy Oleynikov

You will never become, say, the guitarist of Red Hot Chili Peppers band

or star inThe Inhabited Island”.

But you can become a relative of any star! Easily!

Any one? Well, I want to become Pamela Andersons husband then!

Oh ! Many men want to!

But irrefutable evidence of your love affairs will be provided beyond all doubts.

With Pamela Anderson or,…

at a special request,.. with Elton John!

Yes. Letters, photos, original evidence!

Well. Joking apart! What do you want to change in your life?

Wellin case

you will never make me a tycoon, then well simplify the task.

I wanna belets saya high profile lawyer!

I dont mean ethnic origin, no. Just a high profile lawyer!

We wouldnt advise that.

Doctors and lawyers need to read lots of books, in their profession, of course.

Therefore wed recommend an economic education.

So, let us continue, dear colleague. Universities: Brainstone, Yale, Harvard?

Im not sureehlet it be that one, with columns.

Aha, Brainstone.

France, Italy, UK


You know Italian?

Neither French nor English too. So what?

A manager of such a rank needs an interpreter.

Yes, of course. Where in Italy, as you say, did you work?

In Pisá!

Youd better stress the first syllable in this word: Písa, of Písa, a Písan

Perhaps, Genoa is better?

Russian Peppers! Good morning, dear millions, itsRussian Peppers

onRussian Radio”. If a stranger visits you in the morning

Theres a parcel for you. Sign your name.

believe us, your morning uninvited guest is the best remedy to wake up.


Good bye.

and Im sure, whatever one you meet in the morning,

whatever things are discovered to youall these will be good signs.

And alls going to be great.

It was a parcel containing my new biography.

And now Ive turned out to be a Scotland crocket champion,

a Brainstone university graduate and a member of the Las Vegas Emperors Club!

Dear Viacheslav, please acquaint yourself with the facts of your new biography.

The biography has been drawn up in strict accord with your personal wishes.

We also took the liberty of sending your CV to the best employment agencies.

P.S. The photos with Pamela and Elton are our special gifts.

Well, I have no least idea of what the old men wrote in my CV,

but in a week already I was invited to embrace a management position

in a very mighty company!

Money is paper for me, Money is freedom for you;

The American Dream is in fashion today. And you strive for this dream

To work like a robot for the paper dream. Youre a middle manager,

You dont workunder”, You workover”…

Attention please! Mr. Viacheslav Nesterov is our new Regional Department Director.

I hope our companys business will swiftly take off.

We have no employee trained in England, so please be understandable to them.


The events started marching very quickly. The new job has its good, as well as bad.

Nerves, a furious pace, strict discipline. Very strict discipline indeed

Thats no good. Thats good now.

Your tool cant keep up, But your boss appreciates you.

Theres no doubt, all need loot…”

On the other hand, one could always have free coffee there,

and the team was charming. Very charming.

Literally in few days I became a totally different person.

The new biography disclosed lots of prospects before me.

And one of them was called Alisa Vitalyevna.

O my God, you all you have is perfect! That skin of yours!

Those lips of yours, and arms and eyes!

O my God, Im going crazy…!”

Ultimately, the old men were right:

even a perfect idiot is able of working as a manager for a profit making organization.

According to the experts, the market of salted snacks in Russia

becomes more and more saturated and consolidated.

The forecast growth of rye rusks only will show

18 per cent for the last six month only;

and I congratulate us on this success!

And whos that?

Regional Department Director. He was graduated from the Brainstone University.

Yes. Thats the meaning of a UK education!

However, the problem of imitation of our rusks in Southern regions

still needs to be investigated!

That was a quick promotion of competitors!

Probably, an unsuccessful experience, for produce of this kind

has never appeared on the market again.



I think there will be no objection if we entrust Viacheslav Nikolayevich

with meeting our Chinese partners next week, eh?

I agree!



Say what you like, but big business is for me!

Self-confidence, being friendly with the colleagues

and irreconcilable with the competitorsthose are the essentials!

You should have started with that! And I warn you:

in case the situation demands my own

outsourcingThen you shall have it!

And one more thingthe main rule of business which says:

an investment properly made repays with big interest!

YouIs something up?

You gave me a flower todayAnd I was thinking a lot,

and even looked through theCosmopolitanfile

Well, you do know these magazines are best friends of the girls

who do not have diamonds

So, in general, you turned out to be

a bit old-fashioned but a very romantic one!

