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NARRATOR: We all want someone to love...

I am whatever he wants me to be.

...but you've never seen love like this before.

I love giving orgasms, I love getting them.

NARRATOR: Provocative...

We happen to be first cousins.

MICHELLE: I'm a full-time Baby Girl.


NARRATOR: ...eye-opening...

Sploshing is just pure fun.


There's never a bad foursome.

...outrageous... -(MAN GROANS)

WOMAN: It's hot. I like it.

We really enjoy clown sex.

NARRATOR: ...proving there's always someone for everyone.

I share my home with 12 dolls.

...or something. -(PLANE ENGINE ROARS)

Once you drink the Kool-Aid, you never go back.

Who wouldn't like to live their kink 24/7?


NARRATOR: This is Extreme Love.

MAN (OVER MIC): Are you guys ready?

NARRATOR: On tonight's episode of Extreme Love...


NARRATOR: ...this little lady is a big hit

in strip clubs all over the country...

ANASTASIA: Like that? -TEXIE: Maybe, yeah.

NARRATOR: But see why life on the road

with her girlfriend...

People look at me like, "That's a child",

until they realise, "Oh, it's not a child".

NARRATOR: ... isn't always easy for either of them.

I get called a pervert every single day.

"You're a pervert" and "You're disgusting"

and "There's things wrong with you".

I can't do this part, hold on.

WADE: Hi. How are you doing?

NARRATOR: And what's a Daddy Dom to do...

(SULKILY) I don't want that book.

...when his adult baby wife misbehaves in public?

WADE: Do you want a whipping right here?

NARRATOR: If you're this couple, it's time for some discipline.


MICHELLE: One, thank you, sir.

I do enjoy getting spanked.

MICHELLE: Two, thank you, sir.

MICHELLE: It turns me on.

NARRATOR: And later, why does this aviation lover

get her panties in a twist

whenever she's close to a cock...pit?

MICHELE: Oh my goodness. Beautiful.

NARRATOR: It's because she's in love with a Boeing 737.

(IN GERMAN) I love you darling.

NARRATOR: But first, in sleepy Portland, Maine,

they don't know what's about to hit them,

because there's a big performer in town.


NARRATOR: Meet Tiny Texie,

one of the hottest feature dancers on the club circuit.

I'm three foot six.

People look at me when I walk down the street or in a store

and they're like, "It's a child",

until they realize, "Oh, it's not a child".

I am an entertainer.

People find it very odd, different.

They're not used to it,

because I am not an average-sized woman.

NARRATOR: 27-year-old Texie's a fast-rising star,

with titles to her name.

Miss Petite, North America,

that's my biggest title I'm very proud of.

NARRATOR: Texie has Kenny-Caffey syndrome,

a rare genetic condition

that affects skeletal development.

My bones stopped growing at a certain age.

I have all my bones, as a normal woman would have,

they're literally just mini-size.

NARRATOR: Tiny Texie works hard

to make big bucks from her sexy dance shows

and today she's hitting the road again

with make-up artist and photographer Anastasia.

ANASTASIA: We're in Maine right now, right?

So then we have to leave Tuesday night

and go straight to Pennsylvania.

We're literally heading everywhere.

NARRATOR: Anastasia also happens to be her girlfriend.

ANASTASIA: Like that?

NARRATOR: And as girlfriends,

together they face everyday problems

over Texie's size.


ANASTASIA: My worst one is

when they come up and they're like,

"Why do you let your daughter dress like that",

or, "Why does your daughter have makeup on?

TEXIE: We'll go to a restaurant and they look at me real quick,

"OK", and they get one menu, and I get the kids' menu.

People just look at us, like, "That's not acceptable",

"That's not OK".

We have a tough time sometimes.

Even with our relationship,

not a lot of people are OK with us being together,

not a lot of people are OK with us being gay.

You know, yes she may--

I don't get the gay thing. I get the pervert...

Yeah. -I get called a pervert

every single day.

Every day, and it's hard.

I've-I've had to walk away from situations

where people are like, "You're a pervert"

and "You're disgusting"

and "There's things wrong with you".

I can't do this part, hold on.

(SNIFFS) But I can't let that bother me.

Because, in all reality,

I've been made fun of my whole life too.

You know, when someone's challenging you,

saying you... What you're doing is wrong,

or like, how you feel is wrong,

you like, wanna fight for it even harder.

NARRATOR: And Tiny Texie's stage show

is starting to put a real strain on their relationship,

especially when she's getting it on with other people.

