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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Imagine Fashion Party: B-E-A-UTIFUL - PART 1 - Game Grumps

Difficulty: 0

Arin: Hey, I'm grump

Dan: I'm not so grump

Together: and we're the Game Grumps!

Arin: Shredding on that guitar. Dan: Yes

Arin: That smooth crystal guitar Dan: That is smooth

Dan: Welcome to Imagine Fashion Party Arin: mmm

Dan: It was next to the- it was on the shelf next to imagine party babies, and we were like aw man

Dan: If it's anything like it, we gotta do it

Arin, distantly: well, yeah, I mean....

*Dan making guitar noises*

*Arin makes poor guitar noises*

Dan: Alright, do it, we have no idea what we're in for here. Arin: He's fucking shredding too

Dan: Yeah he's killing it

Arin: That guy in the back is just like

*rich guy laugh*

Dan: I can't be blamed. I'm just fashionable

*Arin does more rich guy laughs*

Arin: Imagine, if we had a budget to make this game, oh

Dan: oh

Game Character: Welcome to your favourite show-

Dan: Wow, it's very similar to the voice he actually has

Arin: *rich guy laugh*

Dan: Multiplayer hell yea-*burps*

Arin: yeah let's do it Dan: Oh, excuse me

Dan: Oh my god, look at this! Arin: Oh shit yeah!

Arin: I want! yes please!

Dan: You want Rachel?

Arin: Oh my God Rachel.

Dan: I'm a fan of this little lady, Jane

Arin: Oh Jane

Dan: Damn Jane

Arin: Chinese silk or chinese-

Dan: I thought it said Chinese sex doll

Dan: *laughs* Like all together

Arin: Wait

Arin: Workshops? Chinese and China. Dan: Oh, I dunno

Dan: Well that- well that, that's the china choice Arin: That's a little on the nose

Dan: Well- Oh workshops *laughs*

Arin: I think

Dan: Yeah they do have slave labor in those countries. It's fucked up. We do not support it

Arin: I'm doing Chinese silk. Whoa dude! Dan: Damn!

Arin: Wait wait wait hold on! Dan: Hold on whoa hey wait!

Dan: Keep the camera on me. I gotta talk.

Arin: Here I am! Whoa!

*Arin laughs*

Arin: Ah, there we go

Dan: I've given up

Arin: Hello *Dan laughs*

Arin: Wait, not the splatter!

Arin: Hey, what's up? Well... Dan: And you are?

Dan: I'm just a camera guy.

Arin: Hi I'm a designer oh uh-

*They both try to do the voice of the man but he goes out of frame too fast*

*They both laugh*

Arin: Finally Dan: Threesomes are gross

*Arin laughs*

Arin: Yeah Dan: All right.

Arin: It's the devil's threesome Dan: Yeah, that's the devil's triangle yeah

Arin: Devil's triangle

Dan: [spanish/italian accent?] Hello, my name is Douglas Pancino. I'm a professional designer

I am here to teach you about fashion design-

*Arin grunts stylishly*

Arin: [girl voice] As if by magic!

Dan: What? Oh Arin: What the fuck?

Dan: That was Jane- Ah- We- 'Cause we both, like, hit it to move forward

Arin: Oh shit Dan: Sorry, sorry

Dan: Now I'll never know what Jane said, and she's me!

Dan: [spanish/italian accent] First you need to make this piece of clothing which will serve as the bah-sé. Zis is the conception phase.

Arin: Okay

Dan: Oh shit Arin: Oh oh oh!

Dan: We're doing- uh- cut following the line

Arin: uh

Dan: uh

Arin: uh- uhhhh

Arin: Okay?

Arin: This is really easy. Dan: Oh yeah

Dan: Oh no! No, awww Arin: Yes!

Dan: Son of a bitch Arin: Yes!

Arin: My dress!

Dan: Adjust with the pins

Arin: oh- um- wait, what? Dan: Oh I missed

Dan: I missed Arin: What?

Arin: What the fuck am I doing?

Dan: I don't know what we're supposed to be doing

Dan: Boop!

Arin: What the fuck?

Dan: I do not know, I do not know

Arin: Ohhh, you gotta like stab it in.

Dan: What? Arin: Click and then stab it in

Dan: Ohhhh Arin: There you go.

Arin: [girl voice] Sew the clothing!

