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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TEENS REACT TO GANGNAM STYLE

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No way!

Is this another weird music video?

Come on, guys.

Why is he in a horse farm?

Is this song about riding horses?

This is K-Pop isn't it? Or J-Pop? J-Rock? One of those things?

That's all cocaine, you know?

This is awesome.

He looks like Chow or whatever, from The Hangover.

Why are they so random in Asian?

His swag is literally off the charts. Like, Justin Bieber....him.


I'm gonna get my friends to walk around the street like this.

I feel like walking down the road like that you just see that guy, like, chasing you.

People in Asian are probably like, "Oh, we're used to this.

This is nothing new; people dancing everywhere in the streets."

[laughing] What?

[laughing] I can't, I can't.


This is why I love Asian people, honestly.

"Let's just put the randomess things in a video." Oh!


This is the most randomess video I've ever seen, but the best video.

This could be like the new Dougie.

"Gangnam Style"

Hi guys, how was your day?

That was weird.

That was hilarious, dude.

[Fine Bros.] "One word reaction, how do you feel after watching that music video?"


Kind of uncomfortable.


Can I just throw out the word, "kitsch"?

I'm just like, happy inside.

[Fine Bros.] "Can you do any of the dance moves?"

He was doing the horse, he was like, "WEEEEE!"


He went like this, then he went like this, then he went like this or something?

[Fine Bros.] "Can you sing some of the song?"


Sexy Ladies!

Ope ope ope ope ope

Woppa Gudda Style

[Fine Bros.] "What do you think the name of the song is?"

Asians Gone Wild?

Harry Styles?

Ba Gundam Star?

Woppa Gundam Style?

Open condom store?

[Fine Bros.] "You said, 'Open Condom Store'?"

Yeah, that's what I heard.

[Fine Bros.] "It's actually called, "Gangnam Style."

Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style

Oh, is that what he's saying? It does not sound like that.

[Fine Bros.] "So talk about some of the things you saw in this video. What was the guy doing?"

He was doing that horse thing everywhere.

There was this one part where he was dancing in a party bus. And then we was on the toilet.

And then there was the guy with the elevator. The guy was like, "WOOO!"

He was like, laying down in an elevator, like this, singing and there's a guy like, dry humping his face.

It was guy on guy action.

[Fine Bros.] "Did you like the video and the song?"

No, it's not funny.


Yes, I loved it.

I liked it.

It was funny.

[Fine Bros.] "Why did you like it?"

I just do, I like it so much.

I like the beat and I can dance to it.

The way you feel about it is just like, awesome.

Even though I didn't know what he was singing about, I still felt like I did.

[Fine Bros.] "Do you know what genre this music would be classified as?"

Bubblegum pop? I have no idea.

Like, electric pop.


[Fine Bros.] "What kind of pop?"

Like, weird pop.




K-Pop, right?

Korean pop?

[Fine Bros.] "Yes."

[Fine Bros.] "Where have you heard of K-Pop before?"

Actually, one of my friends showed me it.

4chan and like, 9gag and all that kinda, Reddit and whatnot.

Oh, I saw the Jonas Brothers and the Wonder Girls did like a thing.

I actually listen to a K-Pop band called "FX"

They're always on the main page of Youtube and I clicked on it one day

because the visuals looked really cool

It's like a big internet thing, K-Pop. And they're like a big, tight-knit like, "DON'T TALK BAD ABOUT K-POP!"

[Fine Bros.] "Well, the artist in this video is called Psy."

It would be.


[Fine Bros.] "Spelled P-S-Y."

Okay, not the same way I was thinking.

Like psychic?

It's not working for me.

[Fine Bros.] "No? Why not?"

I don't like the silent letters. Like, "knife", I hate that word.

[Fine Bros.] "Does he look like the way pop stars in the U.S. look?"

Not at all whatsoever.

This guy looks like he eats at McDonald's a lot.

He doesn't have like, amazing hair or like you know, super sexy or something. And he's not young.

Usually pop stars are cute and people like them because they're attractive,

but I didn't think he was attractive looking.

He goes around with a business suit which I think, is pretty awesome

when most of the pop stars now are not that classy.

He is the Justin Bieber of Korea.

[Fine Bros.] "But does he resemble Justin Bieber at all?"


[Fine Bros.] "Does this song remind you of any other song you've heard before?"

No, I don't listen to that stuff.

Not that I listen to.

Kinda reminded me of LMFAO.

Like the LMFAO songs.

The song "Party Rock Anthem" where like it's like do do do

and it stops and it's like, "Everyday I'm shufflin'."

And then the guy does the same thing and then they both party it out.

[Fine Bros.] "And are you now going to listen to more of Psy?"

Yes, of course.



No. Don't hate me!

I'm sticking to my One Direction guys.

Why would I? It's the exact same thing as American pop music except it's Korean.


[Fine Bros.] "But you loved it."

I know but it was like a one time deal. I'm gonna home and play Diablo, okay? Like, leave me alone.

If that's how K-Pop sounds, that's pretty awesome. I like it.

I'm gonna go Youtube Psy. I'm gonna have to listen to some more K-Pop.

I'm hooked. It's gonna be on my iPod by the next time you guys see me.

I'm gonna be jamming out to K-Pop.

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Hey, sexy lady!

Oppa Gangnam Style. [laughing]