I have all these things to accept,

the fact that not only men are all over her all the time,

but women are all over her all the time.

She'd give a male a dance or a female a dance,

and I'd be in the car with my arms crossed.

She gets dirty pictures, dirty messages,

every single day.

I had to really ask myself if I could mentally handle this.

NARRATOR: Anastasia's desperate

to spend more time alone with her girlfriend,

but to afford taking time off,

Tiny Texie has to play bigger and better clubs.

Tonight, she's going to try

and break into a higher paying circuit.

ANASTASIA: We're going to scout out the club,

get a feel for how the club is gonna be.

NARRATOR: If this performance goes down well tonight,

it could mean repeat bookings

and the pair will get to spend more precious time together.

I like it.

Stage is right in the dead centre.

It's a really good money, so...

A shower!

Are you excited you have a shower?


NARRATOR: There's no pre-show nerves at least.

TEXIE: What are you doing babe? (SCREAMS)

ANASTASIA: Get in there! No, just kidding.

Your butt is bigger than you think.

Don't talk about my butt like that!

(IMATATING) "Don't talk about my butt like that!"

(PUTS ON ACCENT) Hello! Welcome to PT's!

NARRATOR: Tiny Texie has high hopes

for tonight's appearance.

At a big club like this,

she could make as much as $3,000.

To get my work out there and show my talent,

and what I capitalise off of,

because I'm not just a regular stripper.

NARRATOR: Will this give her career the boost she needs

to take more time off with her girlfriend?

MAN (ON MIC): Tiny Texie is coming out.

Are you guys ready?

NARRATOR: Or will Anastasia's jealousy

prove too much to handle?

ANASTASIA: There has been times where I'm like, "We're done".

NARRATOR: Opposites attract in Tennessee too.


NARRATOR: In Maryville,

the heartland of America's Bible Belt,

lives Wade, 35, and Michelle, 27.

NARRATOR: Like any ordinary married couple,

on a hot and sticky summer's day,

they keep themselves busy with the daily grind.

WADE: Right now, I'm just like a subcontractor,

just a professional handyman.

(LAUGHING) We stay together 24/7,

we never leave each other's side.

I take her to the job sites with me as well.

But on our free time,

we'll play board games, listen to Disney music...

All day long.

MICHELLE: Arts and crafts, colouring...

And... cartoons.

NARRATOR: Yep, this couple like to work hard

and play hard too,

especially if Michelle is in a romper and sucking on a binky.

I'm a full-time Baby Girl.


NARRATOR: Michelle prefers to spend her day

dressing and acting as a toddler,

living a fetish more commonly known as DDLG,

which is all about kinky ageplay.

What DDLG stands for is Daddy Dom and Little Girl.

I'm her Daddy, and she's my Little Girl,

and I take care of her 24/7,

just like you would a child.

He's my Daddy and my protector and I need him.

I love you. -(BABY VOICE) I love you too.

NARRATOR: These two hit it off

almost from the moment they got together.

MICHELLE: My last boyfriend was a Dom,

but I wasn't getting the discipline

or the love and affection you need,

so I started looking for somebody else.

My first wife was a complete vanilla,

and my second wife wasn't willing

to be a complete submissive for me.

NARRATOR: But the third time's the charm.

MICHELLE: We met on a fetish site.

I was looking for a disciplinarian.

I saw Wade's picture and I thought he was hot,

so I messaged him.

I just grew very infatuated very fast with her.

MICHELLE: From there, it became an obsession, a need.

We're completely inseparable. We are soulmates.

NARRATOR: And it wasn't long before they tied the knot

and began living a rather unusual matrimonial bliss.


MICHELLE: I am Baby Girl every day,

almost all day.

From the time I wake up

'til a few hours before I go to bed,

I'm in Little space.

It's something that Daddy and I both enjoy.

He enjoys being a caregiver and I enjoy being taken care of,

and we enjoy the discipline aspect of it,

it's just everything to do with it.

NARRATOR: But when they first got together,

Michelle wasn't yet a little girl

to Wade's Daddy Dom.

I knew that she was a sub

and she knew that I was a dominant,

but I don't believe that she understood

that I was a Daddy Dom.

I brought up the question, would she...

Has she ever thought about being a baby doll?

When I first heard about DDLG, um...

In all honesty, to me, it was a little weird,

cos I.. I mean, I had heard about it before Wade,

but I honestly was in disbelief

that he was willing to let me act like a child,

and do all the things that I wanted to do

and be willing to take care of me.

I've always had a childish side.