Tell me, Viacheslav Nikolayevich, whats your zodiac sign?



I mean Aquarius!

I want to warn you I dislike being filmed on the camera!

Whats up?! But dont think I dislike cinema!

Its just Im carried away sometimes and look so disheveledThe heel!!

I have a credit card! Its for you.

Wow! Youre so responsible!

Youre a muse! A mystery!

Yes! Life is great!

One would hardly believe that only two weeks ago

I was in such a deepoutsourcing!

Ill go to the little old men tomorrow to thank them for all they did.

Oh, no. Tomorrow the Chinese are coming! Then it will be the day after tomorrow.

Ah, and the ceiling needs to be painted

Russian Peppers! Good morning, dear millions, itsRussian Peppers

onRussian Radio”. If something makes you worry,

ties up your hands and makes you face sad in the morningdont give up!”

Woken up?

You should lock the entrance door, scarecrow.

believe us, alls going to be great! Look around!

Lifes becoming better and brighter with every next moment

Its quite poor here.

disclosing nice surprises kept in store for us

But there are pineapples in the fridge. Here.

Look, guys! Hey! Lads! Comrades!

Squealers are no comrades to us.

Because were belong to the new generation of the Radical Revolution Union!

Not to some liberal riffraff.

Youre Viacheslav Nesterov, arent you?

I am.

A graduate from the Brainstone University Economic School, right?

Are you kidding?! I hardly managed to finish the secondary school!

Just shut up, will you? Whats this?

To the point, youre accused of selling our party nucleus

to the university governing body.

And after that five our members were expelled

and deported to their homeland. Got it?

Look, guys! There must be some mistake!

To my mind the obligations of radical revolutionaries are to stay home,

not to drink the coke with the globalists abroad!

And for thecoke”, bastard, you may answer!

In short, we were ordered to get you to the Committee meeting

where the destiny of your bastard skin will be decided, got it?

Hah! And we thought you would ruffle it out! Ok! Ah!

A good picture!

I never really got what this Radical Revolutionary Union wanted of me,

but I surely disliked their policy.

Whats this? Was it you in Pisa?

Dont say I was too cruel! Big business is not political.

I still had some short time to meet the Chinese. I even managed to have breakfast.

That was a disaster! My only suit was spoiled, and to buy another one

I needed to get my credit card from Alisa. I wonder have the Chinese arrived yet

Watch it, will you?

Its the Accounting Department. Translate it. Its the Administrative Office.

The Chinese!

Its the Planning Department.

- Im Slavik! - Im Lena!

All right!

- Cest charmant, isnt it? - Hi!

Ah! Youve been sought for all around!

- Good afternoon. - Afternoon.

How could you appear here dressed like that?

Alisa Vitalyevna, give me the card please.

What card?

My card!

Viacheslav Nikolayevich, you may take mine if you wish.

No, Masha, thank you, I dont wish. Alisa, the card!

You mean my card?

What for?

What the hell?!



He does! Drink?


He does!

Hi, Slava! Im Ramiz, Lolas brother. Remember Lola?

I know no Lola!

Ah! THAT is the real problem: youve got to know her.


Why so weak? Loosing your consciousness like a femme.

But the talk will be about different thing.

About such small and insensible thing as esteem.

Of course youd wish to understand how this very thing of esteem touches you.

When I got to know that Lolochka is pregnant,

my first intent was to cut you apart!

But I did have esteem

and this is why I called to Grandpa.

Our people say: every child must have a father.


Look, mister!

I didnt want

You didnt want? He didnt want! He didnt want!!

Look here! I mean I didnt want to be impudent!

But I dont know your sister!

Refresh his memory!

You worked for Casanova Gum?

A corporate excursion, filthy sex, cheap hotels

Thats our Lolochka!! – Was it her who told you?!

Alanchik!! Timur!

You thought!!!…

Calm down!

You cur! Saying my sister is a whore? You shall come to ask her hand in a week!

Or you think we are not match for you?

Stupid wogs? Dont understand culture-multure?

Timur, tell him how they call our shashlik in Paris!

Le chachlyk”.

Le chachlyk”, got it? And pray that Lola dont refuse you!

Or what? You cut me down?

No, we cut YOUR off! See? Vah!

Rams balls! Very tasty delicacy!

Very tasty!

Eat it, dear friend.

