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Hello, I'm Robin.

I hope you enjoyed our previous episodes "Worst Nightmare" and "Choices".

"Nightfall" entered production in 2006.

It was intended to be our pilot episode.

For the most part it was recorded in 2006 and early 2007.

The production quality has improved a lot since we started.

Come on, guys.

The overall quality might not match up with what you can expect from us

from watching our latest episodes.

Nevertheless the cast and crew hope you will enjoy this episode.

Captains log, stardate 66251.2.

An unknown enemy has been haunting the Dark Hinterlands for almost 7 years.

They've recently become more active.

Alexander, Matryn, so nice to hear from you again.

Yes it has been a while.

How are things on Ethernita?

Quite wonderful actually, you wouldn't recognize it anymore.

It's almost the paradise it used to be before we were attacked.

That is what we want to talk to you about Mr. President.

The ships responsible for the attack appeared more frequently last few months.

Have you been able to find out anything more about these invaders?

Not much, it seems they just appear and disappear again after an attack.

I see.

They're ships are powered with trikinetron energy.

Now that we know, we're upgrading our systems to scan for that.


In the 23rd century some Federation scientists were researching an alternative for warp technology.

I take it they weren't very successful?

That's right, trikinetron propulsion damages subspace beyond repair.

Well I hope you catch them with those upgraded scanners.

When do you expect them to be ready?

Very soon.

Ayana, may I join you?

Yes of course doctor. How was your week?

You would be amazed by what's coming through that door in sickbay.

After all those years I've seen some very bizarre things.

But what I saw just a few days ago.

Oh no, you're not going to spoil my appetite with that one.

It's nothing like that. Do you remember the Bolian on this ship?

Of course I do, what about him?

Well he was a bit purple when he came, I think it was an allergic reaction.

Also thrilled about our vacation?

Absolutely. The Captain hasn't made up his mind about where he's taking us though.

And I hope we can stay until the end of our vacation.

I don't really care. Anything to get away from that warpcore for a while.

But you're right, when you say the situation is very tense.

It seems that starfleet is slowly losing its grip on things.

I've done some research. Over the past 5 years

less than 40% of the officers have had an uninterrupted shore leave.

I'm sure we're gonna have an uninterrupted vacation, Alan.

I know what you mean. The Batavia is just a science vessel.

We can be missed.

Anyway, I've heard that Captain Richardson wants to take us to Cententa III.

I've also heard that the women there are very, very.....

Never mind.

Rich, great to see you again.

Same here. How are you doing?

Fine and you?

Couldn't be better, but I can't seem to make up my mind about something.

What's that?

I want to go on a trip, but I don't know if I should visit an old friend

or go somewhere else where I've never been before.

Is that a trick question? Because I know how much you enjoy exploring new things.

That's the thing with old friends, they'll always be there.

You can visit them any time. Just go where your heart takes you

new frontiers, new worlds. Remember that my friend.

Thanks Alan. What would I do without you...

Be miserable and brood?

Speaking of miserable, you look a bit worried, Rich.

It's the whole situation. That's why I decided to go away for a while.

Yeah you really should and you also look like you could use a game of tennis.

Some other time. It's getting late.

It's a pretty night, isn't it?

It's so very interesting, in places like this everything disappears into the darkness of the night.

You should go home before it's too dark to see anything

or just bring your flashlight next time.

I think you're right.

Computer, end program.

Excuse me, I don't believe we've met?

No we wouldn't have. I'm Lt. Faldor

You must be Ayana Preck, Chief Engineer?

Looks like you've done your homework. Welcome aboard Lieutenant.

What brings you here?

I was just running some supplies from the Charybdis sector

and they tell me I've got a tour of duty here.

Something to do with a new warp boosting project?

So you're the one they sent to head up my warp acceleration team.

After our last refit 7 years ago we managed to double the engine efficiency.

Yeah, this doesn't look like the usual Nova engine.

You're going to comment how it looks like the Intrepid? Everyone does

My first assignment was actually on the Intrepid.

Lieutenant, I've heard you have a brilliant plan.

Oh yeah, they're calling it Warp Turbo.

Warp Turbo? Are you serious?

I wanted to call it the Hyper Drive.

I see

I was going to try it on the Intrepid, but never got the chance.

How does it work?

It's like an old automobile. Turbocharger.

But instead of compressing air we compress plasma going into the nacelle

with the waste plasma coming out.

This accelerates the whole process allowing more power to go into the warpfield.

Like some warp plasma accelerator.

Yes, we could also reach higher speeds using that technique.

Yeah, I'm just about to run some tests.