I played with stuffed animals until I graduated high school.

So, I just fell in love with it.

I mean, somebody was willing to let me act like a child.

WADE: Once we started going out and buying the onesies,

it... It just escalated from there.

It was just full-time Baby Girl, 24/7...

She just loves her Little space.

NARRATOR: These consenting adults engage

in non-stop ageplay.

It's mostly fun and games, but when Michelle misbehaves,

there are repercussions.

WADE: What the heck is going on in this room?

Look at this mess.

It's always been a fantasy,

having my own Little

and being able to discipline her properly.

That's what sexually excites me.

WADE: Get up.

This... This is unacceptable.

MICHELLE: I have a lot of rules:

No lying, no arguing, no backtalking...

Basic rules you would have for a child.

You got a yellow sticker

and you're going to put that down for this afternoon.

But it-- -Are we gonna start arguing?

MICHELLE: What the behaviour chart is,

is I get three checkmarks a day:

Green for good behaviour, yellow for warnings,

or red for bad behaviour, and based on how many you have,

Daddy sets out a punishment

or he lets you pick out a reward.

NARRATOR: And they have quite a selection of paddles

for different punishments.

MICHELLE: While his hands do hurt,

the paddle leaves more of an impression.

But I honestly don't mind getting paddled, I enjoy it.

You got a red sticker this time. -(BABY VOICE) Yes, Daddy.

And that means you're getting the cane.

Is that understood? -(BABY VOICE) Yes, Daddy.

I grew up in a, uh, very disciplinarian household.

When I was a kid, I took a very strong interest

in the spanking aspect.

Something clicked in my head. I'm like, "This is what I like".

I've always liked to be in charge,

I like to be the boss...

I think I was born for this.

Why don't you go in there, let's get this over with.

MICHELLE: Yes, sir.

NARRATOR: Coming up, we'll find out

exactly what goes on in that basement.

MICHELLE (BABY VOICE): One, thank you, sir.

NARRATOR: And later, what fuels this girl's desire...

MICHELE: Oh my goodness!

...for a Boeing 737?

(IN GERMAN) I love you my darling.

NARRATOR: In Berlin,

30-year-old Michele has a unique relationship

with her long-distance lover.

MICHELE (IN GERMAN): It can't be explained.


MICHELE (IN GERMAN): It is the most beautiful thing for me.

The way he is... The way he feels when I touch him.

I feel that he loves me,

and I love him too, that we belong together.

NARRATOR: He doesn't go by a name,

but a number: 7-3-7.

Her guy is long and hard for her,

because she's hot for airplanes.

MICHELE (IN GERMAN): It's like a normal relationship.

We have relaxing evenings together,

and I can act out my love, to a degree.

Then we'll snuggle, fall asleep,

and be comfortable together.

It's just unparalleled.

NARRATOR: Michele's love of planes

is known as objectophilia, and she's not alone.

Over 5,000 people worldwide

are also in love with inanimate objects,

and that's just what's been documented.

MICHELE (IN GERMAN): I am not attracted to people.

I have been in a relationship with a human.

The last time was in 2011,

and I realised I wasn't in love.


there was something wrong with me

and I ended the relationship.

Two and a half years later,

I met the 737 and got acquainted with love.


NARRATOR: Unable to fit 129 feet and 6 inches

of 737 into her apartment,

the focus of Michele's daily love

is her models

and the life-size scrap parts she buys online.

(IN GERMAN) The 737-800 to me is very attractive and sexy.

It's the same as with humans

when they find their partner's breasts or bottom attractive.

This object looks magical, sexy even.

When I touch and kiss him, I already get excited

because I am very much in love

and I get sweaty hands

and I feel magically attracted when I kiss him.

NARRATOR: Which is just as well,

because Michele has spent some $6,000

on these 737 parts.

(IN GERMAN) This part is magnificent

and it even smells like him.

I simply love it.

NARRATOR: And just like any other relationship,

you can't put a price on capturing

those special moments.

MICHELE (IN GERMAN): The photos are a bit intimate.

There are some photos here where I am cuddling

with my darling during the day,

and where we are teasing each other lovingly,

and that is just beautiful for me.

And here's another photo

where I have a component of my darling in my bed

and the model is well-behaved on the floor.

NARRATOR: But her model is no substitution

for a full-size 737.

MICHELE, IN GERMAN: His looks are perfect,

there's nothing that needs to be changed.

He's without any faults.

The only thing that could change

is that I might see him more often.

