Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【FULL】“砂锅菜”父子欢喜重聚 郭麒麟找金币失败无奈“破产”? #奔跑吧9 KeepRunning S9 EP9 20210618[ZJSTVHD]

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Have you had your meal yet?


They didn't allowed us to eat?

They even didn't allowed us to eat

Yes, eat here

record you eating in the morning

Then I'll sit down

Enjoy yourself

After eating these up

we don't need to eat lunch

Don't we need to remember the order of serving?

A group of people live in fear every day

suddenly they gave us some benefits

dare we accept it?

I dare not

I'll go to see what is there

Here comes wonton

please leave it there


If it weren't for our show

I wouldn't come to our restaurant for meal

I got up too late

Have the meal. Morning


Have some food

Such good thing, when I got up in the morning

So handsome

What is the bead?

Bead is


pearl necklace

Why is there a row missing?

A row is missing, I tore it off in the morning

What does this mean? so early when got up in the morning?

Have breakfast

I'm a little not used to this treatment

Like me

How can this be?

We have recorded more than 100 episodes

there isn't such a thing happened

Enjoy yourself

Don't think about it too much

Your wonton is good

Order one

I'd like a bowl of wonton

The program group is finally conscious of this

it's been eight years

Good morning

Have some food

We will go to park after meal

it's been eight years

It's the first time that they serve us the meal when we record the program


the benefit becomes better

We can have the meal at the beginning of the program

Nothing good will happen

It makes me dare not to eat it

Can I have some Ambrosial drink?

No problem


This is really tasty

really tasty

Can Ambrosial taste bad?

This is milk or


Big Lin

My friends

How to say that word?


I miss you "very much"


He is so lovely

I will go to college

Then be cute, be cute

You don't seem to arrive here this morning


Why didn't you come here last night?

Don't scratch me out of no reason

Have some your Tianjin specialties

I won't have Tianjin specialties after I arrived in Wuxi

Chinese hamburger

Can I have some Wuxi specialties, brother?

There are Small Steamed Buns

Small Steamed Bun

I can't eat this for free

I will eat it later

I feel I can't eat this for free

You won't eat it for free

We prepared it for you specially

What should I do in this round?

Have a meal

Really have a meal


It was my sister just now

You're full

Can I have another bowl?



I'll go to get it for you

Do you also want a bowl?

I will get it


Go there

Go in directly?


Hello everyone


Welcome to our family again

I am "very" hungry

can I have a breakfast?



when did you come here?

"Dad", can I sit next to you?


Why is it a baked potato again?

We have blood relation

Kun'er, why isn't Kun'er here?

He is handing out albums

he will come down soon

You sold out your albums

You did a hard job

He has sold out them in the house

It's been a long time since we met last

Getting fat?

Don't mention it

Come on, Kun'er, give you one cup

Come on



Nice job

I'm full

ready to work

If everyone is full, we will

announce the rule within today

We are full, we ate with fear

So you are...


no matter how you say

there isn't that meaning actually

we already have the reflex

so let the storm

come more violently

Tell us

Because we never lie to everyone

what we said is real every time

The lie is real, the lie is real

It is because we are too naive, right?

It is because we didn't understand

It's the fault of our ability to understand

Very real

you really lied to us

The rule within today is called turning stones into gold

Real ones



Each piece is one gram of gold

After the end of each round

we will distribute bags of different sizes

according to the ranking

then you can pick any things

in our designated area

the heavier you pack

the more gold you can exchange for finally

Do we play with so big bet now?

Are we such shallow people?

Yes, we are

Are you kidding?

But there is another rule

the member with the lightest

bag today

can't exchanged for gold

That is to say, the one who rank last doesn't have the chance to exchange


and the seven people who rank top can exchange for

gold with corresponding weight

Exchange for gold according to the weight you have

This is a (mystery)

If you understand the rule

I will announce

the first ranking within today for everyone

because he (No. 1) has come into being


Because we recorded the number of times each member

ate their food

the more the member enjoyed the food

the higher he/she will rank


Brother Sha will win

The ranking of the number of times food was eaten in descending order


Baby ate 49 times

What did she eat?

I ate three bowls of wontons

I ate three bowls of wontons

Is this egg tart delicious?

This is really tasty

Brother Sha ate 38 times

You even counted this


Qilin ate 29 times

Brother Kai ate 22 times

Brother Chen ate 16 times

Lucas 7 times

Kun'er 6 times

Zhou Jieqiong 5 times

so the ranking is

the more times the member ate

the bigger bag he/she will get

My this bag is a little small

this bag is too small

My this bag is too small

My this one, look

I'm sorry

Wait a moment

Is there such big difference?


Cai Xunkun's bag is like a makeup bag

you know this?

Baby, you can't carry this

let me change another for you

No need

let me change another for you

You can put it in my bag if it isn't big enough

Don't, give me this bag

Within one minute countdown

pick things you want

It begins

Wait, they even stood up

Pick heavier one

Big pumpkin

This is the heaviest one, I told you

This is wrong, this isn't heavy

My limit

A pack of biscuits

That's too much


go, let's rinse hot pot

rinse hot pot

I plan to sell these

to the master later

take the money to buy my (gold) directly


I can't carry it

Let me help you carry, Baby


Why is yours so heavy?