That was a day indeed! First there were revolutionaries with pineapples,

then a Lola with her brothers and grandfather!

And some of them is pregnant at that! Bull shit!

I wonder whether the Chinese have already left?

Viktor Sergeyevich, I bag my pardon, sir, butehI


Youve disappointed Viktor Sergeyevich badly!

You may come for your documents tomorrow.

I believe theres no need to tell youre fired.

I thought he was so responsible, but he wasnt at all. Do you understand me?

Alisa, wait! You now, I

How dared you come here?

I thought a responsible man appeared in my life! And you!...

I just

A real man has no right to be weak! And even if a task seems impossible,

he clenches his teeth and does it! Because youre a man!

I dont remember who of renown people said this! It seemed to be some woman!…

Hey, mister!

So, in due time I was the best

I say, I was the best.. I used to be the best police operative in the entire region,

do you understand what I am saying? My crime detection percentage was 96 %!

You understand what Im talking about? 96%! Because those bastards

I was and will be hard on those bastards!

Excuse me!

Fuck off you, ass!

Play this please!

Look, got a light? Eh?

Look, let me have a couple of strikes.

No. – Give it to me! Give it!!

All that happened was a bit too much for me.

And even a real Brainstone graduate would have hardly sorted it out.

What do you meannever mind”?!

Are you telling I will be accepted at my job back?

You will be met as a real hero at your office!


Look at this article in your bosss favorite newspaper.

Viacheslav Nesterov, a member of business elite of our city

saves a lady from the robbers.”

You see that? And everyone will understand

that you were late for your work because of a very reasonable excuse.

And what if they check?

They are welcome! The robbers has been arrested,

your explanatory note and the victims statement

has been attached to the case file.

Turn over the page.

Here the author of the article proves in light manner youre a ministers son.

Hows mom?

Gimme 500 bucks.


And dont worry of your gaffers reaction.

Despite his being a picture of health,

all his brains have been washed away with alcohol long ago.

Moreover, your photo has been placed into his personal family album.

Wellall these albums turn to bad for me lately!

Youve been installed yourselves on all these pictures

They will surely advance no claim!

Not all the pictures you see are the product of installation.

As for your wedding, it will be cancelled.

Heres the real seducer of Lolita Bengalia.

Mikhail Perelman. A professional gambler.

Three months ago he bought a tourist voucher and left for Italy

where he met a charming, seductive, lonely

and love longing lady.

It feels like the gambler himself yearns for love pretty much.

The tape with the evidence has already been delivered to the interested party.

And as for the radical revolutionaries

Thank you. I seem to have already sorted out things with them, havent I?

Coming home from his office on Friday, the thirteenth day of this month,

Viacheslav Nesterov heard Ms. N crying…”

Let me go! Let me go!! Help!!!

and without a moments hesitation he rushed to defend the lady from the armed robbers,

having applied some self-defense tricks.

As a result of the fight the robbers were stopped and the brave young man

O Jesus!!

was brought to the hospital with light cerebral contusion.”


Wait a minute! Attention please!

From this day on, Viacheslav Nikolayevich is appointed First Deputy CEO.

And who do I become then?

Thats for you!

Yes! The old men did well about the job.

The only thing remained is to find out about my wedding.

Hallo! Ramiz? Hi, brother. Received the tape?

Yes, Slavik. I already know it! I see it!


Forgive us the mistake!

May I, Viacheslav Nikolayevich? I

Give me the tray!

Viacheslav Nikolayevich, have it please. Ill bring you more!

Thank you.

Silly thing! Why didnt you tell at once were a hero? Spiderman!

Get out!

Get YOU out, bitch!

Its tasty

For all that, Alisa was the most promising employee in our company.

She was able not only to admit her mistakes, but to either correct them.

Tonight were guests at the party dedicated to businessman Viacheslav Nesterov,

the star of this season.

Could you tell a few words about your deputy?

Hes the best!

Hes an irreproachable worker!

Such an elegant man he is! Hes like Brad Pitt

and Eduard Ivanovich from Publicity Department.

Hes dandy!

Security Service has no reasons for complaint!

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna

I wanna live damned great lifewith plenty of loot in a big mansion!

I wanna live in the spot unlike Europe! Europe? Piss it off!

All will be damned great! Its going to be damned great, sure!

Great changes are at hand.

I know it for sureIts going to be damned great!

