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I feel like in films,

the woman is always portrayed as,

- sex is the last thing on her mind. - Right.

Like it's an inconvenience.

Yes. Inconvenient, like, "I'll do it if you do this."

Like transactional, in a way?

You don't have to buy me anything

to get me to have sex with you,

all the time.

Hi, it's me Trixie Mattel

And I'm Katya.

And we are two queens who like to watch.

And today, we're watching

The Princess Switch: Switched Again.

"The Princess Switched at Birth, Part Three,

Electric Boogaloo, The Switch Strikes Back."


If you're not a fan of big time switcheroos and plot twists

and turns and wiggles, come back later.

We got Vanessa Hudgens playing multiple characters.

She's kind of like this generation's Eddie Murphy.

Is Vanessa Hudgens the new Eddie Murphy? Spread the word.

We're gonna explore her range as an actress, folks.

Here we go.

You probably remember me.

I'm Stacy, that baker from...

"It's me, Stacy, that baker."

"Turns out I'm 100% that baker."

But then switched places with Margaret,

the Duchess of Montenaro.

I like Vanessa Hudgens' speaking voice.

She sounds like she could be a...

I was gonna say it sounds like she could be like a child actress, and I was like,

"Okay, she was a child actress, duh."

The king of Montenaro died,

and Margaret is now in line for the throne.

Which is royally messed up...

Ooh, this is a Christmas movie.

Wait a minute,

didn't we watch her in The Knight Before Christmas?


Vanessa Hudgens is slaying all you hoes,

- when it comes to Christmas movies. - She is the queen of Christmas.

Y'all need to sit the (bleep) down.

She's contracted.

She's doing Hanukkah.

She's doing Kwanza.

She's doing Guy Fawkes day.

She's doing it all.

Ladies and gentlemen...

"Welcome to The Cheesecake Factory."

Here to announce the winner,

princess of Belgravia.

Not Belgravia.

"I live in Belgravia."

He should just have said like "Dinkgonia" or something.

It's just so weird.

Or someplace no one's been,

like a Wyoming.

You know?

Bakers have come from all over the world,

this Christmas.

Would you gag if that car just kept driving

through that crowd of people?


Slowly. So slow.

That's my new year's resolution.

To get my license,

buy a car, and drive very slowly into festivals.

You're not even reacting.

You're listening to like,

"I don't wanna wait, for..."

Or like even better,

you're listening to like, "The universe is yours.

Say it.

I am a success."

Like, like a self-help tape.

With giant earphones on.


This is The Princess Diaries,

but nobody was ugly to start with.

You know? There's no makeover, they're like,

"Of course she's a princess, look at her."

So, Stacy and Edward are discussing their Christmas plans,

and they're concerned about Margaret who is, guess what?

- Played by, Vanessa Hudgens. - Vanessa Hudgens, yes.

- Ooh. - Ooh.

Well, the good news is,

we'll be in Montenaro by the end of the week.

Sounds absolutely enchanting.

It does.

Is this heterosexuality?

Have you seen this?

Is the Duchess ready to rule?

Have you ever been in a tabloid?

Uh, in a Brazilian one.

I was in a Brazilian one too!

What did they say about you?

They said "Lorena Herrera has a doppelgnger

who's a Russian spy."

Oh, that's right!

They said you were a Russian spy.

Yeah, or a Russian whore.

One of them.

I was in one, and they took a picture of my boyfriend,

kissing me.

And my boyfriend's face is mostly obscured.

And they said that it was this soap star.

And I was like, his secret homosexual lover.


I know, the story kind of turned me on.

I was like, "That's hot."

I can't sleep when I'm worried.

Well, there are other things

we might do to relieve your anxiety.

For example, we could (bleep).

We could light a fire.

She was about to move to Chicago.

We could open a bottle of wine?

They were almost engaged.

We could put on some music.

Did you know Kevin was shopping for a ring?

Yeah, well men never know what they want.

I know what I want.

I want that (bleep).

If I was asking for sex that fiercely,

and I wasn't getting it,

there would be a fight.