Mine isn't heavy

You took so many things

not as heavy as this one

Where did you get?


Did you find

ones who stuffed a lot stand in the front row

look at the two in the back alone

they don't think about the problem anymore

Stop talking, the makeup artist is coming

Stop talking, the makeup artist is coming

Don't look down on me

I also have a pack of biscuits

He even got a pack of biscuits

How about Jieqiong?

What did you get? Show it to us

Goji berries


Ambrosial is good

It's good, quite heavy, yes

This is just our

first ranking within today

so members who got small bags

don't worry

you will have chances later


let's change clothes and set out then

to go to the next field

Running man

Let us welcome the guests

with the most warmest cheers

the first group to enter the field is

Cai Xunkun and Guo Qilin

Be friendly

Let's welcome the second group

Sha Yi and Zhou Jieqiong

Let's welcome Angelababy

and Lucas

Let's welcome the forty group

Zheng Kai, Li Chen

So handsome

Female shill

It is so grand today


if there is a intense opening

What it will be?

You will be played miserably later


Just give you high praise first


Then let you fall to the ground


Hello, members

we will start

the first mission within today here soon

it is require you

to try your best to stand firm on the rope

Please come to receive the mission card

It's too hard

Tug of war on the rope

Brothers group battle one-to-one on the rope

the one who fall from the rope will be eliminated

the winning member can go to the next round

Just give you high praise first

Then let you fall to the ground

Sha, make a sample first

Don't always call me

You and Lucas do it first

Ones who are most powerful do it first

Come on, Lucas

Show an example

Come on!

Come on!


We saw our two guests

already preparing

let's give us another wave of love encouragement


Come on!

Li Chen

Come on!


Come on!

Li Chen

Come on!

Put more strength

both parties put more strength

both of you put more strength to tighten it

Put more strength

He even can't stand firm

Are they twerking?

Quickly, start quickly

There is no time to give a sign

Wait a minute, it hasn't started yet

Wait a moment

Come on

Li Chen, Lucas, get ready


Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

It shouldn't be counted

It shouldn't be counted whenever Lucas falls down

You have a grudge against me

The game started

Li Chen is attacking now

Brother Chen won

I can't

So fierce

Brother Chen

This is absolute power

Congratulations to Brother Chen for entering the next round

Next, welcome

Brother Sha and Kun'er

It's your turn

Let's go

Is there anybody help me?


Put more strength

Both of you put more strength

I can't stand firm


Game started

we saw Cai Xunkun's

starting move is very cool


Yes, "son" is very calm

he provoked the "father" directly

come on!

You are so great

He (Sha Yi) is so firm

So firm

I'm tired

Cai Xukun

Come on!

Cai Xukun

Come on!

What tactics is this?

Cai Xunkun will attack Mr. Sha's lower body

This trick is good

Put more strength

Sha Yi is so dogged

Congratulations, the one promoted in this group is Cai Xukun


Two girls, get ready

It is so interesting

We saw Zhou Jieqiong

is more freely now

she keeps bouncing up and down

trying to make Baby lose her balance

I'm telling you, this may be an illusion

although Baby's expression is like this

did you find that our rope

has been deflected to Baby?

Most of the ropes are already caught by her here

she is in the ascendant now

It turned out that she released a skill secretly

let's look forward to it

Now Zhou Jieqiong is putting her strength

and keeps jumping to pull Baby up

Tug of war?

This is good, she (Baby) released

If she (Zhou Jieqiong) had released earlier just now

she (Baby) would have fallen down

Baby took the initiative to release the rope

when Zhou Jieqiong was putting the strength

Use light to beat heavy


Next, it's our last group's turn

Big Lin and Brother Kai

It can't be pulled down


Wait a minute

I can't reach it

I can't reach it

Don't play this

It will definitely be played

I'm "so" angry!


The game officially started

Now, try to find the feeling of the soles of the feet

Guo Qilin tried several fake moves

to pretend to sway his rope

Did you find that Brother Kai's horse stance

is particularly stable

because his upper body is almost still

his legs are in the same direction

the frequency is also same

What's going on?

Zheng Kai used defense instead of offense first

when Zhou Jieqiong was putting the strength

Good, perfect

Congratulations to Brother Kai for entering the next round

I should compare with Brother Kai

According to the results just now

the group for the semi-final is

In this way, let's play a round sitting down


OK, come on

In this way, let's play a round sitting down


OK, come on

They turned to sitting down


Don't you feel tight with this posture?

A little, it's OK, come on

I can bear everything

Come on

Buddhist mood, right?

Edit the photo to put them on two mountains

high mountains

two monks

After our martial arts music sounded

the two are in meditative

both of them can't move now

the game is called Whoever Moves Will Lose


Well, painful

Well, painful


He didn't touch the ground

Brother Chen didn't touch the ground

This trick doesn't work for you

Wait a moment

My butt is painful

Are you alright?