NARRATOR: With a full-time sales job,

Michele only sees her darling once a month,

and that's from afar, at the airport.

MICHELE (IN GERMAN): It's very difficult for me

as I see him at the airport.

I have him in front of me, but it's hurtful

as I can see him but not touch him.

NARRATOR: But today,

Michele is about to have a long overdue romantic getaway

with her beloved 737.

MICHELE (IN GERMAN): As I am spending the night in Stockholm,

I must remember my pyjamas.

NARRATOR: After months of negotiations

with top brass at Stockholm airport,

she's been granted permission to get up close and personal

with the love of her life.

MICHELE (IN GERMAN): I make myself look pretty,

so I look good for him.

NARRATOR: Michele is about to have some one-on-one fun

with the real thing.

MICHELE (IN GERMAN): And now it finally starts.

(LAUGHING) I can't wait.

NARRATOR: Will her date be everything she's hoped for?

MICHELE (IN GERMAN): Here we go!

MAN (IN ENGLISH): He is waiting for us,

so we're going to go there,

right, and then you'll be able to...

Yeah. Meet the plane. -Aw!

Is that good?

MICHELE (IN GERMAN): I feel really good

because I'm going to see my darling.

I'm totally excited.

I cannot express it with words... Excited.

I'm extremely nervous.

You can see it. Yeah.

NARRATOR: Will weeks of anticipation

meet her expectations...

MICHELE (IN GERMAN): I can feel my heart

beating faster and faster.

NARRATOR: ...or will their reunion take a nosedive?

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, back in Tennessee,

Daddy Dom Wade and his wife, Little Girl Michelle,

are living out their BDSM ageplay...

WADE: Why don't you go in there, let's get this over with.

MICHELLE: Yes, sir.

NARRATOR: ...which includes punishing his Baby Girl

when she acts out of line.

DDLG actually increases my sex life.

WADE: You know you're getting 20 with the cane

on your bare bottom, right?

MICHELLE: Yes, Daddy.

MICHELLE: When Wade raises his voice,

it arouses me in such a way where it just...

It escalates the spanking. It makes it that much more real.

I...I get very sexually turned on

when I'm giving her a spanking.

I want a "One, thank you, sir", "Two, thank you, sir",

so on and so forth.

MICHELLE: Yes, sir.

MICHELLE: When I am getting spanked,

I am 100% fine with it.

I wanna make that very clear.

There is no time that he has ever spanked me

where I have not wanted to be spanked.

MICHELLE: (GASPS) One, thank you, sir.

I do enjoy getting spanked.

MICHELLE: Two, thank you, sir.

And it turns me on, so, that's another plus side to it.


I need discipline in my life

because I have a lot of self-esteem issues,

and he gives me a reason to want to take care of myself

and he helps me take care of myself.

Will you behave now? -MICHELLE: Yes, Daddy.

You know Daddy don't like to have to punish you.

MICHELLE: Yes, sir.

I'm gonna do better next week.

Afterwards, we just ended up doing it.

It was definitely worth misbehaving for that.

NARRATOR: Like in many households,

the day starts with giving baby a bath.

Here you go, princess. -(BABY VOICE) Thank you, Dadda.

Every morning,

I gets bubble bath with all my favourite bath toys,

and if I don't get a bath, I get sad.

NARRATOR: Michelle varies the age she acts out

as a little girl.

Her age range is from five to pre-teen,

just depending on her behaviour and her mood that day.

My favourite age is five

because you have absolutely no responsibilities.

You just do as you're told.

WADE: Here you go.

NARRATOR: So far, their Baby/Daddy play

only happens at home.

When Daddy puts my diapers on, and cleans me up and stuff,

it actually is enjoyable

because it's just something that I enjoy,

to be taken care of.

I only wear the diapers. I do not use them.

It's just for the mindset.

WADE: This is something to be taken very seriously.

This... We live it 24/7.

This isn't a game,

this isn't something that we're just putting on a front.

This is who we are. This is what makes us happy.

I love you, princess.

(BABY VOICE) I love you too, Daddy.

Good girl.

NARRATOR: But what will happen when Daddy Wade...

WADE: Hi! How are you doing?

...goes out into town with his Little Girl?

MICHELLE (SULKING): I don't want that book.

NARRATOR: Will he have to dish out the discipline

in public too?

WADE: Do you want a whipping right here?

NARRATOR: And coming up in Sweden,

plane-lover Michele is hoping things will take off

when she's reunited with her boyfriend.

(IN GERMAN) I love you darling.

NARRATOR: But will there be turbulence?