I wanna giving big heaps of flowers, I wanna home slippers with turned-up toes,

I wanna all, everything, and every girl at once,

I wanna get in the window of a sanitary ware shop and dump a loan in a WC pan!

Respect Nesterov! The stars thrilled!

And the main thingits going to be yours!

I envy your generation! Your biography is amazing!

Youve traveled the entire world already!

And youve already distinguished yourself here either. And my generation

You know, Ive been dreaming of living somewhere, say, in Italy, since I was a child.

In Pisa! And now I have all opportunities, but, nevertheless,

still scare of something preferring a bird in the hand!

Viktor Sergeyevich, youve assured yourself

that your life is finished and hence lost your heart.

You must every day say to yourself: I live in now!

I live in now?

I live for myself!

I live for myself?

And those who disagreelet them go

Where to?


A man has once to risk everything he has!

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna…”

Ladies and gentleman! Your bets please!

No more bets!

To risk everything one has” – a brilliant idea came to my mind!

And today I was extremely lucky as a member of the Las Vegas Emperors Club.

Alisa, how old are you?

Im 21.

Its 25.

And is smoking allowed here?

Baby, we are allowed to do all!

Not all!

25 red wins!


We win! Did you see that?! Did you?! Money!!

Were rich!!! Did you see we win?!!!

Hi, Slavik!


Ive got bad news for you!

You do? – I do.

This bastard, this cur, this Mikhail Perelman

who dishonored our little bird, he died!


Perhaps he had a weak heart.

Yes, a weak heart. – Its pity, of course.

But I wouldnt have been Ramiz of Athos

if I had brought bad news only to my friend.

But theres good news either!

Take a seat, or youll fall down!

Lolochka gave her consent!

What to?

To you!

WellA weak heart.

Why me?

Do you really want me to go to Pisa to catch an Italian there?

Did you see those Italians? Did you? Theyre small, swarthy, ugly!

Slow, monotonous, they cannot talk at allreal wogs!


No! Grandpa said let it be you

I dont want to!! Dont you do!!...

Come here, my dear, Ill congratulate you as a kin! Come on!

Come on! Good boy, Slava, good boy! Come on!

Whats this? What are you doing?

WellAnd break off with the prostitutes. Youre an adult man, almost married!

The wedding is in a week, so prepare the bride price.


Alisa! Alisa!! Wait!! That was a joke!


Alisa dont go! Alisa!! Alisa!

Go to hell!!

Wait, dont go, Ill explain you all!

Hey, mister! Mister!

Failed to catch?


To the point! Look here, con!

Theres a man in the city called Sasha Frigate, heard of him?

He had a gal as his accountant that filched 150 grand from his till and took off.

The guys did catch her, but all of a sudden another guy,

young businessmanViacheslav Nesterov was passing by and heard the victim cry

and without a moments hesitation he rushed to defend

the lady from the armed robbers

O Jesus!

The criminal money! Must be paid back!

So, 150 for the gal, 100 to each of us, with Frigate of course

And moral damage

Yes, and half a grand for moral damage! In total its


Exactly! Good boy!



I dont have such big money!

Here we go! – As usual!

What are you doing?!! Hold on!! I remembered!

Ive got the money! Ive got the money!

Thats another piece of cake! Frigate told you have three days.

I think the conditions are quite humane!

Why were you burying me?

And you wanted to have an iron solder stuck in your ass?

Theres no power supply here to plug it on!

Thats it, Borman, lets get out of here!

Lets. Its already about dinner time.

You will be rescued in the morning. Batman!

Where are you going?! Hey!!!

I was lucky to survive it.

I would never think a good man can be met in such a megalopolis as ours.

You know, Pilgrim, your disguise is perfect, but weve found your trace nevertheless.

Yes, a woman is a real curse for a professional!

Im authorized to make a proposal to you.

If you mean marriage, Im already engaged.

I appreciate your humor. This is an offer to bury your partner Janus.

For money. You may tell whatever sum, within reasonable limits, of course.

I appreciate what you did. But, honestly, I dont know who youre talking about.

Oh, come on, Pilgrim! Come on! Cast away this false sense of professional solidarity.

You cannot be unaware that Janus is double, if not triple, agent.

And take into account the fact that intelligent agencies of other,

less developed, countries would hardly even started bargaining.

They would have just kidnapped and tortured you.

And you?

We the British profoundly hate any mindless violence!