Really painful

The battle between Brother Kai and Baby

is about to begin

I can't move

It has almost gone

It has almost gone

Baby, if you pull the rope more

So he can't reach it

It's the limit of his height

The same move

wins every time

Next up for the final

are Li Chen and Baby

This is absolute power

Same skill works every time!

Let's be serious about it, don't be modest

I want you to lose even if you are serious enough

Come on, Baby!

Dude, just be serious, don't let me win on purpose

Li Chen starts to make moves

With his power

Baby's rope has been slowly

pulled away

She's really going up in the air!

Oh my gosh!

Oh my gosh!


This sense of power

is really not an equivalent

Even Sha Yi can't stand it


Come on!

Li Chen

Come on!


Come on!

Li Chen

Come on!

Baby has been forced into the corner

at this moment

Push him, Baby

Give him a push

Who will lose this moment?

Give him a push

Congratulations, the winner is

Li Chen, congrats!

Here comes the arrangement for this part

The first, the second, the third and the fourth

were given three bags of different sizes

The other four members

were given the same smallest bags

Here you are

I feel a bit ashamed

It's not much bigger than yours last round

I feel better now

I'm content

This one is good, this one


I can't open it, it fell to the ground

No hurry

This bag doesn't hold much, anyway

What's are you doing?

Look at the floor

It's so messy

OK, that's enough

Don't be so greedy

We can't hold that many

After you pass the first task

and the opening task

now you all have two bags

The weight in the bag

will directly affect the value of your prize

So if you want to win more gold

So next

please work hard

for a better ranking

to get a bigger bag


Running man

You're just amazing, sister

ain't I?

You really did a great job

I'm right behind, watching the game all the time

you're really skilled

I dare not move

I was so nervous

So I could only hold on to that rope


Then aim at the moment when he seems to be unsteady

I'll just loosen the rope


This car is BESTUNE T55

It's naturally equipped with N95 function

Its filtering capability is comparable to that of a medical mask

Get in this car

I'll tell you what

I'm very confident about its safety

It's just so great!


It's shower time

It's started

Two ladies

Six male guests

Is there a list?



I have a song called Desire

short for "bathing"?

Nope, it names after "desire"

Why are your song title

either Puzzle or Desire?

What choice do I have?

They're all for Running Man

Where's my song?

It's already in production


Kai, it seems that you are so familiar with this place

You must come here a lot

That's true

Follow me

So beautiful

Japanese Cherry Blossom style

It's very beautiful

So lovely

I'm tired

Are you?

It's too heavy

I can't carry it

I can handle this

Thank you

It's too heavy

I can't carry it

Put it here

One more round

I'll have to use the car

I'll tell you what

Here's more

Too heavy

Could it be any heavier?

The three technicians in the front, please make way

This is my job

This is my job

Move aside, please


It is supposed to be a pleasure

to come to such a place

But how did it

remind me of some

painful experiences?

Why are you crying?

Press hard



I feel a little bit scared

you know

I was scared as soon as I came in here

It's horrible

Where are you?

Come out

We don't have that this time, do we?

Welcome to Wuxi

Gokurakuyu Boda Hot Spring Center

There are hot springs


food and games

This is a good place

for Wuxi people to socialize and relax

This is so cool!

I like it

If you're sleepy, just sleep here

Why don't you unfold your beds?

Like this

Yeah, I see

This is so comfortable


You just read it


You're so arrogant

How can you say that?

Are you considering becoming a technician recently, Yao?

You're so arrogant

You just read it

Read it

Everybody, the weight in your bags

has increased again

In the final part

we will convert your accumulated weight

into gold of corresponding value

So we still have tasks for you

to win the weight

Next up

through some tasks

you're going to demonstrate

your personal abilities and characteristics

You see, there is a small board next to you

There are some small projects

some of them are cooperative

others are confrontational

Tear it up randomly


Just tear one

Do you have any ideas?

Just don't call me

Keep quiet when you tear it

And keep your voice down

That's it?

Chopsticks Kungfu

What does that mean?

I'm good at it



Chinese Kung Fu

Chopsticks Kungfu means holding badminton with chopsticks

One plays badminton

the other holds it with chopsticks

You can get good scores if you do well

How can you do that?

I usually have Western food

Do you?

Then how about you?

I eat food with my fingers

Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me?

Then how about you?

What are your eating habits?

Just give me a plate of fruit

like watermelon or something

So you eat with toothpicks


Then you can't do that

Then how about you?

I can't use chopsticks

You can't use chopsticks?

Let me ask the people here


Neither can I


Then I'll be there for you


Why can't you ask her earlier?

She's right next to you!

Yeah, why don't I start from the nearest one?

Challenge for Li Chen and Baby, timing starts!

Challenge for Li Chen and Baby, timing starts!


slow it down

No hurry

slow it down

No hurry

slow it down

One by one

No hurry

What's going on?

Are you a "spy" sent here?

Be careful




Smash it, sister

What do you think it's like

for us to lie here

and watch the two of them play this game?

I don't know

It is quite good

It's about bathing anyway

There should be some talent shows after the bath


Here it comes!

Last 5 seconds

Boss, can we change the show?

I don't want to see this

Did they come here without training?

Time's up!