"If we're not gonna (bleep),

why are we together?"

Like, I would just start screaming.

What about this?

I got to tell you this, I got to tell you this,

I gotta tell you this.

Speaking of Christmas.

I used to go sledding, and you know, my whole neighborhood,

I didn't have a neighborhood, but for miles around

it was all homeschool kids.

For sledding, I think probably the best sleds

are like, inflatable ones.

You know what I mean, like tubes?


These homeschool kids,

not only were in like, buttoned-up shirts with floor-length

dresses, looking like (bleep) Annie Wilkes.

They also were on old school,

okie-smokie, wooden, toboggan sleds.


With like, sharpened blades.

I'm like, "That is a murder weapon.

You could kill somebody on that thing."

Absolutely you (bleep) could.

So like, 6 to 10 highly religious children

in long skirts, flying down a hill on razorblades.

Like, "Do we have a death wish?"

We should pitch that to Netflix,

"Homeschooled Christmas Death Wish."

Which was the first title of The Princess Switch.

Princess Switch.

Yeah. "Switched Again: Death Wish."

And I'm over here in like,

plastic bags on my boots with a tube.

Like, "You guys are weird."

So, Stacy's going to Chicago to meddle in people's affairs.

Oh, okay.

Come on, Kev.

Life isn't about working all the time.

Wow. 45 Christmas trees in this bakery.

That's a lot of stale pastries in that place.

Another cat?

Yeah. You can never have too many cats.

Yes. One is too many.

Two years ago,

you handed me an invitation that changed my life.

It's time for me to return the favor.

Is it like a ten dollar gift certificate to like,

Floyd's Barbershop?

Or it's like a Starbucks gift card for like seven dollars.

Seven dollars.

Go to the coronation as her friend.

Okay, given that this movie is called

The Princess Switch: Switched Again,

and she's going to see Margaret...

You think they're going to switch?

I think they're going to switch again.

Okay, yeah.

Please, daddy?

She's my friend too.

I think he's going to shave his beard closer,

and clean up good.

Yeah. He's gonna, he's going to put on like, a nice shirt,

and she's going to be like,

"I can't believe, I never thought

of you as attractive before."

"Oh my God!"


Are you frozen?

- No. - No, oh,

I thought you were frozen.

All right, so

Margaret's giving a tour of this castle

that's really gone to (bleep).

This is Margaret.

This isn't Stacy...

- This is Margaret. - No.

Margaret, why is everything covered?

Oh, look, there's her.

She's talking to herself. Acting.

But I stopped the staff,

from decorating the residence.

Oh, the accent.

She's seen a couple Harry Potter movies.

I wish she had a Baltimore accent,

and it was just never explained.

Or a Wisconsin one.

"Oh! Sure.

Yeah, got a wreath on the door.

A couple of kids outside,

doing a little snowman.

Sure. Thanks for coming to visit

Merry Christmas, huh.

You guys want some nog?"

Honestly, I was thinking of canceling the festivities.

The country is still mourning the loss of their king.

It is relatable, because if you've ever experienced a death

in the family, I will say the first holiday without them,

you're a little shooketh.

My Nana used to get us all socks.

I used to wear socks on my hands

as gloves, must be nice.

I feel like now,

I get why you are the way you are.

Let's deck these halls.

I love Christmas though!

"Ooh were rich and we're decorating."


I want you to look at that Netflix,

and I want you to see what you sent me.

And I want you to think about what you've done.

I really want to do a Princess Switch,

a makeover one where I just take off my glasses,

and then I'm beautiful.

I mean, why not?

Now let's say this,

you're a baker from Chicago, or whatever.

- Yeah. - And you're running into the princess, the princess

- that you're going to switch with. - Mmhmm.

Out of drag, who is your doppelgnger?

Who's the celeb that you're going to switch places

with that no one will notice?

Ellen Barkin.

Out of drag.

- Oh. - Oh, sorry.

Then Ellen Barkin.

It's Patrick Stewart.

- Totally. Patrick Stewart. - Don't you think?

Me and Jennifer Coolidge, out of, in drag.