So, Pilgrim, either you bury Janus for one million pounds sterling, or

All right, let it be two.

Two is too much. Weve got budget limits.


Otherwise we will have to terminate you as his direct accomplice.


Nobody says you are to participate personally.

The photo and the address will be sufficient for us.

So, what do I have for now? Some guys are insistent to get me married;

my sex has gone away in the limo,

and I have three days to fetch half a million bucks to some Frigate.

Ah yes, and the British IntelligenceQuite a lot of questions.

And I seem to know ones to be asked

Why panicking? Health is the main thing in life, my dear.

My colleague and I see all the rest as unessential!

Yes. Strictly speaking, wedding is the only problem we have.

As for this spy asking you to bury another spy, you may well refuse.

Tell him making this mean step is against your

honor of a professional intelligence agent!

And Frigate?

Should I either tell him paying to gangsters is against

my honor of a professional intelligence agent?

No. You needto payto Frigate!


Yes, you do. You have money, you won 500 000 in the casino, havent you?

I dont understand, youHave you the money?

I have!

But theyre kept not in my place. Look here!

I wonder why is it that it is YOU who create problems

and the money to be paid off should be MINE?


Yes, mine!

You wouldnt have been able to make even the first bet

if you hadnt had our Emperor Club card!


And, yesregarding your marriage:

have you preserved that sweet photo with Elton John?

Have you?

And how does it come in all this?

I think once this photo is shown to respected Ramiz,

there will be no further questions!

However the facts remains that after each my visit to old men

I advanced in my career higher and higher.

CEO took his vacation and it was me who started executing his duties.

But this didnt add to solving my problems!

I dont ride with the guys like you! Hallo?!

Hallo?! Ouch! Viacheslav Nikolayevich

Alisa Vitalyevna, I need the money.

What money?

Those 500 thousand I won in the casino.

I beg my pardon; you meanwe won in the casino”?

Alisa Vitalyevna, are you stupid?!! Ive got problems!!!


Our shares went down by 10% in Udmurtia!!

Dont you shout. Your money is safe.

Theyre at my place; you can take it right now if you wish.


Im no stupid!

Alisa! Alisa, baby!...

Look, send these contracts, will you?

YOU send them!

Yes, Ramiz!

Ah, Euclidie, my sweet! Grandpa!

Our people say it right: a husband is the head,

and his wife is the neck! Do you agree?

Dear friends! Our people say

every baby must have the father!

Words of gold! Thats true! Precisely!

So, let us drink to the young couple!

To the young couple! To the young couple!!

People say one cannot escape from his fate; but one can always try to flee away!

What if I take half a million, Alisa and

Alisie! A yacht, a sea, tomorrow

Just you and me! Will you go with me?

The money is in the stove, and give the flowers to some brunette!

Get out of here, Spiderman!

I just couldnt leave without a word.

I had to settle some formalities. And Alisa didnt mind either

Daddy, Daddy, wake up!


And itsRussian PeppersonRussian Radioagain!

Its not so important who you woke up beside;

the important thing is that you did wake up! Alls going to be great!”

Maybe, really I should go and marry her?!

When all this mess comes to normal?


You may go!

Then I go.

Well! That was great! One problem less

for some scant half a million bucks!

So, Batman!...

Hi, Slava!

Im Sasha Frigate.

Tell me what I am.


Meaningdescribe me.

A perfect physical shape despite

your left kicks a bit weak.

Hear that? He says my lefts a bit weak.

But I wanted to hear something different. Tell me, do I look like a fool?

- No. You dont at all. - No?!

I dont, really? Then why the hell have you brought me so many papers?

What papers?


What papers, you say?! These papers! Why?!

Do you hold the gangsters for gulls?

Chill out, Borman! Say, how much does he still owe?

How much?

Forty five.

Forty five.

Forty five. Yes. And the total, with disrespect, will be sixty.

And how much time does he have left?

- How much? - A day and a half, as far as I remember

A day and a half.

So, Viacheslav, will you be able to pay me back 60 grand in a day and a half?

Ill try!

A wrong answer. It should beyesorno”?


Thats the right answer. Good boy. Adolf!

Eny meeny macaraca, rare eye pacaracaNo, thats a wrong one.

Leader touches clenched fists with others saying:

One potato, two potato three potato four, Five potato six potato seven potato

And then I remembered

I used to be the best police operative in the entire region

where I saw Sasha Frigate. And who he really was.