And later, what's about to go down

between Tiny Texie and her girlfriend,

when she takes to the stage at a new venue?

ANASTASIA: There has been times where I'm like, "We're done".

NARRATOR: In Portland, Maine,

Tiny Texie is working hard at building a name for herself

as an adult performer on the club circuit.

Tonight, she's got an important booking

at a newer and bigger venue.

Dancing-wise, I am the most petite and smallest

in North America.

I am like an average person, just shrunk.

NARRATOR: And because her makeup artist Anastasia

is also her girlfriend, the two are inseparable.

(PUTS ON ACCENT) It's as big as your face!


Humour does definitely play a giant part

in our relationship.

It was my way of flirting in the beginning.

NARRATOR: So how exactly did they get together?

I wanna say, probably like a month,

maybe month and a half, into doing your makeup,

I was like, "Yep, I want that one".


And I didn't last even a couple of weeks.

TEXIE: You told me when I met you

you're not into country girls.

Yeah, you took it as a challenge.

You were like, "Oh really?" -"Watch this!"

Yeah, "You're about to be into country girls!"


TINIE: And sure enough, I rounded you up.

Rounded me up! Oh my God.

NARRATOR: Anastasia's got Texie all gussied up

for her performance at the club.

ANASTASIA: Follow the pretty lady!

This way.

NARRATOR: Hopefully, this will raise

Texie's visibility and earnings

so they can afford more time off together.

ANASTASIA: OK, what are you doing, babe?

I'm gonna be performing tonight

at PT's Gentleman's Club. -ANASTASIA: Yup.

NARRATOR: So far, Anastasia's been able to handle

all the attention Texie gets.

ANASTASIA: This guy said, "I love you so much.

Keep doing what you're doing, and love the confidence".


They want you to shake your booty.

My booty? -ANASTASIA: Shake your booty!

Not enough. -I can't shake right now!

We're gonna get in trouble. Put your butt away.


NARRATOR: It's time for Texie to wow the crowds,

but she's nervous.

This is a new stage,

and she's been on the receiving end

of abuse before.

TEXIE: They say very hurtful things.

It's very upsetting,

but I just... push it aside.

Don't let you...

I can't do this.

TEXIE: The only time I ever show my feelings and my emotions

is behind closed doors, and that's with her,

She understand me, she gets me

and I know if I need to cry my eyes out,

she will hold me until I'm done,

until it's time to get on that stage

and suck it up like a big girl.

MAN (ON MIC): Ladiiiees and gentlemen!

NARRATOR: Hopefully, this is a friendly crowd.

MAN: Tiny Texie, the three foot six

feature entertainer is coming out.

Are you guys ready?




MAN: Tiny Texie came all the way from Corpus Christi in Texas.

The three foot six 27-year-old feature entertainer

has featured at a club every weekend

for the entire year!

TEXIE: When I go onstage, people are very intimidated

cos it... It's different.

People are like, "This feels wrong".

And I do get the common phrase, "You look like a child".

It's difficult to hear that,

but then after a while, once they start talking to me,

they're like "OK", you know. "Yes, it's different.

I'm still a little bit antsy on it,

but I think I can accept it".

NARRATOR: It looks like the crowd

appreciates her performance.

But how is Anastasia going to handle this?

Will jealousy get the better of her?

ANASTASIA: There has been times where I'm like, "We're done",

and I take her out of the room.

NARRATOR: While jealousy

might end Texie's big night prematurely...

back in Maryville, Tennessee,

Little Girl Michelle is getting everything ready

for her Daddy Dom's big day.

(BABY VOICE) Um, I'm going to be making Daddy a birthday card.

Today for his birthday,

I'm going to make a big birthday card like this

NARRATOR: And she has the perfect design in mind.

MICHELLE): That's how I draw Daddy's paddle.



WADE: Hey sweetie!

(BABY VOICE) No, you have to... Wait! Daddy!

Cover your eyes. -WADE: Alright.

Now you open your eyes. -OK. (GASPS)

Dat is your birthday card.

Thank you princess! Come here, come here.

"You is the best Daddy ever. Baby Girl"

Thank you, princess. -You're welcome, Daddy.

WADE: This means the world to me.

Oh, is that Daddy's paddle? That's a pretty little picture.

NARRATOR: For a special birthday treat,

Daddy Dom wants to celebrate

by taking his Little Girl out to town,

but revealing this side of herself to the locals

is a huge step for Michelle.

I don't go out in public, because this is the Bible Belt,

people aren't really too accepting around here.

