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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Poetry Critical Appreciation Porphyria's Lover, ROBERT BROWNING, UGC/NET/JRF/MA/BA

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hello and welcome to miracle English

language and literature Institute and

professor Abba Sharma and welcome to our

poetry critical appreciation session

today I am going to critically analyze

perfuse lover one of the very famous

dramatic monologue written by Robert

Browning so it was first published in

1836 in a magazine called monthly

repository under the title mafia and

then again it was republished in 1842 in

the book of dramatic lyrics and this

might have taken the source from John

Wilson's extracts from Russian story

where he read a lurid account of a

murder published in Blackwood's magazine

in 1818 the poem is written in the form

of dramatic monologue where there are

three entities the speaker who speaks

throughout the poem the mute listener

whose presences made felt to the readers

through the language and the hidden

drama so here also you have got lots of

surprises and shocks so the first four

lines are about nature when the rain

came a bit early and the winds were

blowing hard and the disturbed all the

trees around and also the lake started

having a severe waves so the lover was

waiting for the beloved performer and he

was apprehensive whether she would come

or not in such a bad weather but then

she glided and she came very smoothly

softly without making any scene and when

she entered the room she shut the doors

so he is trying to say that the fear was

over his apprehension was over that she

would come or not she was finally here

with him and when she came she made the

chillest great breeze up that means

there was no fire it was too cold

she lighted the fire to make the room

warm with the fire plus her presence and

then she took out her dripping flow her

shawl hood jobs which were damp or wet

and then she sat near him the lover was

also the speaker of these lines sat

quite and still did not say a word

whereas Portia was confessing her love

to him she gave some sensuous appeal to

him by making the shoulder bare like his

cheek there and then taking his arm

around her waist in order to make him

react the poet now gives us some

background of porphyria that she could

not control the passion of love and she

came in spite of people at her home some

kind of party going on but she came to

the lovers she knew that she would be

ridiculed but she did not care for

anything else than the love of the lover

so she came quietly even through the

wind and rain

so the lover was quite surprised that

she was actually there sitting beside

him and to make sure he looked into her

eyes and there he found love for him and

he was so happy and proud and she did

not only love him she worshiped him and

this made him so proud that his heart's

really still the lover was quite and did

not move inside his mind he debated what

to do and he found a thing he took all

her yellow hair and made them into a

string and wrapped around her little

throat and strangled her oh this is a

shock here even to the readers and of

course porphyria she did not anticipate

that she

would get such a reaction from her lover

for whom she came avoiding all her

family members and she could not become

the passion of love so she did not care

about anything and came to him and here

he murdered her and the murder was in a

spur of a moment so quick that there

wasn't any sign of pain on her face she

looked exactly as she was when she was

confessing her love to him the lover

things that he has freely to be from the

bird that means now Boyer was free of

the Society of all the inhibitions she

was carrying with her when she was in

love with him the lover opened her

eyelids and saw no pain there the eyes

were showing the same expression of love

to him and then he displaced the yellow

or the golden hair of porphyry around

her neck and she started kissing her

passionately on her cheeks and lifted

her head and this time her drooping head

was lying on the shoulder of the lover

the positions are changed now and then

he says the smiley rosy little head this

is a metaphor for the beauty of

porphyria she looked so lively and it

looked as if she was smiling at him she

little poor thing did not know how her

last wish would be accomplished

that means she loved him she wanted to

be with him so this way she could ever

be with him without worrying for the

family or the society so this way the

lover has made her wish accomplished and

they both sat near to each other the

whole night and

last line is very different very strange

and yet God has not said a woman that

means God did not read acute him for

murdering her even he was a party to his

action that means God also wanted them

together and this was the only way they

could be together

in this monologue the speaker seems to

be a psychic case a psychotic because

he's showing his strange mental

condition through the absurd actions

which he took to make his love eternal

and this is coming from Robert Browning

a Victorian poet whose poetry was

totally different entirely different

from the trend of the Victorian era

usually people wrote ventless poetry but

then he said to be the only optimistic

poet of the era this form is a very

different the imagery is so clear you

said that you see everything in front of

your eyes as you read the lines of we

are coming in taking her cloak off then

sitting beside him seducing him with

some of her loving actions and then he

taking a step in which he strangled her

then her eyes showing no pain her face

smiling and the lover being contended

that even God has approved his actions

so the complete poem is full of imagery

which risk and the action which is taken

by the lover is so sudden so strange

that it takes the readers by shock

because they were prepared for something

else and something else turns up so this

is a kind of empty climax in the poem

this is an example of empty climax that

when the readers are taken somewhere

else and from there abruptly they are

thrown to some other conclusion only had

an unlimited capacity to focus on

imagination on real things he is not a


neither is vague or incoherent he has

keen observation

a strong feeling and a vivid imagination

which enabled him to sympathize with the

real and ideal world he takes up forms

of real life in order to represent the

supposed or imagined experiences of men

and women the persons are caught in a

state of mental conflicts and they think

more than they had so there is an idol

of spiritual development or which is

central to the poetry of browny

he had a singularity individual

intellect along with cosmopolitan

sympathies he says that more emotions

cannot be explained on the physical

ground so the genus which blossomed in

his dramatic lyrics offers a fusion of

passion and beauty and somebody has

rightly said its general characteristic

in the furnace and most dexterous of the

disk things in order to express sublime

emotions I hope you must have liked the

critical appreciation so please like

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The Description of Poetry Critical Appreciation Porphyria's Lover, ROBERT BROWNING, UGC/NET/JRF/MA/BA