Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Justin Timberlake: THE BEST MOMENTS OF 2013

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January 10th 1.Announcing the new album

January 14th 2.Premiere of "Suit & Tie"

January 24th 3.Premiere of "Suit & Tie" Lyric Video

February 10th 4.Grammy Awards

February 11th 5.Premiere of "Mirrors"

February 20th 6.BRIT Award 2013

March 11th-15th 7.Timberweek

March 18th 8.iHeartRadio Music Festival

March 19th 9.The World Premiere Of "The 20/20 Experience"

March 19th 10."Mirrors" Music Video Premiere

April 9th 11.Workshops at the White House

May 5th 12.The first concert for Mastercard

May 19th 13.Premiere of "Inside Llewyn Davis" in Cannes

July 3rd 14."Tunnel Vision" Music Video Premiere

July 12th 15.Premiere of "Take Back The Night"

July 12th-14th 16.Wireless Festival

July 30th 17."Take Back The Night" Music Video Premiere

August 26th 18.NSYNC Reunion

August 26th 19. Michael Jackson Vanguard Award

September 15th 20.Rock in Rio

September 29th 21.iTunes Music Festival

September 30th 22.The World Premiere Of "The 20/20 Experience (2 of 2)"

October 4th 23.World premiere of "Runner, Runner"

October 29th 24. "TKO" Music Video Premiere

November 6th 25.World Tour - Beginning

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