I have to talk to the manager of the bath center

Don't let them come here anymore

Just get rid of them, please


Tell the manager not to provide such programs in the future

Next, you pick one, Kun

It's my turn to pick, huh

I can't use chopsticks

You really don't want to play this game, do you?

Yes, I do

I really do want to play it

How can you show me

your desire to play?

I really do want to play it

Now you're being like your kid

Then how about you?

I want to play the game, too

I really want to


What about you?

I want to play

I want to play, dude


I really want to

I really really want to, please

Oh, come to mom's hug

I want to play

Come on, Qillin

It's not easy for you to come back

Come on

What the hell?

No, nothing

You're here for revenge, aren't you?


Or I'll serve the badminton

OK, there you go

Have a try

OK, the game begins!

Come on

Go ahead

What the heck?

What the heck?

What the heck?

Count it, can I?

It's all my shaking hands

You know what, you grabbed it first

and then it ran away

Can you say something

the new member can understand?

Catch ducks, catch ducks, how many do you catch?


Missed it

Got it

This is just so funny

Does that count?

Count one


A little bit higher

Yeah, a little higher

Well played

Now you get it

and then it ran away

and then it ran away


You can grab it when it gets to you, dude

Why don't you act?

I want it on the chopsticks

Because it's not easy to grab it

It's not easy

That's what I think

Now I get it

I'm not going to work that hard

You really understand?


You knew it?

I knew it


I'm not going to work that hard

With a little power

I'll use less power, I get it this time

It feels like Qilin is going to cramp

every time you serve the badminton


If we're going to make memes for Qilin

we should really replay this motion over and over again

I feel I really got something

Really got something

I can handle it this time, I really can

Why do I always raise my feet?

And then it gives me a cramp


Can you do it or not?

I can do it, no problem!

One more time, the last one

Why don't you try another move?

He always grabs it and then throws it away

Does it count?

Count one

You made it 3 times

OK, that's it

I'm not fit for this sport

Neither am I

Kun and Qillin got 3 scores in all

My bag is the smallest

I want to challenge

Count me in

You two?


No worry, I'm good at it

Is it like this?

I really suck at it

Is it like this?

No, it's not

Turn it over


A little bit higher

A little bit higher

I'm sorry

Because I don't know how to play this

Are you too far away from me?

Is it too far?

If you're closer to me, it's easier to grab, isn't it?


He's following your badminton

You serve the badminton so far

he's going to have to step back for sure


Higher, there should be an arc

That's right



Just keep it like this

Chinese Kung Fu

Well-done, it's a good catch

He does have his moves

Or you can

come to grab it

No, it's better for you to do it


"Double Kill"

Lucas is really great

Last ten seconds

The last ten seconds, come on!

Hang in there

No hurry


Nice shot


You really blow my mind, Lucas

Don't worry, hang in there

The last one

Nice job, you scored many times

How many?


Now you rank the second place

Do you guys

want to have a try?

Come on

we're missing a round if we don't take part

Yeah, there will be one round missing

Come on

They all scored

But we didn't score, come on

The old dudes woke up suddenly

Old dudes

I think I'll give the card back later

I'll give it back

Come on, here we go

very calm



Sure enough, this task is suitable for the elder

No hurry

That's right

That's totally right

It fell to the floor

How many just now?


We thought we learned something

turns out to be just 3

change sides


I can't, I have a cramp in my hand

My hands are cramping

Come on, get ready

I really can't use chopsticks



With a little power


No missing

So beautiful

He caught it so well


That's awesome

And push-ups!


You two stay in the bath center

You're the perfect match

I admire you

Because of this sport

you're becoming particularly charming

I meant it, Kai

You are so attractive

You are so handsome

Countless old ladies will be lured by you

We all like it

That's what we love to see

Let's go on

Have you ever seen that old men in the park

It's like old people kicking shuttlecock together


I'll do the same later

I decided to give you two a very good shuttlecock

when you are 50

I don't think it's necessary to wait until they are 50

We may do it now

Oh crap, it's exhausting

Come on, the clock continues


He caught it so well


That's awesome

After recording such a long time with Kai

I say this is his highlight

Brother Kai and Brother Sha ranked first

Someone gives me a foot press

I'm whacked

Can I see you perform this

next time I come here?

Don't worry, definitely

We are the residents here

And that would be our repertoire

Let's move on to the challenge

of the second project


The competition of this project

is to use straw

to suck the drinks in the square

It's all about speed

The winner of each group will get one score

Then we're going to win


If it's not AMBPOEIAl

I'm not involved in this project

Drink it up, bro

You haven't finished yet

Are you raising fish?

Drink it up, bro

You haven't finished yet

Are you raising fish?


You're definitely raising fish

What the hell?

You're spraying it out

Why are you vomiting it out?

Why are you spitting?

What's wrong with you?

Brother Kai won

You see

Just look

Oh my gosh!

Don't rush to win

What're you doing?

You're pushing it!

It's disgusting!

That's gross

You stop it

I don't even want to record it


Kai, you big eater!

OK, stop it

I'm so stuffed

Brother Kai won

One score for him

You didn't drink it up

Yes, I did

Much better than you, OK?

How did he make it?

Why does he drink so fast?