- Yeah. - She would be the princess

and we'd switch roles.

And then out of drag, uhh...


Just powder.

All right, so

Margaret and Kevin are going to bake together

and maybe their romance is going to rekindle.

What are they baking?

Just rich things.

I think rich people, they just put stacks of money

in dough and put it in the oven.

Here's the sugar behind the flour.

I'll get it.

It's quite all right.

No, it will be easier if I get it.

Oh, oh, oh, oh.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Ooh!

That is literally me when I'm powdering my foundation.

- Oh! - No, no, no!

This is all too sweet.

The second she hit me with that flour,

I would have grabbed a dozen eggs and started pelting her

so (bleep) hard.

She would've been crying.

With my sweaty ass,

this would have been papier-mache in like, three seconds. Disgusting.

You would have been like, Nooo!

And then frozen.

I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow morning.

I hope I'm not interrupting.

I would love if the Butler walked in and said,

"And who the (bleep) do you think has to clean this up?"

- Seriously. - "What is wrong with both of you?"

You know what?

Later on, they're going to go to their bedrooms

and they're going to walk in and he's going to say,

he's gonna be right on their bed, taking a big ol' (bleep).

So we're at the ball, and Margaret and Kevin are dancing,

and they're interrupted by Margaret's cousin Fiona,

who's played by, you guessed it...

Vanessa Hudgens.

Oh gays, gays, gays!

- Gays. - Gays!

"This just in, I just saw gays."

That's enough for me to feel gay

and justified for about two months.

Just seeing that.

Wow, beautiful.

When is the switch coming?

Lets get it switchin.

I'd be like, "Give me that hair clip.

I'm gonna go (bleep) your man,

real quick."

Things used to be so spontaneous for us.

Why don't we go back to spontaneous?

Throw her on the ground.

"Let's go back to spontaneous."

This seems to be, in romantic films like this,

it seems to be a common thing that

it's a woman who is being pursued by two men at once.

How often does that happen?

I would say, probably quite a bit

when you look like that.

Okay. That makes sense.

I was going to say, "I don't find this relatable."

I mean, I can barely get my boyfriend, who loves me, to drive me

to the airport.

So, I don't know how she's doing all this.

That (bleep) is just dropping runestones,

it's (bleep) magical.

Let's get this party started, shall we?

- Okay. - Not the blonde!


Excuse you.

She looks like E.T. in the closet with the hat and the wig on.

I know!

Maggie Moo.

This character?

Palm Springs uncle.


Ugh, is anybody going to refresh my drink? Ah!"

- You know? "Huzzah!" - Yeah!

You're the one who switched places with my cuzzie.

"My cuzzie?"

I don't think people say that.

You two seriously look like twins. Spoopy.


- It means spooky. - Oh.

Have you two done the switch thing, since you tied the knot...

She is E.T. though, in this outfit

- She is E.T. - "She-T."

So, the chief of staff is in love with Margaret.

Oh my God.

Margaret, I'd be lying

if I told you, I served you only out of a sense of duty.

Don't sleep with anybody who works for you.

- It's never a good idea. - No, no.

You're not just about to become the queen of Montenaro,

If he says "Queen of my heart," I'll kill myself.

you've also become the queen of my heart.

- Ugh! - He said, he said it,

he said, "Queen of my heart."

This is for you.

I wanted her to open that and have it be a red pill

and a blue pill.

Or just a bunch of dead bugs.

This literally,

and we watched A Knight Before Christmas,

last year. You could have told me

that this was part of that,

and I would've believed you.

Could you imagine if every title we reviewed,

it was all like, just like one big crossover?

- Oh! - That would be so great.

It had to connect to the next.

She gets switched with a girl

who is deaf and has, and it has,

there's a breaking and entering,

and then someone trying to kill her.

And then, they did a baking competition...

Which was really just an autopsy of a possessed body.

Which was, you guessed, it at Bly Manor.

The Haunting of Bly, the Danner though.

Have you heard about that one?

The Haunting of Stephanie Tanner?

You know how people name their dicks?

My dick's name is Stephanie Tanner.

