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You have earlier times, before politics

came directly to our lives,

when people looked world around

them with different eyes.

[Those were also times when you lived]

[on money from your parrents.]

We were younger, and cultural atmosphere

in the country was completely different.

You have times afterwards, when total

degradation of everything took place,

when something as rock'n'roll,

hard-core, and such music became,

you know, total underground.

The scene changed in a way it still

exists, but it doesn't have any support,

from media, or...

I think there are many fans, and Punk,

Punk fans, not just rock'n'roll fans,

but it somehow finished in some cellars,

some distant places, and there is no

institution of gig as it once was.

There is difference, 'cause then it was

so-so popular, now it certanly

it isn't popular, to make a punk band.

It was OK while Milosevic did business

in Serbia, than you could be rebel

and like, you can these days too,

but now we have some democracy-games,

and, like that's it, but, I don't know,

I would prefer Milosevic to come back,

but I don't believe he could.

(Milosevic died a year earlier)

In this moment there is

litteraly no political establishment.

I mean...

(Everyone is in power?)

Not just that, they are not inspirational

enough, I mean they are so bad that you

get no inspiration from them,

Milosevics' times were much more

inspirational, when it was, somehow, more

interesting, as he was a dangerous guy.

These are all some weaklings,

you get no motivation to fight them

in any sense, 'cause...

In Serbia Minister of culture has

a bust of Draza Mihajlovic in his office,

what are we talking about, what culture?

Seselj should come from the Hague,

to rule us, than we could oppose him,

and be real Punkers.

I don't want to negate that we were,

one of first representatives of,

like they say, 'Skinhead music',

although we played Punk-Rock.

'Oi!' tendency of skinhead population

was much more obvious at the begining,

it was almost like a revolution,

there were many people who listened to

our music for such reasons,

but I can say that recently, offcourse,

as well as music, like everything

that has changed, profile of the

crowds has changed.

Kids are more and more on computers,

less on gigs, so, who comes to the

concert - he's The One.

Those were not widely popular bands

in which we played or singed,

'No Speed Limit', 'MFT',

'Buka za decu', 'Prolece'.

It was 'Hard Core' music, but after

a half-hour gig, we were getting

week-long muscle pain.

The audience as well.

Young bands lack authenticity.

I think bands from the begining of 1990s

were authentic, and were more

important as a phenomenon

on media-scene as a whole.

That is why I have no interest in it,

'cause it is not authentic, original,

their message is the message of some

West European bands,

so I don't see the point.

We are at one of the cult-places in

Novi Sad from the end of

eighties and nineties, 'Masinac',

'Technical Sciences Students Club',

that's full name of this place.

We were hanging-out here, first love,

first drink, Friday and Saturday night.

Gigs were held here.

'Generacija bez buducnosti',

'Vrisak generacije',

'Invalidi uma', 'KNO', many bands,

'Partibrejkers', Rambo Amadeus.

Many different things

were going on here.

When we started going out in the evening,

Dunavska street was the promenade.

It was great.

Then it moved to Zmaj Jova monument,

that was newly erected,

and it was probably like:

'Let's hang out here now',

then it spontaneously

moved toward caffee 'Atrium',

and in front of 'Atrium'

it lasted for a long time.

'Atrium' is remembered for 'Atheist Rap'

gigs, who were playing -

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

two or three times a night.

We were hanging-out in front of 'Atrium',

I don't know, 3.000 people,

that was a time like that,

people were wishful,

it was time of a complete isolation,

complete material... crucifix.

We tought nothing

will ever close 'Atrium'.

In fact, nothing lasts forever,

so the crowds moved at 'DB'.

In those times, when

we started to going out,

begining of '90s, 'DB' was a

gathering place of people

who think similarly,

listening to similar type of music.

We were always coming to 'DB' around

midnight, 11 PM, before that we were

in front of some shop, to warm-up a bit,

and then we were coming here.

On a German language class,

we once wrote an essay about

what we want to be when we grow up.

I wrote that I will be

a musician, playing with famous bands,

OK, "famous", but older bands,

and I will be a housewife or an artist.

Everyone wrote what he wants to be,

and no ones' dreams became reality,

exept mine!

These days kids are playing melodic punk,

mothers and fathers often buy them guitar,

everything just like that.

I had to colect money for drums

for more than a year.

They say 7.000 or 8.000 electric guitars

are sold in Serbia last year.

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