NARRATOR: So how will Little Girl Michelle...


...handle a trip to the bookstore?

If she acts up in public...

MICHELLE (SULKING): I don't want dat book.

...will Daddy go into Dom mode in front of the neighbours...

You want a second strike?

...and put that new paddle to work?

And coming up...

She's in love with heavy metal.

(IN GERMAN) I love you darling.

NARRATOR: Will it be a one-nighter...

(MICHELE, IN GERMAN): Yes, I'm ready to enter.

NARRATOR: ...or is she in it for the long haul with her 737?

(IN GERMAN) That's such a beautiful cockpit.

NARRATOR: And later,

how will Tiny Texie's girlfriend handle it...


...when another girl muscles in on the act?


ANASTASIA: Touching a girl's butt,

when she pulls the girls on stage...

There's a lot of jealousy.

NARRATOR: In Maryville, Tennessee,

it's Daddy Dom's birthday,

and his teenage son Wade Jr., from a previous relationship.

has composed a special message for him.

"Dad, happy bday, I love you so so so much.

You mean the world to me.

I want to be just like you.

I admire you in every little way possible."

Are you sure you wanna be like me?

Damn straight I wanna be like you.

Daddy Dom and all? (LAUGHS) -Yes, exactly.

WADE JR: Love you, Dad. -I love you too, son.

NARRATOR: In Stockholm, Sweden,

Michele is about to have a reunion

with the love of her life.

MICHELE (IN GERMAN): My relationship with the 737

is my first relationship with an inanimate object.

It started during my first flight

at the end of 2013

and I realised that

the planes look very beautiful and they can fly.

NARRATOR: Her relationship usually consists

of merely watching her 737 from afar,

taxiing along the runway.

MICHELE (IN GERMAN): When other people fly with my 737,

I get easily jealous and envious,

and I am scared they could also fall in love with my 737,

and jealousy is a big factor.

The jealousy proves to me

that the love for my 737-800 is very intense.

NARRATOR: Today, Michele is euphoric,

because she's getting a treat:

one-on-one time up close and personal

with her beloved.

Months of negotiations with the airport

mean security man Fredrick is there to escort her.

(IN ENGLISH) Ready for action?

(IN ENGLISH) Yeah. I am ready. I'm excited.

737 is my lover. -FREDRICK: Ah, OK!

This is a new area for me, love and planes, so... (LAUGHS)

Objects, machines and stuff. They're fascinating, yes,

how they're made and done and all that,

but, uh... Yeah, that's really where it ends for me.

MICHELE (IN GERMAN): I definitely feel

that we're coming closer to him.


MICHELE (IN GERMAN): I can feel my heart beating

faster and faster.

Hello. My name is Michele. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too. I'm Ulf. -Thanks so much.

ULF: The plane is waiting inside.

MICHELE (IN ENGLISH): Oh my goodness. Beautiful.

NARRATOR: Finally, the two are reunited.

(IN GERMAN) How great.

MICHELE (IN GERMAN): I'm more than excited

because I rarely get the chance to be this close to him.

I'm totally excited now,

I can't believe that I'm finally with him.

I'm shy!

I never met anybody

who was so attracted to a plane.

I could get attracted to a nice car

or a nice motorcycle, nice boats,

but mostly people, of course!

Yeah, exactly. Yeah, yeah.

(IN GERMAN) My cheeks hurt from smiling.


MICHELE (IN GERMAN): I definitely have

sexual feelings for him,

and I feel very attracted to him.

I can't believe that I'm finally with him.

NARRATOR: And she's still got to check out

a very special part of him.

(IN GERMAN) Now, I'd like to go into the cockpit

and just enjoy being inside him.

Yes, I'm ready to enter.

(IN ENGLISH) Beautiful.

(IN GERMAN) That's such a beautiful cockpit.

I love his cockpit above all, it's just super beautiful.

It's like his heart.

I have so many ideas about what one could do.

Beautiful. (IN GERMAN) So lovely.

I love you, my darling.

NARRATOR: With just a two-hour visit,

time is ticking if Michele is going to get intimate

with parts of her plane.

(IN GERMAN) This is my darling. It's so nice.

(IN GERMAN) I love you darling.

(IN ENGLISH) I have this part at home.

I really love it.

If you leave your address, I will send you some parts.

Really? -ULF: Mm-hm.


Thanks so much.

FREDRICK: Michele...

I'm sorry, but we have to go now, OK?


NARRATOR: Separation is never easy,

regardless of the object of your affection.