Thank you, Lieutenant.

...just like home.

Ensign, I need you to test the atmospheric thusters. The Captain might plan to land the Batavia.

The security report, Captain.


Have you decided where we're going?

Where we're going? I think we first need to get those scanners....

you mean our vcacation.

You haven't forgotten, have you?

I mean there aren't many recreational activities.

Of course I haven't. The crew could use some much neede R&R.

True, but you still haven't told me where we're going.

I'm not sure yet. You'll find out soon enough.

Looking forward to it, Captain.

...and did he tell you?

He said he still hasn't made up his mind.

Well you're the Chief of Security right? Can't you check out his logs?

For security reasons of course.

An internal investigation.

I can hear you, you know.

We're not the only ones who want to know where we're going.

But you're forgetting rule #1.

Rule #1?

Don't mess with the Captain...

Captains log, stardate: 66251.5.

Following the advice from our Vulcan friend Talek, we're now on our way to Cententa III

for some recreational activities.

Belissa, you went away for a while last year. I never had to chance to ask what you've been doing.

You know we rendezvouzed with the U.S.S. Thunderchild, right?

The Akira class vessel.

She was on her way to respond to a distress call from a small Federation colony.

The asked me to assist the crew finding a cure for a terrible disease.

I've heard, but I can't remember which colony it was.

The one on the edge of Federation space, the Queltor system.

Ah yes, Did you eventually find a cure?

We did, but not in time. Though I'm glad we save as many as we could

half of them didn't survive.

Was the colony still able to function with such a loss of manpower?

unfortunately it wasn't. We took them back to Earth where I visited some friends.

Almost every day I was there I walked in the park, just like this one.

But I just can't get that picture out of my head. Those people laying on those beds...

dying, dead. The thing is

Afterwards we discovered that the virus was artificially created.

Who would do such a terrible thing?

I really don't know.

Captain, I'm thinking about leaving the Batavia.

Leaving? As much as I would hate to see you go I do understand.

This ship is too small for you. You need excitement, adventure.

Exactly. Although the Batavia is only a scout ship it's been through a whole lot.

I guess I'm just looking for something new.

I wouldn't be the only one who would hate to see you go.

But I don't want to stand in your way either.

Just don't forget to visit us especially when you have your own ship.

Of course. You've been like a family to me and you've been like a mentor.

That's what being a Captain is all about, isn't it?

I must say you've changed a lot over the years.

I guess I was a little rough around the edges.

A little? By the way, How was your tennis match with the old man.

Did you win?

Not exactly. I think he cheated.

Let me guess, you started to doubt his fair play right after it started to rain on your side?

Something like that.

I heard you served with Captain De Vries, right?

That's right.

I can't believe you left a ship of that size.

You're not an engineer.

I just got tired of all the battles.

Trying to keep the ship in one piece, while the bridge crew was having target practice.

That's why you wanted to find a smaller science vessel.

It looks like I picked the wrong one.

Well, maybe not.

I don't think the Batavia would have survived without such an experienced engineer.

Shut it. I'm not that good.

If you say so. Anyway, were you around when De Vries made contact with the Vexi?

Let me think.

I remember yes, can't say I'm happy I met those people though.

They're living on a heavily poluted planet.

They smell like Romulan fish.

I did some research on them. And I've discovered that their propulsion

is quite similar to trikinetron propulsion.

I think you're right. Their propulsion is based on exactly the same principal.

That's it, Fina. If we find a weakness in Vexi propulsion, we can use it against the enemy.

Captain, Captain! I've got an urgent message from Admiral Taylor

Several enemy ships are on their way to starbase 514.

Alright people! Vacation's over.

War's coming and the Admiral needs our help, move!

I'll make sure everyone get's back asap.

I'll get all systems up and running.

Good. Lieutenant Preck?

I know, you'll get full warp capability as soon as we're in orbit.

Very good, stations everyone. And get me Admiral Taylor.


Sorry about our attire, we just got back.

Never mind that, what's your situation Admiral?

I have 2 starships assisting me, several more are on their way.

By the time the enemy gets here I'll have a fleet of 5 ships.

How many enemy ships have you detected?

We're not sure, we're only seeing a big trikinetron cloud.

It should be at least 10 of them.

They'll be on top of us within the hour.

We'll try to get there as fast as we can.

Let's hope Ayana has a few warp boosting tricks up her sleeve.

Thank you, Captain. Taylor out.

Mr. P'Daal, status.

I have everyone, Sir. All 83 of us are on board.

Red alert. All hands report to battlestations.

Do you want me to arm the entire crew, Captain?