Dan: Oh my God

*Arin makes sewing noises* Dan: Sew it.

Arin: Oh, uh Dan: Oh you missed

Dan: You fucking missed *Arin makes more sewing noises*

Arin: Ah, fuck

Arin: I'm doing so good. Dan: Oh mine looks pretty-

Arin: What the fuck? Dan: Mine looks pretty damn good

Dan: Oh yeah

Dan: You'll never catch me. Yeah. Arin: I got ya!

Dan: Oh no you did not!

Arin: Oh shit! *Dan laughs*

Arin: No!

Dan: I finished finished *laughs*

Dan:Yeah, Arin: But I got a better score cause mine's better.

Dan: You probably did.

Arin: Dammit!

Dan: Nope.

Dan: Sorry Rachel

Arin: Oh you're such a fucking pleb *Dan laughs*

Dan: Whatever

Arin: I'm gonna beat you in this fashion contest. Dan: Yeah *laughs*

Arin: And you are gonna- You're gonna eat your words mister,

I'm gonna look fucking fabulous on the fucking runway

Dan: First of all, it's missy because I am Jane

Arin: All right missy Dan: Yeah.

Arin: Jane, if that is your real name

Dan: [girl voice] You can fucking suck a hard cock, Rachel.

*Dan laughs*

Arin: I know your name is, fucking, Eugene

Dan: Oh my God I love it.

Arin: Yeah, your mom named you Eugene, so what?

Dan: You- Once you're finished sucking that dick you should crush it against your forehead like a beer can

*They laugh*

Arin: Oh!

Dan: Okay, now that you have the shape of the base,

we need to improve the dress itself.

Arin: and please don't crush my dick against your forehead

Dan: Please do not.

Dan: uhhhh- oh choose the dress

Arin: uhhhh

Dan: Uh, where- Arin: Yes? Yes

Dan: Bad choice?

Arin: Wait, to match?

Dan: Ohhh, oh is that-

is that what they want? *mimicks bad choice sound effect* oh bad choice

Arin: uh oh, bad choice,

Arin: wait, what good good wait? Oh, I did it. Dan: I don't know red or black

Arin: Black black always looks good. Dan: Yeah

Dan: For any occasion Arin: Long sleeves.... Dan: Perfect

Arin: Shoot all the way then yeah, that's fucking hot. That's a Morticia shit right there.

Dan: I'm- I'm going...

Arin: Uh.... a b rooch

Dan: How do I finish this?

Arin: They're all bad choices!

Dan: No

Dan: You just got to keep it classy bro. Arin:I'm literally going through all of them, and they're all bad choices small bows

Dan: Oh my God you're right. They are all bad choices. Arin:Okay? Um there we go

Dan:Wait, what-what it will work? Arin: Damn it, son of a bitch. Oh, god uh small bows

Dan: This is embarrassing. Arin:I-just use small bows.


Arin: I did it, yay! Dan: I wish they had like- Arin: I'm a fashion- you literally just have to like, do what it wants

Dan: Yeah Arin: how is this a game?

Dan: I-I wish like when, uh, when my character lost like just steam shoots out like

*Dan makes hissing noise to imitate steam*

*Arin laughs*

Dan: And she's just like AHHHHHH

Arin: And her flesh starts searing like 'You'll never look pretty on the runway again'

Dan: Panchino comes out "I'm sorry, I said there would be consequences

*Arin laughs*

Arin(in Panchino voice): I did not specify about what they were.

Dan(Panchino voice): Yes. Loading, Please Wait...

Arin: If you want to take fashion seriously, you have to take it seriously.

Dan: Please wait (wah-eat)

Arin: One of you has to die

*Dan laughs*

Dan: This outfit now needs stocking and matching shoes. Select the icon for the underwear category, as requested.

Arin: Shyussss

Dan: Um

Arin: Um... under.. Dan: Underwear?

Arin: undergarments

Dan: Good

Dan: Yeah Deusly, no, perfect

Arin: What

Dan: Bad choice?

Arin: But I-

Dan: Perfect

Arin: Did it

Arin: Black? Cool?

Dan: oooo That's nice and high. How do I finish?

Arin: High. Done, I am fucking hot.

Dan: I do not understand Arin: Oh, shoes Dan: Oh, uh

Arin: uh, uh, Sandals

Dan: bad choice, perfect!

