Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sunday Bazaar - Karachi (Part 2)

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And here we're back with more of the Sunday Bazaar in Karachi

You get every kind of book that you can think of

Pots and pans, and cleaning appliances, and

of course, snacks. Can't do without that in Pakistan.

Me: What is this being made?

Him: This madam is Sachoo. You can make samosay etc in this.

See here. You'll put this in here and look, it's ready.

Me: Ahhh

Him: All these have been made like this. Me: Where is this manufactured?

Him: "Abroad. Bangladesh." Me: From China? Him: No, not China. Bangladesh.

Me: Okay.

Him: Here madam, a kabab! Me: Ahh

Convinient ways to make samosas and kababs.

Childrens books

"Put the turtle in water, it'll grow. Put the lion in water, it'll grow."

"Put the egg in water, it'll break, a baby dinasour will come out and it'll even grow!"

And of course...Twilight and Che have made their way over here as well.

And of course you'll find bras and underwear.

And then beautiful...handicrafts

Me: Are these made in Pakistan? Him: Yes

Me: "Where in Pakistan?" Him: We have our own shop. Me: I see. They're made in Karachi

Beautiful, aren't they?

The Description of Sunday Bazaar - Karachi (Part 2)