Yes, Mr. Dagger. I want the ship prepared for enemy boarding parties.

I'm taking all non essential systems offline. Diverting all power to weapon systems.

We should post more security around engineering.


Mr. Dagger?

I'm on it.

Warp 8.7, Captain.

I should note that this ship was designed for speeds around warp 8.

We've made some modifications over the last few years, Mr. P'Daal.

Lieutenant Preck, could we go any faster?

Much faster, you know me Captain.

I could take her up to warp 9.7.

but she will fall apart before we reach such speeds.

We might blow out a fe EPS conduits if we go any faster than warp 9.

We might? Lieutenant is that your expert opinion?

The ships systems weren't designed for these speeds, Sir.

But the ship will hold together, I'll make sure of that.

Thank you, Chief. Mr. P'Daal, how much do you think the Batavia can take?

I'm not sure, but I guess that warp 9.3 will be her limit.

Well Commander, you heard him. Let's rock!

I'm on it.

Warp 8.8.

Warp 8.9.

Warp 9, Captain.

This is Captain Talek. I'm taking command of the fleet.

Move your ships to the following coordinates.

Moving into position, Captain.

Ships are moving into position, Sir.

Use all necessary force to stop the enemy. You all have your targets.

Talek out.

Warp 9.1.

Warp 9.15.

Warp 9.2.

How is she doing, Mr. P'Daal.

Fine, Captain. She's still in one piece if that's what you mean.

One minute until they're within firing range.

Hail the lead ship.

No response.

Again, Lieutenant.

Still nothing, Sir.

Enemy vessels are charging weapons.

Captain Talek to the fleet: Fire at will.

With pleasure, Sir!

Initiating evasive pattern Delta 7, they're still closing.

We've lost our aft phaser banks. Shields are almost gone.

Two of our starships are down. Another is almost defenceless.

What about the enemy vessels, are we doing any damage?


Captain, I can't shake them off.

You're doing a great job lieutenant, go on.

I'm getting a message, it's Admiral Taylor.

Starbase 514 has sustained heavy damage, their shields are gone.

Lieutenant Rina, get us back to starbase 514.

Signal the starbase they can evacuate everybody to the Blue Star.

We're ready to start transporting people off the station, Admiral.

Thank you, Captain.

Warp 9.4, Captain.

And we're getting close.

We're definately getting closer. I'm beginning to sense a lot of hate

and anger ahead of us.

Structural integrity is dangerously low, Captain.

I suggest we slow down right away.

No, maintain this speed!

We have everyone, Admiral. Everyone except yourself.

With a little luck I can still sca...

We've lost the signal.

Get her out of there. Transport her directly to the bridge.

A suggestion, Captain. Get your ship out of here, now!

The starbase is about to self-destruct!

Coming about. Full impulse, Captain

SHIT! That's it! Shields are down!

Inertial dampers are offline. Hull breaches on decks 6 and 7.

Emergency forcefields are not responding. We've lost impulse engines, thrusters

and all of our transporters are offline.

Divert all power from weapons to structural integrity and shields.

We're going down, there's nothing I can do.

Can you try to get her nose up, Lieutenant.

We're going in way too fast.

I can see that, keep trying to slow her down!

Hull breaches being reported from all over the ship!

All hands this is the Captain. We're making an emergency landing on T'Kola III.

Brace for impact!

Impact in 5...


Hull breach on deck 6.

Commander, are we there yet?

We're almost there, Sir. Dropping out of warp in 5 seconds.

I'm scanning the area for survivors.

Not detecting any.


Captains log, supplemental.

We found the Blue Star on T'Kola III and rescued her survivors.

The 'good' news is our scanners can now scan for trikinetron radiation.

Captain, we've detected a large dark object in de Delta Quadrant.

It appears to be a dark matter nebula.

Yes, so? What's so strange about that?

We encounter nebulas almost weekly.

Perhaps so, but it's moving towards Federation territory.

It will pass planet Earth.

Do you have any idea what it could be, Lieutenant?

I'm not sure.

Where will it enter Federation space?

At this course it will pass the Tikiti system first.

We always pass that system on our way back to...

damnit! Mr. P'Daal.

Oh shit! It will hit Ethernita.

Could you make some more detailed scans of this dark object?

I'm already working on that, Captain.

According to several scans the object is emitting huge levels of trikinetron radiation.

Are you sure? I don't think this is just one object.

If these calculations are correct there's enough energy to power 9.000 vessels.

It's an armada.

Oh my God!

...and everything disappears into the darkness of the night.

Subtitles by Robin Hiert

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