Pack this for me and take it back

I'll freeze it for you

Who's next?

I'll do it

All right, you and Jieqiong

Come on

Come on

You feel like a mosquito, Lucas

Then what is Zhou Jieqiong like?

She is like a bee

Lucas is really like a mosquito

Stop it, it's over

The game is over

Our program is broadcast all over the country


I don't care

You lost to her?

It's harder than I think

Because there's always the airflow

It's very uncomfortable

to drink



The winner is mocking at you


She's still sucking it there

Congratulations, Jieqiong wins

she gains 1 point


This really

gives me a sense of fullness

Do you have any experience to share with us?

Just looking at it straight

that's it

Looking at it straight and sucking it?

Yeah, just like that

Let's make a big bet

Say it

The last one who finish this will drink another bottle of Ambrosial

The last one

it's an advantage for me

I lose the game but I win a bottle of Ambrosial

The person who loses

will get a bottle of delicious

AMX Ambrosial as compensate


OK, come on

They two are pretty even

Almost finished

Did it come out of the nose?


Give me a tissue

Here you are

It did come out of your nose

Here you are

It did come out of your nose

You can brush your nose

Come here, it's on the shelf

behind you

you can pick a new product

of sucrose-free AMX Ambrosial

I want aloe flavor

I'll tell you what

I'm gonna drink up

drink up



Forget it

how about this?

I can help you with half of it

We can pour it in

and do it again

This is not easy

because it's thick

What's in it?


It blocked the straw

The straw is blocked

Up side down


it's even worse

My straw is really blocked

it's blocked

Sis Baby's straw is blocked

Baby finished this first

I wanna tell our program crew

I won't have dinner


Baby takes the lead in the game of drinking Ambrosial

each of them gains 1 point

I wanna drink Ambrosial too

I wanna drink Ambrosial too

I wanna have that amazing beverage

You have to take it slow to drink it

so slow

They drink so fast

Come on

Nope, don't be too fast

drink it slowly

Let me have a taste of yours

It really gives me a sense of fullness

You can have mine

Which one is better?

They are similar

Let me teach you, you can use them

I can teach you

like this

I wanna make a word of "Mi"

Why did I try this

stupid way?

Why did I try this

stupid way?

This is a smart way

He doesn't want them, you can try them

He had used them

Make them up side down

Will it be different?

What about that?

What about that?

It's good that you used them

What about that?

It's good that you used them

This is great, you can try

like this

Nope, so I have to be like

Nope, so I have to be like

be like this, right?

This is not right

You two spend half an hour to align the straws

I don't have that big mouth


I can put them all in

very much looking forward to...

You paid so much work



I can't suck it in

Two straws together, can you do that?

Like this

No problem at all

So quick

The competition is fierce now

one side has 6 squares left

the other side has 7 squares left

Guo Qilin has put straws in 4 squares


We just made a deal

when we were here

this thing is choking

take it slow

Slow down

We agreed that

we can drink the last square of it together



Let's drink the others except the last one

He is playing trick

he is playing trick with you

you've been tricked

I am convinced

I win

You win?

Nobody cares about this?

Is he the first one who finished this?


Congratulations on the winning of Cai Xukun

he gains 1 point

This society is simple

Next, we will start our last project

let's invite Bro Chen to pick one

I did

Physical ability

What's this?

This is simple

you will make a movement

it's called Stepping Across Myself

the member who can finish with easily with least time

can get point

Like this, right?


enough, you don't need to demonstrate

Can we take our hands across?

From butt, yeah


it across your butt, then it's finished


Okay, no problem

Come on

I will do it first as Liu Bei

Liu Bei who's hands are over knees

I take a look first

watch the demonstration of my "father"

It can be like this?


Do you need any tissue?

Happy New Year!


Even Bro Sha passed this

there's no reason for us not to pass this

Come here and massage for me

Come on

rub me

Bro Sha succeed

Will you time?

If you've all passed this

we will

It will be boring if all of us have passed


Timing, timing

I think they should time for us

or it feels like everybody can finish this

I agree


Sha's challenge hasn't been timed

it doesn't count

It becomes nothing when it turns to me?

Come on

I didn't expect you can make it

When it comes to me, the challenge I finished becomes nothing

Let me tell you

you still go for it

go, go!

It's faster

My hands loosened

Go ahead, Father Sha

You look like a ostrich

You look like a ostrich

You look like a ostrich

I give up

It's really hard to tell what he was scratching

It's pretty fun

I gave up

If other people can't finish it

then his challenge before is counted

I agree with that

Bro Chen, it's your turn

Do I need to do this?

Try it

Okay, come on

This is so hard

This is so hard

What are you doing?

You wanna play with shuttlecock again, right?

Hold your hands apart

You were strengthening your glutes?

Do you still wanna do that?

Look at your glutes

You are sealed by yourself

Look at him?

Are you apologizing to someone?

Help me shrink my hips

Let me help you

Help me shrink my hips

Hips! Not my waist!

Your hips

are on the side

the side

I knew

Try harder

I have a little cramp here

There you go



Make it harder

Your arms are so long


They are the way they are

Start, countdown will begin

Start, countdown will begin

Okay, go

Hold on, they will time for you

How did you make it?