- Aleksandr! - Yes!

Wait a minute; I need to talk to you.

Lets talk.

You see

We have a common secret, you and me.

What secret?

I know you were a police operative before, and now youre a gangster.


All dance! I say all!

Look, Borman, he says my left is weak.

Its for the purpose of safety!

If I was to die tomorrow,

I at least knew who I should be grateful for that to.

Viacheslav Nikolayevich! There are visitors waiting for you. For quite long.

And there are cream pastries either

What is this! What is this!!! Eh?

How can you be so ungrateful?! I did it for you!

For me?!! Easy! Thats all right!!

Of course for you!! I knew you were going to be disappointed...

after you would get to know I had spent 45 thousand


You just calm down!

If you knew what Ive spent them for

Thats ok! Thats ok!

Lets go, and youll see with your own eyes what I have spent them for.

Ill show you what Ive spent them for! Go and see what Ive spent them for!

Where is my money??!!!

There! The car!


My beauty! See there, the red one; it looks like a ladybird!

And, generally, I bought it to match your necktie.

And the main thing is that its a must for every modern girl. Yes!

Apparently, Alisa and I were never to be together.

Tomorrow she would enjoy driving her car matching my necktie,

and I being driven in a catafalque.

The last thing remained for me was to risk all I had!

But I wasnt lucky to find out whether I won or not.

I admit your courage makes me surprised.

My men are waiting for him in his place the whole night long, and hes not in.

And we start thinking our hero has left our country.

So, we are waiting for your story?

About what?

Well, obviously, of your method of robbing defenseless casinos.

How can I rob defenseless casinos

if I have never taken the cards in my hands?I was playing on the roulette!

- On the roulette!? - On the roulette!

On the roulette? Look here. Its a magnet, Viacheslav!

Your partner has already made full confession.

They in the Las Vegas Emperor Club office informed me of lots of interesting facts!

What facts?

What facts? For instance of how your partner and you

did over 80 casinos all around Europe!

Yes! And the scheme is very simple! He gets a dealer job in one,

then you as a visitor keen of gambling come andbang!


The casino gets empty for 40-50 grand, see?

And what about my second accomplice? Has he confessed too?

He would surely have confessed, but after meeting hot Caucasian guys

Misha Perelman got unable to talk!

Its the one who was in Pisa, right?


Your hand! You know, youre a very talented actor!

And absolutely merciless son of a bitch! Hands like these are real capital!

I would have left them for youjust for love of the game

if it hadnt been for onebut”! Youve robbed my casino

for entire 500 grand, not some 40!

Ill pay back!

Of course you will, but for a start

Betty Botter had some butter, "But," she said, "this butter's bitter.

If I bake this bitter butter, it would make my batter bitter.

But a bit of better butter THAT would make my batter better."

So she bought a bit of butter, better than her bitter butter,

and she baked it in her batter, and the batter was not bitter.

So 'twas better Betty Botter bought a bit of better bu

What are you doing here? This room is for the staff only!

I wont take much of your time!

I did like this British agent! We might even make friends,

if I were not supposed to bury some Janus to him.

Thank you.

And one more thing! I wouldnt advise you to get in touch with your supervisors

from the external intelligence! You will be terminated in either case.

By CIA or Mossad, if not by us.

Allāhu Akbar! That is,… I meanAlleluia!

Hey you!? Would you treat me better?!

By your escaping youve greatly disappointed Grandpa!

I warned what we would do to you if you should disappoint Grandpa, didnt I?

Im being late for my work!

Silence! Lolochka, this little bird,

was begging me whole night long standing on her knees not to cut your apart!

Im sorry!

Viacheslav Nikolayevich!

Theres a shareholdermeeting in the conference hall.

They have been waiting for you for 40 minutes already.

There are documents and Alisa Vitalyevnas resignation waiting

for you signature on your table. And a registered letter from Italy for you!

Its on the table too.

It was the CEOs hand. And suddenly a wild hope rose in my heart

that hed sent something good to me. For instance a 500 dollar bill!

Or, which would be better, a ticket to Mars!

Dear Viacheslav, Im in a very remote place now,

but I still remember our talk back there in the toilet.

With no exaggeration it turned upside down my whole life!

For years I had been dreaming to quit my job and, with some money about me,

set out on traveling the world. But God sent you to our company,

and the things changed! You taught me not to be afraid of every trifle

and pay attention to other peoples opinions.