Yeah? It's OK.

Thanks so much. (SNIFFLES) -You're welcome. You're welcome.


Bye, my lover.

(IN GERMAN) I want to grow old with my 737,

and I would even like to marry him.

I... Really, for me, it doesn't really matter.

If that's what makes them happy.

ULF: Well, people should feel what they feel, really,

um, you know.

Who are we to judge?

NARRATOR: While Michele is open

about her affections with the 737...

Back in Tennessee,

Daddy Dom and Baby Girl are about to go public

with their ageplay for the very first time.

WADE: Are you excited? -Yes Daddy.

NARRATOR: After living this lifestyle behind closed doors,

how will the public react?

WOMAN: Hi. -WADE: Hi! How are you doing?

Is this your first trip here? -First trip here.

We're looking for the kids' section.

It's over in the corner over there.

WADE: Alrighty. Thank you so much.

This is the first time outside of our house

that she's able to talk to somebody else

in her Little mode.

MICHELLE (BABY VOICE): There's our books over here.

NARRATOR: With Little Girl Michelle in a new environment,

just like any excited toddler, she starts to act up.

MICHELLE: No. -WADE: No, ma'am.

Look at me, look at Daddy.

You need to pick them up.

You don't want 'em, you put 'em on the other side.


You wanna get a whipping right here?

You wanna get a second strike? -(BABY VOICE) No, Daddy.

WADE: Put it back up on the shelf, OK, sweetie?

MICHELLE: I don't want that book.

Stop throwing 'em on the floor, understood?

You're not gonna act like this in public. Understood?

We're done here.

WOMAN: Find some things?

WADE: Oh, absolutely. -Good. What have we got?

(BABY VOICE) This one has penguins in it, see?

Does it really? I like penguins.

The lady behind the cash register was so nice

to be able to play back with her,

and it... It was just so nice to be able to see.

...too. I hope you can enjoy all the books.

MICHELLE: Thank you.

Have a good weekend. -WADE: We'll be coming back.

Oh good! That's what we like to hear.

SHOPKEEPER: They're a very interesting couple. Um...

And I really like having families come in,

regardless of how that family is composed.

It's just nice to see 'em come in together

and spend time together

and go out with books they'll both enjoy.

NARRATOR: While Michelle comes home excited

that she made it through her first public outing...

It was amazing. It, like, empowered me.

It showed me that like, you know, I can be me

100% of the time.

NARRATOR: ...Daddy Dom looks angry with her behaviour

and intends to discipline her.

WADE: Was you listening to Daddy today?

(BABY VOICE) No, Daddy.

I'm very proud of you for being comfortable to go town,

but it doesn't change the fact

that you're in trouble right now.

MICHELLE: Yes, sir.

WADE: Is that the way you behave in town?

MICHELLE: No, sir.

WADE: No ma'am. I'm not gonna put up with it.

Even though the discipline has to be rough sometimes,

there is something that is more important

than the discipline aspect itself, is the aftercare.

Oh, and what's that?

(BABY VOICE) Hm, the raccoon...

WADE: You got to show her the loving,

and that's where you start building her back up.

Extremely important when it comes to discipline.

MICHELLE: Even though I'm Baby Girl 90% of the time...

WADE: Alright!

MICHELLE:...I know when it's time to be an adult

and when it's time to be a Baby Girl.

NARRATOR: Coming up,

how will Baby Girl Michelle act

when her Daddy adds another woman

into their playtime?

(BABY VOICE) Don't talk to me. You're not my Mommy.

NARRATOR: And later,

can Tiny Texie's hot girlfriend stay cool

when she sees her getting down and dirty with another dancer?

ANASTASIA: When she pulls the girls onstage,

there's a LOT of jealousy.

NARRATOR: In Portland, Maine,

things are heating up for Tiny Texie

as she performs for the first time

at an important new club.

MAN (ON MIC): Show 'em what you got!

NARRATOR: But waiting in the wings

is girlfriend Anastasia,

and while this might be a highlight for the audience,

she dreads this part of Texie's act:

the one-on-one.

MAN (ON MIC): Come on, DJ!

Whenever she would make sexual contact

with a man or a female,

touching a girl's butt, or you know,

when she pulls the girls onstage,

there's a lot of jealousy.

NARRATOR: Anastasia captures all the action

for Texie's social media account,

and has to work hard not to let her jealousy

get the better of her.

MAN (OVER MIC): Tiny Texie will be available

for private dances and VIPS, ladies and gentlemen.