Okay, get into this.

The jealous cousin wants to switch places

with Margaret to take that fortune

into her own bank account.

This is the switch.

I wouldn't have to do it for long,

just long enough to get crowned queen and transfer

a small fortune to an unnumbered bank account.

She's a young, blonde woman with ambition.

I can't hate her.

- Yeah, yeah. - You know. Get that money.

Steal from the rich, give to the also-rich.

I like her smile.

She hasn't smiled in quite a while.

"I love this snowman.

Who's it supposed to be?"

"My mom.

She died in a train accident two years ago."

Like, this is too much.

Stacy's dressed up as Margaret.

And Fiona lures her to a bathroom and drugs her,

thinking that she's Margaret.

Chloroform in this type of movie?

That is me getting picked up

after being blackout drunk at G.A.Y. in London.

That's them putting me in the car.

"Where are you taking me?"

Your dinner...

Girl, I would be Kill Bill.

I would be waiting on the ground with a bottle,

a smashed bottle. Achilles tendon,

dead. Donkey punch.

Are you playing hide and seek?

Indiana Jones!

Where do you think youre going? Ooh!

Oh my God!


This movie is one intruder away from being called

like, "Not Without My Daughter."

Or like, "The Husband Who Snapped."

Or like, "When She'd Had Enough."

We used to sit in a studio

and watch like, a documentary about sex with Janelle Mone.

- I know! Now we're watching the... - And now we're watching,

Now we're watching my second Vanessa Hudgens

Christmas movie of the year? Of the year?

The whole time, Jennifer? The whole time? The whole time?


All right.

Play the clip.

Oh God.

Okay, so Fiona as Margaret is trying to have the coronation,

but she gets interrupted by the real Margaret.

Let's see what happens.

"Get your hands off my coins,

you slut."


I, Margaret Catherine Claire Delacourt.

"I, Catherine Zeta-Jones."

Never. They don't do that.

When I was coronated for the queen of Wisconsin,

it was just in a barn in the middle of the day.

I command you to stop these proceedings at once.

How are they going to figure out who's the real one?

But I didn't want to go through with it,

but that freak Antonio made me do it.

Oh my God.

Is that the chief of staff?

Yes. That's the guy who said he loved her.

He was just trying to get the money.

It's Wild 'n Out with Nick Cannon.

"Guards, get my rifle.

Arrest him!

And take him to the dungeon.

"The sex dungeon."

What about Kevin?

He would have found me out.

So I had to send him packing.

If they meet at the airport,

I'm gonna throw up.

I'm guessing he's

on his way to the airport.


They're flying Southwest in 1982,

- based on that computer screen. - Yep.

Kevin! Kevin!

You can't get to the gate without a ticket.

You sure can't.

- You sure (bleep) can't. - You sure (bleep) can't.

I can barely get through security

with pre-check and a ticket and global entry.

It wasn't Margaret

who told you to leave, it was Fiona.

Is that true?

Nothing has ever been more true.

They're calling group A, and I'm pushing through them like,

"Would you (bleep) move?"

I got my Cinnabon.

My Auntie Anne's pretzel.

I got my Auntie Anne's pretzel, at 7:30 AM,

- And I'm like, "Will you move?" - "Get the (bleep) out of my way."

"I got to go sit down on this plane at 7:30

in the morning and order a gin and tonic,

get out of my way."

Do they get married at the airport?

Why don't we make this official?

Oh my God.

Right now.

I'm sorry,

Tell me one person who is going to do this at the airport.

Not one mother (bleep) person.

I don't suppose you have a ring?

- It's a Ring Pop. - It's a NuvaRing.

It's a Little Orphan Annie decoder ring.

I now pronounce you man and wife.

Now I am out of here.

There's not even a plane,

God just beams him up.

This movie has everything.

Unintentional triplets, royalty, wigs... lots of wigs.

Deceptions, switcheroos, double switcheroos,

triple switcheroos.

Ooh, comic violence.


Yeah, "Whoa!" Looney Tunes punching.

Watch The Princess Switch: Switched Again,

on Netflix.

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