Dan: Yes Arin: uh red or black

Dan: I fucking killed it Arin: black?

Dan: God, I look incredible

Arin: Free, what is free? Dan: I don't know bro

Dan: It's probably what you're wearing at that cheap ass store you shop at Arin: Are you done?

Dan: Oh fuck yeah, I'm done Arin: What the fuck?!

Dan: I'm ready to rock this goddamn runway. Arin: But you look stupid, and I look fabulous

Dan: Whatever, whore.

Arin: What the fuck.

Arin: How are you three points ahead of me? Dan: I look incredible.

Arin: I'm gonna sabotage your runway walk. I'm gonna cut off one of your heels.

Dan: *laughing*

Dan: Both of your outfits are outstanding, but Jane is just ahead by a touch.

Arin: I'll talk about touch Dan: Yeah Arin: It's a bad touch bad touch Dan: *guitar noises*

Arin: *imitating Dan's guitar noises* Dan:Jane has won. I won that trophy. I won a new element. fire


Dan: Enter my name, uh Arin: you could have won ice but you are too far behind Dan: ah yes

Arin: Ploh pl, plaahl

Arin: Wait, why are we doing this now? Oh, I'm sorry. What do we call you? Dan: excellent job

Dan: Plotz. Arin: *laughing*

Arin: How come I don't get to name me? Dan: Because you're not the winner. You're not going into the, uh

Dan: Imagine fashion Hall of fame. Arin: But what the fuck Dan: because, dude, I

Game character: -on the screen, you have the workshop catalogue and live show choices.

Dan: Oh my God is it *jumbled speech*

Dan: D-one more Workshop, and then we'll go on the Catwalk. Arin: I guess so

Arin: China doll baby. Dan: Oh God Lord knows what this could mean

Arin: *imitating game music*

Dan: Hey- oh, ah, oh Arin: I don't care okay. I've already seen it. Whoa. I like Ashley. She's cute. Dan: Me too. she's making me blush

Arin: I'm Ashley, specialist in hair and cosmetics. This first workshop is- aaah

Arin: T- ow. Dan: That's you

Arin (girly voice): Technically it's completely within my capabilities

Arin: D- ah dammit! *both laughing*

Dan: We both waited for the other one to do it first Arin: *laughing*

Arin: It's fucking, press A, chicken Dan: I was going to uh, i was gonna give Jane a *super annoyingly* A VOICE LIKE THIS.

Dan: which is a shame. Arin: *imitating dan's super annoying voice* OH, GOD

Arin: To start let's get the hair sorted some french pleats will do the job

Dan: go

Dan: Snip snap snoozie snaz. Arin: Gotta do it as quickly as possible

Arin: Wait what Dan: Stop shaking your head woman. alright

Arin: Got it. God, she looks fucking great. Dan: Yeah

Dan: We're givin' her the princess Leia

Arin: Stop why are you so far ahead stop shaking your head you stupid fucking bitch

Dan: Uh, what is this dry the hair

Dan: Oh, uh Arin: straight straight

Dan: What is happening right now Arin: What the fuck? Dan: This is so random

Arin: We're drying it am I drying it am I doing it Dan: Yeah, I don't know if we're doing a good job

Arin: Stop going so fast Dan: oh, oh I co-comb it through comb it through Arin: oh shit.

Arin: Yes, I'm beating you. Dan: No you're not. Oh, I missed Arin: I'm beating you.

Dan: done Arin: shit Dan: *laughing*

Arin: My girl's gonna be so fucking beautiful you have no idea- YES! YES, FUCK YOU! I am better at hair!

Dan: *laughing*

Arin: I am a hair whiz two points beat that shit! Dan: Oh my God

Arin: I got a time bonus. Dan: Yeah, well congratulations, but we got the same level skills. Arin: I'm getting a time boner right now dude

Dan: I can see that, um

Dan: next time on game grumps

Arin: Okay Dan: More imagine fashion action. Arin: You got it baby Dan: Okay, and yeah cuz now the

Arin: The pressure's on Dan: Yeah, the juices are flowin'

Dan: Those hot nasty juices- Arin: My juices are going all over your face, bro Dan: is that Matt not wearing a shirt over there? it is

Dan: Why is he walking around shirtless?

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