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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Primark Haul February 2020 | I❤Primark

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Hello, hello and welcome back to my channel.

My name is Helen and this is my channel obviously!

I'm gonna do another Primark haul for you today.

I haven't done one for a while because

every video I make I say "Oh I'm trying not to spend any money!'

So I didn't buy anything last month

and that's why I didn't make a video for you.

So I'm gonna stop wittering on and I'm just gonna go on with it

The first thing I got which I'm so pleased about was a pack of headphones

they're not in here because I took them out straight away to use them because my other headphones died.

I normally get the JVC gummy headphones which are about £8 or £9 a pack.

this is £1.50 and they're great! The sound quality is really good.

The only thing it doesn't have is a microphone that's the only thing that's missing, that would make it better

I am not sure if they do one with a microphone

I didn't see one on the day. Anyway these were one pound fifty

and the sound quality was perfectly adequate; I would say they're as good as

the headphones that I usually use.

They're just earbuds and bonus they come with different sized ear thingies

for different size ear holes haha...

If you find one size more comfortable than the other you can

switch them around and also as quite often happens to me you randomly pull

them out of your bag and one thing is missing and you cannot find it anywhere

you've got the spare one hopefully one of these will fit your ear .

I'm rambling ... um...

I got this nail polish it's like a purple neon and I just thought it was

really pretty color and it was £1.50 and I did swatch inside the shop and it

went on really nicely and had a nice brush and I'm very pleased with that.

Nail polish is one of the things I'm trying to cut back on because I just have a ridiculous amount.

Boxes and boxes of the stuff, it's absolutely terrible!

so I'm trying to wear more so I can use it all up.

The next thing I got is this top, it is £15.

Big thick chunky diagonal stripes

it's big and loose and flowy I actually got this in the largest size they had.

I don't know whether it's sold out but this is a 16. Normally I would get a couple of sizes bigger

but because it is meant to be really big and baggy and loose and flowy you can size down depending the kind of fit you want.

I'd recommend taking a couple of different sizes into the fitting room and seeing which you like the look of the best

oh I got this I got this really gorgeous headband.

You might have noticed Alice Bands are back! and they're all over the place

a lot of them are like really chunky and

then they've got loads of embroidery and pearls and stuff like that and I tried

them and I just looked silly.

I tried this one which is quite flat

and I like this I don't like too much height on my head and I really like this

and even if I don't wear out it's great for just holding your hair back while

you do your skincare or putting on makeup and I just like it also it's very

comfortable it's not I've had some Alice bones which are like especially the

metal ones it really presses in behind the ears you know and the end is too

tight this one and I have a big head as well so this one it just fits really

comfortably in it just sits there really nicely so I'm very pleased with this and

this was actually on sale what's to pound and is on sale for one pound and

if you do hear meowing in the background that is my cat I have looked her out as

I say also every video, she's not allowed in here well I film because she

keeps knocking things over so I lock her out and then she sits by the door and

meows and meows and drives me crazy

but the time it would take for me to chase her and lock her somewhere else in the house it's not worth it.

You can just deal with the meowing. The worst thing is when

I come to edit the video and I don't realize that the the meowing is

coming from the video that I'm editing and she's not outside the door asking

to be let in. I don't let her in when I'm editing because she walks all over the keyboard!

Cat mother problems!

I've got some gray leggings for every day

They are five pounds but these ones... hang on...

these ones are different. Oh, I've managed to pick up two different types of gray leggings.

These ones are four pounds and these are high waist

I think I will actually keep these ones for the gym because they are more of a

Jersey type fabric but that is just four pounds that's extra-large of course

ah I absolutely love this I have been wearing you see this sort of egg yolk yellow

I've been wearing a lot of these kind of pumpkin shades I think that's the most

appropriate name I've got an orange hoodie and I've got this

I've just been so pumpkin - autumnal lately and so when I saw this gorgeous scarf

I couldn't resist and I do love the fabulous of 60s /70s Pucci print I just

think it's absolutely gorgeous and it's four pounds and I just think it's just

lovely they do have some hints of ways you can wear it there and the label they

suggests neckerchief, wearing it as a top,

a hair thing and also tying it to your handbag I have they seen them in the

shop already tied with a neck scarf around the handbag handle so I don't

know how I'm going to use this I like to think that I'm the kind of

sophisticated lady who can wear a Neckerchief but in reality probably not.

I did used to work in Tie Rack back in the day I was Christmas temp one year.