It's just 2 seconds

3 seconds

This is easy

3 seconds

I can do this too

Sis Baby can do this too


Is it the same movement we make?

So you say, are the audiences start doing the same movement in home

while they're watching us

It's possible

Formal challenge

I can start from this

That one at the beginning is simple, okay?

You have to start it from the head


It's okay

Ready, go

Stand up

Forget it

I can't make it

Let me do it


3, 2, 1, begin!

You are so stubborn

Kneel down

His hands aren't opened

My hands loosened

are they?

He opened his hands

I wanna watch the playback

Kneel down

My hands loosened


it's accident

I can choose not to open

once again

You will open your hands again

No, no

My hands loosened

You opened

My hands loosened


My hands loosened

What are you bunch of guys surrounding him for?

My hands loosened

What are you playing?

What are you guys playing?

Nope, I can't do it

I can't do it

I really can't

If you guys finished your challenges

I will announce the ranking

the person who ranked first is Bro Kai

so you can get the biggest bag

It's so not easy for me to win a biggest one

You've already started to pack

You guys look like

you are in the wholesale market

You will have nothing to pack if you don't come

Can you really pick something good in such a hurry?

Here you are!

I have to put it in no matter what

That bear doesn't count

because you didn't put it in

At least you have to do like this

Really? I agree

You can try

What did you get, Jieqiong?

This is what I took

Mageline oil control and anti-dandruff shampoo

it contains amino acid composition which is used in skin care products

it makes you comfortable when washing hair

just like when you are washing face

makes your scalp younger

more compact

After rounds of competitions before

everybody gets

different sizes of bags

In the final part

the weight you accumulated

into gold of corresponding value

When will we go to the next place


When will we go to the next place


I really can't stand this

Security staff

The reserved program

Running man

Welcome to

Wuxi Sunac Park

Sunac Park

So beautiful! I wanna play this

I'm excited now

I wanna play this


You've worked hard for the whole day

and gained many weights

Take a look

of those bags behind you

The total weights you gained

in the three bags

the number after decimal point

will be omitted

members can receive your gold

according to the weight of you bags

you can put it in your own case

6 7 8 9

11 12

I'm the richest

I have never seen

so much money like this

1 2 3 4 5

Put it in case



Is it big enough?

Based on your performances

you've owned

your gold

but there's a rule

the member among you guys

who get the least weight of gold

can't take his gold with him


I have the least gold?

Yeah, you have the least gold for now

After the round of game

if you are still the one

with the least gold

your gold can't be taken away by you


you still have chance to change your fate

In our field

there're some treasure boxes

the card inside of the box

can change the weight of your gold

most of them are the ones can add the weights

of your gold

but there's a box

with a blank sticker you're familiar with

if anyone who's stuck with the sticker, that person will out, right?

One hour limited

when time's up

the one who's stuck with sticker

will lose all his gold

We absolutely will stick it on the one with the most gold

Nobody will touch me



we are looking for the box, right?

The point is I suck at finding things

my eyesight is poor, I can't see clearly

Tailg electric vehicle

is this prepared for me, director?

I'm riding the electric bike

and running like wind

Tailg electric bike

is the Guinness world record holder

Tailg special version

one time of charging, two times of distance it goes

Tailg electric bike can keep going

Tailg electric bike can take you far away

I must be the winner

I will see who's gonna catch up with me

I'm finding already

What's this?

What is the bunch of people for?

Who's calling me?

Who is it?


What does this mean?

I'm finding already

What's this?

What is the bunch of people for?

Who's calling me?

Who is it?


What does this mean?

What's this?

What's going on?

Are they men in black?

What does this mean?

There's a plot?

What are you doing?


this way

What's this?

What are you doing?

Who are you?

What are you doing?

We have skill? No way

This is a bunch of men in black


I don't know

Why are you following me?

Do we have special task?

I don't know

Is it a joke or What?

What? Are you protecting me for my safety?

Are you afraid that other people will take my things?

What does it mean?

What does this mean?

You guys

you guys stay here

Nope, you guys

look like Chaplin

these are my shadows, I get it

Do I have such a beard like that?

What are you doing?

They have no eyebrows

Are these my shadows?

They are


Can you make them paint your eyebrows?

This is not harmful

but insulting

Let me tell you

the guys who are following me are wearing glasses

I had a surgery

I've already taken my glasses off

I have them too

let's shake it

Will you follow me all the time?

Won't you disappear?



What are you doing?

Will you follow me and imitate me

all the time?


Give me with such a special effect



Take a look at this

What's wrong?


I have information?

In the process of you guys

fighting for the weights

I see your strong desire for gold

the desire has turned into

"Desire Shadow"

the person with more gold

will have more "Desire Shadow" followed him

so I have four

they will finish the last task

with you in the following task

if your "Desire Shadow" is stuck

with blank sticker

your gold will be cleared to zero

They can be put on the sticker?




I have something to discuss with you

you guys have to be careful

It means the person with the most weights is easy to lose

let me check

you guys

How should I check them?

