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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Repaint! Christmas Lolita Reindeer Yuliya Custom Doll OOAK

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*swanky intro music*

Anyoung! Welcome to Dollightful! In light of the holiday season,

Myself and a couple other doll youtubers have collaborated to bring you four festive custom doll videos to watch

So be sure to stick around for more about that

I'll be creating a cute Lolita fashion inspired Christmas reindeer girl. Let's get started!

Let's look into the old stock box for a good base doll. This Clawdeen Wolf for Monster High seems like a good candidate

What does the cat assistant think?

She doesn't care. Okay, looks like I already wiped her factory paint off some time in the past

So let's continue by snipping off the purple in her hair

Luckily this doll was rooted in a way that makes it easy to section off the purple hair

Cut it as close to the head as you can

next to remove her noggin

Since this is going to be a partial reroute. I want to protect the hair

She already has by wrapping her in a vinyl bag and dunking her in hot water

Normally, I don't bother and just dunk everything in there, but by keeping the hair dry we can move right along without waiting

This is a bit trickier because I don't want to remove any brown hair

But I still poke a long pair of needle nose pliers in through the neck hole and tug out the remaining bits of purple

Now I'm sure those holes are clean and ready for a new color of hair

I've got a couple Browns and blondes in the same color family as her lovely chestnut colored hair

So I think I'll go with one of these to give her highlights

the tool

I'm using is a homemade rerooting tool all it is is a needle with the eye cut at an angle

Insert it into a drill chuck piece that I purchased at a hardware store

Flip a couple hairs on the end of the needle and poke those plugs into the head one hole at a time

With her new highlights all filled in secure the hair from the inside using a flexible glue

I'm using my trusty bottle of fabric tack

This part is kind of awkward because you have to feel around with your thumb and sort of hope you're touching all the plugs in

There we don't want them to fall out

Moving on to her reindeer antlers I'll be using a sturdy 20 ish gauge wire in a two-part epoxy sculpt I

Tried to make my dolls really sturdy because let's face it

I'm not my customs over all the time

So to make a solid pair of antlers we want to ground each antler into the head at three points to form a strong armature

Insert the wire in at point one and up through the knuckle

Eyeball about how long you want your antlers to be keep in mind the length currently inside the head and double it

Cut the wire at this length

Feed the other end of the wire through point two and out the neck hole as well

Twist these two together and try to flatten the knot so that it will sit nicely on the inside

Now pull that knot inside

Insert a new length of wire into the last point point three and create a small knot at the end of that as well

Pull it back inside clip the wire, and now you can twist all three wires together I

I suggest using two pairs of pliers to twist right at the base because you don't want to be putting any stress on the vinyl head


Now we can form the armature shape for the apoxie to hold on to

Think of this part like gesture drawing. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it should capture the just of what you're making

I'm referencing photos of reindeer on my off-screen laptop while I form the wire

Yeah, that's good enough even ish

Before we dive into the epoxy stage mask off the hair as best you

Can I'm using some scrap fabric squares in a series of safety pins and rubber bands to protect the head?

mix-up equal parts of apoxie A and B, and then go to town I

Do antlers in two passes the first pass is just to flesh out the armature wire and set the stage

Apoxie cures slowly especially in cold weather, so if the shape isn't looking right. There's still plenty of time to push around the armature wire

Pass two is for refining the shapes and adding detail

Hey, did you know female Reindeer actually do have antlers?

usually for antlered girl characters like this

I feel like I need to make an excuse you know like it's a fantasy creature

So it doesn't have to be realistic, but the antlers actually are appropriate this time

Okay, this is going to look pretty weird, but apoxie does cure faster when it's warm so to try and speed this up

I'm going to find the warmest spot in the house and

Just let her cook in there for a while


Once it's fully cured. We can paint them start off with a dark brown or black and work it into all the crevices

Then come back with your main lighter color and brush it on delicately using the wide side of the brush

This technique is called dry brushing, and we're using it to accentuate the sculpting and let it do the work for us

To make these antlers a little fancier

I'm adding iridescent copper paint near the tips and also darken the tips towards a black color. Just to make it look more interesting

Once you're satisfied with the paint job seal it in using a matte varnish half it with water so that the varnish doesn't dry shiny

Paint on a generous two to three coats especially around the extremities

We don't want any paint chipping off when the cat's send her flying off the shelves

After that's dry we can move on to her face up

We've got to mask off the face this time I

Usually begin with two coats of mr.

Super clear on the blank doll, but I'm running dangerously low, so let's go straight ahead and dust on some initial pastels

The brand I use is Mungo soft pastels, and they are pigmented enough to actually stick quite well all by themselves without the sealant

Add some darker red brown color to her forehead cheeks and nose and lips now. Let's seal her

They say MSC doesn't work, too

Well if it's cold, but if I'm honest I usually just have at it

And hope for the best and it tends to work out for me

Maybe it's because I store the can itself inside so that doesn't get too cold. I don't know maybe I just luck out for

An entire and complete list of materials check out my materials video especially if you're new to the Hobby

I also talked about how you're supposed to use MSC

I also list what I use in the video below in the description box if you're curious

So going right in with the black watercolor pencil here, I'm giving her very solid eye lines

I'm referencing images of caribou off-screen and trying to work in attributes of the animals face into the dolls design

like the dropped inner corner into big sweet eyes I

Go back and forth from pencils to pastels to shape her eyebrows and pupils and add some early highlighting to the face

To save on sealant I'm moving right along to acrylic paint I

block in the shape of her pupil and fill in the whites of her eyes with watered down paint

It's better to do several watered-down layers to keep things thin and flat as opposed to one thick layer

Next I'm adding a rather bold design element a beige ring around her eyes, I've noticed lots of reindeer