Thanks to your father minister we managed to get a loan.

I will omit the scheme of how I could steal it and transfer the funds abroad

thats a piece of cake for such an expert as you are. No doubt,

you with all your connections will surely get out of that.

But my advice is that you flee as soon as you can!

Your friend Viktor Sergeyevich.

Working? There are those guysthe SWATthey came for you!

Dont shoot! Weve got important documents here!

And the palmsAfrican ones

I give up! Buzz off!

I seemed to have become a real star!

And tomorrow my mug will be placed on all wanted leaflets around the city!

And I simply couldnt have been ungrateful to those who made me so popular!

Viacheslav? What a surprise!

Ive got the only question to ask you: WHY?!

We felt pity about you.

You set your mind to commit suicide after so poky

so purposeless, so plain routine life! But due to us,

all this shame is behind. Now you will die as

now you will

Now you will die as a real man!

These incomprehensible old men, these tricksters orwhatever they be

Yes, they were right about many things. About my poky life,

about my want of new experiencesBut they failed to take into account the main thing!

I wasnt going to jump down from that bridge.

Thank you, amigo!

Welcome to the real world, brother!

Than I had to eventually let him have access to the internet

to search for some info through! As Morpheus says,

a lot of fascinating things may be found there about friends

and not only about friends!

Hi guys! Catch the grenade!

A police lieutenant colonel! A cop, is he?

The guys were disappointed very much to get to know the real Sasha Frigates biography!

And Ramiz was either not very happy when he got to know of my friendship with Elton.

Eh, and do you happen to have someehhows thateh...

a heterosexual

thats right. Such kind friend.

I did have such a friend. Right the one they looked for!

Bon giorno, genatsvale!

I dont understand Italian!

Never mind! Lolochka will teach you!

This is why Janus appears to be so elusive!

And his photofit pictures are always so different!

Thats a serious failure of the Analysis Department.

Not so fast. I beg my pardon, but I have to first check

whether the object is at the address you mentioned.

And dont try to extract money on your own.

The car is equipped with a self-destruction unit.

Thus, step by step, with confidence, I was building up my new biography.

The only thing remained was to wait until my British friend

would settle accounts with agent Janus

by the way, the old men perfectly fitted this role.

To get a million pounds for that and start a new life!


Like little children, my word!

Isnt it enough, eh? Im fed up with your stuff!

This idea comes all of a sudden. Youre 26,

and you cannot realize what you have been doing all these years.

Wait! Hey you!

Wait! Dont jump down! You need not to jump down!

Hold on!

Dont jump! Dont do that!

- Slavik! - Lena!

Hi there!

Lifes a deceptive thing!

And when it seems to you the things are going to finish the next moment,

dont believe this feeling. Its nothing but a new start!

Can you imagine, Ive almost drowned struggling to hang on by my eye-teeth,

all wet get to the beach and see a silhouette there on the bridge!

And I stand there without even noticing whats going on around me!

And I even couldnt suspect that was you, see?

I stood thereand thats itI scared and therebang!

I didnt even want to jump. Im afraid of heights!

And I start shouting: “Wait!” Im afraid of heights too!

And you know

You know, and idea came to my mind like this!

When you read a book, for instance, you turn a page with your forefinger,

and the electrons inside it move and collide faster,

they heat up and at last theres a bang!


And the whole universe finishes its existence!

Its so moving!

Each time you feel moved right on this same place.

Why? The plot was developed quite dynamic with the guy

It was! But we did have some problems with the girl!

WellWe should do something simpler the next time.

All those bridges, bungeesThey may break their neck one day

But, dear colleague, it did work out, didnt it? The puzzle came together!

It has!

So what next, dear colleague?

What next?

So, whos next?

Over there!

Thats right!

Morpheus returned to the physical world

New bio: a pop star

Sasha Frigate was lucky to escape his accomplices.

New bio: a florist

Vitiok and Borman filled Frigates shoes

New bios: to start in four years of high-security sentence

A circus!

Like in a movie!

Viktor Sergeyevich and Lola live now in Pisa

New bios: a happy newly married couple

Agent Michael could never accomplish the task of Her Majesty

New bio: a Mossad agent

Alisa wrote a best-seller

New bio: a popular chick lit author

"Recognizing a Looser in 20 Seconds". Alisa Gras knows happiness.


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