I do love Texie!

Alright, tell your people you love 'em

and you have to get un--

I love you!

I really hope you all enjoyed the show.

ANASTASIA: We'll be back!

NARRATOR: Tonight, Tiny Texie has made a big profit,

which means a huge uptick

for her future earnings on the club circuit.

I don't want anybody telling me it's impossible. No!

Nothing's impossible.

The sky is the limit.

NARRATOR: There's good news:

the club owner has booked Texie for more dates.

But more time on the road

means more chance of jealousy,

which Anastasia is coming to terms with.

If something happens that I might not like,

what is going on?

Getting upset never solves anything.

TEXIE: It's not easy finding a relationship

when you are this way.

When I got with her,

she opened my mind that you can be loved.


NARRATOR: Back in Tennessee,

it's a big day for Baby Girl Michelle.

Daddy Dom has found someone online

who wants to share in their ageplay

and has agreed to a playdate.

And Wade's sister has come round to help set up.

She's not spent any time

with Michelle as Little Girl before.

REBA: Wade is my little brother.

We grew up in a religious family, so...

This was not something we would have ever thought of.

This is very out there, very extreme.

When he first told me this, I thought he was crazy.

I'm like, "Nah, this can't be a real thing.

People don't do this. This is not normal".

But, apparently, it's normal for some people, so...

I... You know?

You excited for today?

(BABY VOICE) Yeah. -Yeah, I can't wait either.

Gonna have some fun? -Yeah.

Play some board games with your new friends?

Mm-hm. -Mm, Daddy's excited too.

He does need support, and he's my brother, and

as long as he's happy, I want him to be happy.

(BABY VOICE) Maybe you should be a Baby Girl like me.

That's an idea! Absolutely, sure.

That's... That's definitely an idea.

Being Baby Girl in front of Reba was a little awkward at first,

but it just became natural.

REBA: This has been so much fun.

I never get to just sit back and relax and do fun stuff.

(BABY VOICE) I'm having fun too.

REBA: I am very excited

that they are going to have a playdate.

If you can find someone that's into your lifestyle,

that is willing to come and play and do things, and...

That... That's great.

All little girls need friends,

You know, so, this will be a good experience for her.

NARRATOR: It's not easy to find like-minded people

in their small town,

so it took months of organising this special playdate.

WADE: Hey buddy. How are you doing?



Alright, yeah, yeah. We understand.

No problem.

We'll just try for next time, right?

WADE: So this is, like, real disappointment.

Nothing's worse than false hope,

especially to a Little.

And, uh... Yeah, it hurts.

It really does hurt me to know

that somebody would flake out at the last minute.

NARRATOR: Will Little Girl Michelle

have a big temper tantrum?

Alright, princess.

Right, this is what's going on.

They've called off the playdate.

(BABY VOICE) They were supposed to play with me!


WADE: I know. -I got all my stuffs out.


(BABY VOICE) No, my friends were supposed to come

and play with me.

I know, but just like the game,

sometimes bad things happen, right?

Don't talk to me.

You're not my Mommy or my Daddy.

As a mom myself, I would want to comfort her,

and I don't know how to do that,

so I don't know what my part would be in this.

If at all.

Well, you know, I think it might be a good idea

if I just left now, and let you guys handle this....

OK. -...however you need to.

WADE: Thanks for coming over. -You're welcome.

NARRATOR: Will Wade be able to turn this outburst around?

WADE: Daddy's coming up with other ideas,

so we can have fun today, OK?


I know. I know it's disappointing...

NARRATOR: For Wade, Michelle's happiness is everything.

WADE: You're alright, though.

NARRATOR: And like any good parent,

he's come up with a new plan.

It's time to go to the park,

the kiddies' playground, of course,

but only when there are no real kids around.

WADE: Good job, baby!

I'm proud of you.

WADE: We're at the park right now.

This is our favourite place to be.

I take her out every week, if she's behaved herself.

MICHELLE: The swings are my favourite.

I'm a very proud father right now, a really proud Daddy.


WADE: You like that? -MICHELLE: That's fun, Daddy.


WADE: She's ready to show the world who she is.

It's absolutely amazing.


Um, I love this lifestyle 100%,

and I couldn't ask for anything more.

WADE: That too much?

How much do you love Daddy?

Um... THIS much! I love Daddy THIS much!

WADE: This lifestyle works for us.

It might not work for everybody else.

WADE: Good girl!

Who wouldn't like to live their kink 24/7?

Honestly? Come on!

The Description of Love Is in the Air