I know how should I do it

Come on


Right! Today

I won't be finding box

I will pay attention to who's gonna put it on us

we can watch out for each other


We are not bad then

we take an advantage

I knew it's not a good thing

to have such a strong desire

the person with more gold

will have "Desire Shadow" followed him

because the person has strong desire

so the chance for him

to be put the sticker on

will be bigger

How can I guess it right?

You three have to make a noise when you're put on with the sticker

I won't turn around

Do you hear me?

You guys

The one who finds the box for your master

can get a golden coin

Why didn't you hit?


you weren't using your strengths

I really hate myself

I hate myself

Are you bleeding?

I regret it

Sha, save me

I'm nice to you guys

This is the real cruelty

can you see it?

If I can't find it

I wanna jump out of this

Do I have some accompanies?


You haven't learned the essence

let's go

they are not stupid

Get rid of them!


Get rid of them!

Following me

is not that easy

Not a single one person is gone

it looks like I can't get rid of them

Merry Go Round

this is so happy!

This is so authentic!

So happy!

This bunch of people

are so funny

this is so fun

Let's go, brothers!

It's time to reveal our nature

Let's go, brothers!

Where's the massacre?

Our "Axe Gang"

is pretty touch

Look, there are enemies


This is so fun

So happy!

Where's the box?

It's hard to find the box

Where the box would be?

Are those boxes found by them?

I find one

Isn't this a box?

What's this?

This is good

So you say, would any box be here?

This tree

I got it

I got it

I found it again!

So there will be more and more "Desire Shadow"


Plus 1


Plus 2

I can't choose not to have them

Minus 1

Didn't he say most of the boxes are good ones?

Must in there

Minus 2, most of the boxes are put with plus cards

Who made me go in here?

I'm "so" angry!

Do you know what does it mean?

It means my hard work for today has wasted

I'm tired

I'm tired

Most of the boxes are put with plus cards

I have 4 bars of gold

the first one is minus 3, the second one is minus 2 and the third one is minus 1

I owed two bars of gold

Attention, everyone

Attention, everyone

there are 30 minutes left

to the end of the game

there are 30 minutes left

to the end of the game

Go, let's find the gold

What's this?

I got this!

It's a great and tough task

I got this!

I have to find someone

or my gold will be cleared out, right?

You opened a box?

There's nothing in it

It's empty

Get away from me!

Bro Kai

We've known each other for so many years

Bro Kai

you want me to stay away from you

I am afraid

You've gone too far

I'm afraid, you can go first

This lady, do you need any help?

Our " Axe Gang" can help you

Do you have blank sticker

I'm actually afraid of you

You shouldn't

Am I look unkind?

I have to get a Light Sword

to my sisters

I will give them the Light Sword

let's get the Light Sword

Should I tell her?

What do you think?

Sis Baby

I have an important thing to tell you

What's wrong?

Come out first

I'm here, what?

Stay still


Don't move

Don't move

Don't move. What?

Your sister has been put a sticker on

you guys can



Don't move, I can help you

I'm the only one who can help you

Don't move. How can you help me?

Okay, give me a hand

Believe me!


Hold it

I will stick it on other people

We will have an agreement

today, our "Axe Gang"

What gang?

Light Sword

today, our "Axe Gang"

will officially unite with

"Light Sword Gang"


Okay, be careful


Let's find if there's any box

Plus 1

We have less people though

Who's this?

Look at them

Why you are holding the knife?

This is scary

Surround them!

Only four "Desire Shadow"

Remember this, don't look down on our "Axe Gang"

See you!

I'm done

Who are we?

Chaplin Comedy Master Class

What's wrong?

I have nothing

But just now

some people sticked it on me

Kun'er helped me get rid of it


It's Zheng Kai, Zheng Kai had it before

Zheng Kai is so bad

Come here, I will help you dress up

You're so miserable, Bro Sha

They have swords and other things

they are symbolic

you put it on for him



OMG, Bro Sha found it

Turn around

I turned back

why are you guys making a circuit?

When did they put it on me?

You're an idiot

When did they put it on me?

Hurry up!

Hurry up!


You have two people sitting with you


Gosh, he put it on me


Let's go somewhere safe

and check it out

See? I knew it!

Attention, everyone

The blank sticker is transferred

I wanna know who has blank sticker now

Someone is over there

Why do they have weapons?

Hurry up!

Why did you run away?

Why I can see you putting it on other people every time?

It is so scaring

The real blank sticker is with me

or not

Should I...the same questions here

Do I need to tell her or not?

Forget it

Hurry up!

I should tell her

I feel bad if I don't

Jieqiong, hold on

What are you going to do?

Nope, what are you doing?

Hold on

let me teach you a movement

you can do this movement

then you will see


You really should trust me



What are you doing?

It's okay

It doesn't matter

What's wrong?

Why did he make me do this movement?

Are you put on with the sticker?

It is so scaring

Stay still

Come here, don't move

Okay, I will find someone to put

Attention, everyone

there are 30 minutes left

and check it out

There're 10 minutes left

Attention, turn around


We three can unite, okay?


We can watch out for each other


because we have so many people

Can you do it or not?

Let me tell you, when we are in a mess

Will it work?


