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Hello, we're here with HeatherAsh Amara today and we're talking about her Women's Retreat

to Teotihuacan.

It's coming up in July of 2017.

HeatherAsh, what can you tell me about this trip?

The journey to Teotihuacan is to the Pyramid Complex outside of Mexico City.

And it was the heart of the Toltec Teachings.

And so we go there to work with the energy of the pyramids but really what it is, is

an initiation ceremony for women.

So we come together as a group of women and every day we go into the pyramids and learn

how to let go of what doesn't serve us.

So each day there's another opportunity to let go of all the baggage, agreements, beliefs,

to shed all these things that weigh us down so that we come out the other side really

clear and knowing what it is we want to create going forward.

And what would be going on in somebody's life that would make this a good trip?

Why should somebody come to this trip with you?

Women tend to come on this trip for two reasons.

One is they're going through something challenging in their lives and they they're needing extra

support and extra container to hold them so they can sort out what's true and what's not


And get that sense of "it's going to be okay."

And this journey really gives that.

The second is women that are wanting to explore their spiritual connection.

That they're in a good place in their lives and they're wanting to feel deeper, they're

wanting to get more still, they're wanting to gather more tools, they're wanting to have

more of a sense of connection.

And to also be held in a beautiful circle of women.

The place that we stay in Teotihuacan is called the Dreaming House and it is exquisite.

I mean literally, we could just go there and hang out at the Dreaming House and be totally

yummy happy.

The food is so good, the land is so beautiful.

And so there's a lot of different reasons that women come but it's often one of those


Either ready for change or ready to deepen.

As a teacher, what do you get out of it to see people let go of things and clear their

minds and their spirits?

It's one of my favorite things.

I've been to Teotihuacan since 1996 and for me personally every time I go, I find something

shifts in my life.

Often in a really big way.

So sometimes people say to me, "why do you keep going back?"

And I say, "Because it works."

And there are many women that come back over and over again because they find it does create

transformation and it's different every single time.

That's really part of the beauty of this place.

Is this something you need to be advanced at or have done previous study?

Or is this suitable for beginners?

Absolutely suitable for beginners.

Another thing that I love about this journey is that we'll have women that have never met

me before or the community, other women that haven't read the book, just felt like I need

to be on this journey.

And then there are also women that have done years of spiritual work or Toltec work.

And there's a way that you get exactly what you need.

So whether you're brand new or very seasoned, there's a lot there.

And you mentioned the initiation process.

Why is an initiation important?

In all tribal cultures, we used to have initiations when we hit puberty.

That often children will be sent out away from the culture to find themselves and find

their connection in spirit.

And then they will welcomed back into the community as adults.

And we never received that, and as women especially, when we go from girls to women, there isn't

that acknowledgement of now you're a woman and here's what it means.

There's actually all these baggage that's put on us, you should be skinny, you should

look this way.

And so we split from ourselves and we end up trying to be something that we're not.

So for me, this is a corrective experience, we can say, of an initiation that helps us

as women come back to ourselves and be welcomed back into a tribe that says we see you as

you are, we want to welcome you as the woman.

And in your power, so it gives women permission to be powerful, to take up space, to be fully

themselves in the world.

Wow, that's important, right?

It is.

Thank you so much for telling us about your trip.

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