Have a lighter patch of fur around their dark eyes, which really sets them off

Here I'm building up a dark brown color from the black pupil and go on with some fancy copper micro glitter to make her eyes


With some stylized lower lashes painted on in the same color as the beige fur I

also paint on some black lashes I

Ended up not liking them

I couldn't get them delicate enough with my current brush skills and with such a bold design already

She was starting to resemble drag queen makeup

Which wasn't what I was going for so wet down your brush and gently scrape away the most recent layer of paint

Not bad it'll need a little touching up

For finishing touches I add a highlight and copper to the Cupid's bow of her lips and paint on a few creases for definition

Let's also brush on more copper micro glitter all over her face for some subtle shimmer


Lastly those tiny little eyes shine I

Gave her a final spray of mr.. Super clear and let her dry

Well I'm really enjoying the shiny paints and glitter so why not take it a step further

I've been admiring the beautiful customs from moonlight jewel dolls and me as daydreams lately both artists work have that ethereal

Fantasy quality, and I felt inspired to try something similar

Taking tiny nail art rhinestones on a dab of Elmer's glue. I decorate her forehead and the inner corner of her. Eye

I have to hold my breath when I put on the rhinestones

There we go

I'll also be gluing on false eyelashes trim them to size first, then glue one side of the eyelash to the face

Be patient and let that fully dry before tacking down the other side

After they're in place and fully dry I like to paint on a couple layers of glue to the lash bed to ensure that they're

hanging on

If the glue you're using doesn't dry clear just come back on top with some black acrylic afterwards

Feels like I've spent a long time on the face for this one

But the last step is taking liquitex high gloss varnish and painting it on her lips and pupils for a beautiful lifelike shine

Looking good

I'll have to be clever when I style her hair to ensure it weaves around all the stuff on her head and looks presentable

Let's pop her head back on gently squeeze the temple and try not to bend the face you spent hours making

cute I

Want her to have big ringlet curls that are a staple of Lolita fashion

So I've used straws and bobby pins to prepare the hair

Next I pour a glass of hot water and a glass of cold water

I dump the curls into the hot water first and then into the cold water

I go back and forth a couple times for good measure the temperature difference will set the curls in place

Dab away excess moisture and set her aside to dry overnight

The next day you can take down her hair and look at all those beautiful ringlets they like so bouncy and full I

was really feeling good about this so my husband, and I went to lunch we came back and

This is what she looked like I seriously hadn't moved her an inch the curls fell out so fast. Why I

Thought this was nylon hair. I guess I was wrong. I don't know what type of hair

it is but clearly it's not having it so I

Suppose the curls just weren't meant to be

While we worried about what to do with her hair now

Let's switch gears and make the outfit I've gathered all the fabrics I own within the Christmas color palette range

I thought about making her a green ensemble, but the only fabric

I have is from a top that I own and I've already stolen a fair chunk of the garment already

So let's go with red. I've got a handful of homemade patterns. I can borrow and modify to create the perfect Christmas dress

First up is the undershirt so your basic long-sleeve button-up style top

Next up is the skirt portion I

Want the white strip to be the accent panel so before we sew it into the dress let's take it aside and have some fun

Using a regular pencil I freehand some classic Christmas images onto the fabric

Then I take acrylics and go to town trying to keep the shapes fairly simple and used cell shading for the most part

Keep in mind the seam allowance when you're doing this by the way, I paint it a little close to the edge

I want it to fill this strip with everything that comes to mind when you think about Christmas

Snowman ornaments Christmas cookies presents everything all the reasons. I love this holiday

When the accent panel is done we can continue sewing

I also stitched up a pair of leggings and a petticoat

That's looking pretty festive she needs some winter boots don't you think

using Walker colors fantastic shoe making technique

I wrapped the legs with tinfoil for protection from the paper mache layer that I'm putting on now

I had to make these on top of the leggings of course to ensure that they'd be large enough to fit

Once the casing is dried delicately cut it out from the back by cutting a line down the center

Just like the store-bought Monster High shoes have and remove it from the leg

You can ditch the tinfoil trim it down to size and get decorating I'll be hot gluing fabric onto the cast starting at the toe

And connecting them around to the slips on the back I

Glued on ribbon lacing to echo the dress and some fur trim around the top to achieve that classic Santa boot aesthetic

Normally, I would form a heel out of epoxy sculpt, but I'm a bit short on time so instead

Let's cut a wedge from thick craft foam and fill in the shape with carefully applied blobs of hot glue

paint the heels black and tada cute Lolita Santa boots

Before we restyle her hair and add finishing touches. Let's dress her up to see where we stand

Pretty adorable

But this spring tastic hair is really ruining it for me

I'm thinking the only way to keep it down while still looking Lolita s will be to give her two ponytails

Yeah with a few more bows ribbons and sparkles our reindeer girl is complete

I think I'll name her Yulia, it's a Russian name, and it kind of sounds like Yuletide spirit. What is Yule anyway?

She's so ready for Christmas I bet she's pals with all of Santa's reindeer too hmm. I wonder if Yulia can fly

What do you guys think a part of me feels like I may have gone a bit overboard with the Lolita outfit and the antlers

Altogether she does make a very complicated doll, but there's no denying. She's bursting at the seams with holiday feels

I'm so glad she's a part of our festive doll family now, but wait there's even more dolls to be had

that's right poppin Atelier moonlight jewel dolls and tamaak you all have their own beautiful Christmas dolls waiting for you over on their channels I

Absolutely love how unique and different each artists work can be under the same theme

collabs are so fun that way so make sure to go check out my friends dolls -

Feel free to like and drop a comment if you enjoyed this festive collaboration and subscribe if you haven't already

We have a lot of fun here

Happy holidays stay artsy


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