Thank you, Sis

You see

This guy exposes his true color

he exposed his true color

Come on, hit them

hit the one who hugged you

It can be like this?

Bully us

I really didn't expect that

your personality

your shadow

not like me at all

Someone's here

sisters, this way

Come on

What are we called? "Catching Duck Team"

"Catching Duck Team" be quick!

What are you doing? You running in front of me

The shadow!

You become reflection

What are you doing?

Don't stick us, we're united


Who's gonna stick anyone of us

we will start gang fight

I wanna join you guys, okay?

Show us your back

You don't have it in your hands

What about Pikachu?

Behind it?

You tell me who has the blank sticker now?

who has it?

I don't know

I saw it just now

It's either Zheng Kai or Kun'er

Yeah, it's either Zheng Kai or Kun'er

if everyone's united

there's only one people with the sticker on, do you know?

This is fun

til the end

Go and find it, what are you doing here?

Let's go

You don't lie to me?

You wanna unite with me?


It's no lie

What should we do?

Let's physical exercises to radio music

Let's dance

Let's do that kind of

simple dance

Hip-hop battle, okay?

Stick it back to them

Hurry up!

Hurry up!

Are you put on with the sticker?

Too naive

Too naive

You are so fast

you sticked it on

I saw it

you sticked it on a girl wearing black ears

Okay, it's okay


Okay, stand aside

Turn right!


I...this is not...

No, it didn't stick

not stick on it

This does not count, not stick on

Did you stick?

I don't know

No, it's on the ground, here

Yes, I stuck it just now

It's recorded

I...this is not...

No, it didn't stick

So difficult

What shall we do?

Anyway, it's not safe

The guy is a good runner

Come on!

He's gone

OK, let me pick it up



Am I kind?

It's so kind of you

Am I kind?

It's so kind of you

Don't stick on me when you pick it up

Attention, everyone

there are 30 minutes left

One minute left

Come on


the critical moment

Let us


OK, nothing in the last minute

Go, run

Guo Qilin


Don't shot

It's me

Hurry up!

Come on

This way

Hurry up!

Who's there?


Guo Qilin

The game will come to an end soon

Where on earth is

the sticker?

I don't know


Game over

We are about to head to

the final venue of the day

Hope you go all out for it

What does it mean?

It's dark

Is it the big theater?

So many lights above

What do the lights above mean?


Someone's coming

Someone's coming

Take it easy

Over there

There are audiences

These are our shadows


All of them are dear pals

that suffered from us just now

Well, before you speak

why do you stick on other's eyebrows?

We are now standing at

Wuxi Taihu Show Theater

We'll soon count

the final results today

First I will announce

the cases of those who hold stickers

The final sticker

goes between two members

Let's invite Sha and Kai

to open your cases

It is wandering

I doubt myself




Please open the case




Please open the case

I'm scared to death

Over. No suspect


Listen everyone is sighing

and we know how they hope you are cleared

They are all sorry for me

So disappointing

Why isn't it Zheng Kai?

Right, why isn't it him?

I'm so hard. I ran the whole night

Another important thing

to tell you

Your gold

cannot be taken away by one person

Today every demand and desire

of you should be met

So every desire of you

will be satisfied

That is to say, you will

equally share your gold

with your "shadow of desire"

I'm sorry

I didn't get it

What do you say about it?

If he's on the carriage, drag him off

I'm so sorry

Let me announce

how much gold everyone will take

after you share your gold

with your "shadow of desire"

Each piece is one gram of gold

Congratulations to the members obtaining gold

More information

to share with you

Actually today

your behaviors

have been observed in real time

by psychologists and sociologists

So scary

It can't be true


Have experts been here?

Experts are familiar

Yeah, some are our old friends

Old friends

I've observed you

the whole day

At the beginning

when you heard the rule of changing weight into gold

such a big game, and then

Are you kidding?

you made efforts to

get things from the shelves

I want to say to you

desire is really

a double-edge sword

Right desire is a power

but excessive desire

will bring pains to people

It is a burden

Thank you, teacher

In today's game, there is another

meaningful metaphor

I think it is innovative in this game

The appearance of the man in black

tells us

If one's desire

is controlled within an average

his result will be optimum

But if you have more desire

you will lose more

The more desire you have

think of the burdens and risks

behind the desire


Desire should match ability

If there is a large gap

between ability and desire

one will feel painful

If your desire

can match your ability

you will find a balance

and make everyone around you comfortable

and also yourself

With the social progress

young people have more and more

diversified demands

If you meet your desire reasonably

trust me

you are on the way to happiness

and you will be on the rise

I want to tell

our audience friends

I hope you balance your ability and desire

when you are pursuing your happiness

and make yourself as happy and comfortable as you can

Good words

There is a song called (Desire)

It means want

Desire means want

Want (Desire)

The third song

I've chosen the name of the fourth song for you

What is it?

It is (Empty)



It's all right

The name of the fourth album

I will inscribe the name for you

The Description of 【FULL】“砂锅菜”父子欢喜重聚 郭麒麟找金币失败无奈“破产”? #奔跑吧9 KeepRunning S9 EP9 20210618[ZJSTVHD]