I used to wear a neckerchief for work actually

so this is what you do if you want to wear a neckerchief

let me start from the beginning ... okay quick tutorial

so this is how I used to wear my neckerchief so this is a

square scarf, if you'd like to know more about scarves and achieve some ways of

tying them let me know in the comments and I will do a quick tutorial with

what I remember from all those years ago as a Christmas temp so first of all you

fold it in half so it is a triangle and then fold to that little bit into there

into the middle does that make sense? I can do this properly for you as well

if you want a proper demonstration and then a fold...

let's do it around this way so you can see

and then fold it in half again fold it that way

so that you hide the triangle so then you just have a scarf like that then we

wrap it around over neck. make one side a little bit longer than the other

by that much. Wrap it over the top around loop it again in fact.. hang on.. we're just tying a tie!

No! that's wrong! I want a kitty bow.

hang on.. put that over the top. No! I just keep tying a tie!!

put that through there...

It's because I had to wear a tie for school...

I was showing you how to tie a tie. I got very confused! I used to wear a tie to School!

even lengths cross it over in a knot

then to make a nice knot you cross that slide

over to that side bring it up and then through and then you have a nice knot.

I think it looks a bit French!

Maybe I should find my beret?!

my beautiful beret that I never wear even though everyone told me how lovely it was!

Look at me! look how classy and sophisticated I look!

I'm gonna wear this with my beret and a nice coat. Maybe I just need to buy a nice coat...

ah see what I mean about honking colors the one t-shirt I bought

a pumpkin orange and it's also got Tigger from Winnie the Pooh who is my favourite!

Tigger is just just such a bundle of joy

just a joy absolute joy this is absolutely huge it is a size XL I'm not

sure if it's just meant to be a t-shirt or if it's meant to be like a sleep

shirt how long? oh no that's a t-shirt it's not long enough to be a sleep shirt.

it comes to sort of mid hip so I don't know were I would even wear this?

I'm gonna ware it to the gym actually because I'm there to work out I don't care what people think of me

they're probably thinking plenty of things about me already!

that was eight pounds reduced to three pounds

so yeah it's weird when I go to the

gym and everyone's in there coordinated outfits and everything

and yeah it's nice but

maybe that's the problem with my life?

okay next I got a biodegradable

refillable reusable hot drinks cup this was originally seven pounds

and reduced to three pounds sometimes I make a cup of tea in the morning and I

don't have time to drink it before work before I have to leave to go to work so

I can just pour it in here and take it with me on the go and I had one of these

and I used to take it to work with me all the time and I don't know what

happened to it it was great it was green it had the Hulk on it it just vanished

so anyway I like this one this one is actually biodegradable my old one

was just plastic I think I think maybe I got a bit worried about plastic nanoparticles or something

so this you can put it in the dishwasher you

cannot freeze it or microwave it it is bpa-free that is good.

It's made from renewable plant-based materials so I imagin it's probably made of...

I don't know, it doesn't actually say what it's made of bamboo or something

eco-friendly renewable plant-based blah blah blah I've got some a very great

collection of seeing them and thinking Oh trackie bottoms I don't have any I always just wear leggings.

I doubt that I would wear these

other than around the house maybe down to the park if I'm babysitting

these were on sale as well they were eight pounds they were reduced to three pounds

they're just black but they have a gray and white stripe down each leg and they have

a cuffed hem and they are slim fit so I think they're just gonna be really comfy

around the house while I do cleaning etc

there is one last thing

oh why why did I buy this?

so you know they had all those Christmas decorations?

they had randomly some Where's Wally?

Christmas decorations they were £5 a set now reduced to 50p

so i got one. so it's a where's Wally? head - these are bubbles for the Christmas

tree and Wallys dog I believe in America are you calling him Waldo. I don't know why.

yeah so these are bubbles for Christmas tree they're reduced to 50p not that

huge amount of way we're talking I don't want them but yeah anyway so this will

be on my tree next year

so I've just edited out some random nonsense and we're at the end of the video tada!

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scarf demonstrations or if you want to learn how to tie tie I spent five more

than five years it was primary school and secondary school had to tie tie

if you wanna learn how to tie tight and then I worked in tie racks I now had

to do some fancy tight neckties that's all you wanna watch let me know let me

know what you want to see on this channel views have dropped off I don't

know why you people are not interested in my regular Primark content anymore

because of these new girls I started doing it and I've noticed that they're

all doing me they're not taking photographs of the

items the way I am they are using the camera and they're showing you both

sides of the thing I don't do that because there are so many new items it

it would end up in like three our video if I did that for all the items would

you prefer if I did that if I took a video of each item top to toe turned it

round showed you the back showed you the price tag and everything but did

far less items or do you want me to continue taking photographs so that I

can show you every single new item in the range I don't know is it tell me

what you want to see I'm quite happily to change up my content to what people

wanna watch now maybe my content is old and stale and boring let me know in the

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Oh that was so cringe!!!

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