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Still no news about your sister?

That must be awful for your parents.

I'd love to yell at her for hours.

Then I remember it's not possible because I have no idea where she is.


You know...

It'll probably be best if I started with Jessica.

At least then I'd know where to go if I want to yell at someone.

That really an awful stunt, saying she's devastated because her friend got kidnapped.

They can't even stand each other!

Yeah, and she knew she hadn't been kidnapped.

Jessica really has to be quite desperate.

I mean, it was obvious the truth would come out eventually. Not even Jessica is that stupid.

Still. She's in for it. I was about to go upstairs anyway.

You don't need to bother. She's not living with us anymore.

Did you throw her out?

More or less.

Christian and I confronted her about the pipe she damaged.

She started crying and wouldn't stop.

And then?

Then she said she'd rather leave of her own accord, before she had us throw her out. And that's what she did.


Yeah. I think Jessica's pretty lonely.

I mean, I have every reason to hate her, but...

When I was feeling so miserable because of what happened with Philipp, she took care of me.

Finally it's quitting time. What a day!

We've earned this beer.

Hey. Did I miss out on anything?

Everything's fine.

We've earned the beer anyway.

Any news from your parents?

They're still in Cologne, but there's no news about Kim.

We're keeping our fingers crossed.

Thank you. See you tomorrow.

It must be tough when your little sister runs away just like that.

Hey, this may sound like women's chatter,

but you can actually talk about everything if you want to, right?

Let me guess... Helena doesn't want to?

Helena used to talk me into the ground.

She dragged me to couple's therapy, and we discussed every little thing.

But now that I want to talk to her about our relationship, she's totally blocking me out.

Well, it's the same for me with Olli.

She's even cheated on me, and we haven't really discussed it.

Maybe it's not necessary.

Think about it... with Jessicca and us...

We were totally plastered and she was totally willing. It just happened.

But you can't just pretend nothing happened at all.

What if you can?

Just start from scratch, and act as if youd get to know each other all over again.

And you think that would work?

Not for me. But maybe it'll work for you. Mhm?

Ms. Schneider? Mr. Brandner calling for you.

Arno? Are you sure you've dialed the right number?

Charlie. Are you sitting down?

Are you joking? As opposed to you, I'm actually working.

Then hold on to something.

Yeah, tell me if I also have to fasten the seatbelts. Come on, Arno. Spit it out.



She's alive.

Now tell me what's going on.

Oh, are you in a bad mood?

You would be too, if you'd get a dressing-down all the time.

The water damage is history. Forget about it.


Yep. To be honest, you've pulled bigger stunts.

But because I'm clever and above such things, I'm not mad at you anymore.

No? - No.

And I have a big heart for blonde women in need.

At least today. So this is your lucky day.

You're kind of scary when you're so nice.

Very good.

As long as you respect me and my moods enough, we'll get along fine here.

Meaning, you can move in here!

Thank you.

Oh, I... I'll open the door. Awesome!

My first guest in our apartment!

What are you doing here?

I could ask you the same question.


Now that's a surprise.

Stop putting on an act!

Oh! Do you want me to kick her out?

Jessica! Let me give you some advice: Don't mess with me today!

Now I know why you acted so weird after your holiday in Majorca.

Did you think you could hide it from me forever?!

Well, if you're talking about the guy I flirted with, Rafael, that was just one night.

What?! You had sex?!


Okay, then I'll leave you two alone. - Yes.

Olli! Why didn't you tell me that Clarissa's still alive?!

I'm sorry, but...

I had to promise Arno to tell nobody about Clarissa.

Ah, so I'm 'nobody', yes?

I'm your aunt. And besides, I thought we were the best of friends.

Maybe I should open a bottle of champagne to get you over the shock.

Don't change the subject, okay?

Make it a decent bottle; not a little one.

Clarissa's alive! I still can't believe it!

Hey! Are we celebrating that I'm moving in?

Er... no. It's a more private matter.

Oh, I get it.

Don't let me interrupt you, then.

Well then... to old friends... and surprises.


But why hasn't Clarissa gotten in touch with me all of these years?

No idea.

That's so typically Clarissa!

I thought you'd be happy that she's alive.

I am! And how!

I should've known. Clarissa's not a person to just... die like that.

That's absolutely not glamorous enough!

But what is she doing in Majorca now?

Julia! Of course, she was missing her daughter!

But I think that's going just so-so.

Well, hardly surprising after everything that's happened.

Clarissa's back. I'd love to go down there and give her hell!

She doesn't have the courage to call me!

You two were a crazy team.

I don't know how many times I'd have loved to wring her neck, but...

I've never had as much fun as I've had with her.

Pretty wild.

We were sooo young.

Well, I mean, a bit younger. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Tell me, what does she look like? Has she aged better than me?

Uh, Charlie, I... You don't look one year older than... - Thin ice, my dear! - ... thirty.

Very thin ice.

I noticed right away that you acted weird when you returned from Majorca.

A holiday flirt, yes? What was his name again? Rafael?

Don't tell everyone about it, okay?

To be honest, I was glad you didn't ask me about it.

It was so important to Arno that nobody would find out about Clarissa...

I even had to delete a picture.

You've got a picture of Clarissa?

Yeah, but I deleted it.

What are you waiting for?! I know you can recover these things.

Tell me, you've talked to her, right?

Has she told you anything? Has she asked you anything? Has she asked about me?

Uh, Charlie, Charlie! I'm a man. Multitasking doesn't work here. - Mhm.

And? Do you have it?

Give me a moment.


Clarissa von Anstetten.

She looks exactly like she used to! Well, almost exactly.

She's gotten a bit older.

My Clarissa.

Jessica Stiehl. Hello?

What? But...

Mr. von Lahnstein?

He's hung up.

Well, I have the day off. Tanja von Lahnstein is sick.


Olli, under no circumstances must Tanja find out that Clarissa's still alive.

It would be a disaster.

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